Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 14, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Best Episode So Far

    The whole team worked together, with everyone getting lines, which has been rare in the last few episodes. It was nice seeing a bunch of different superheroes fighting, even if only for a little bit. Also, I got to see the Justice League fighting with the villains (Injustice League). believ it or not, I've seen The Light members and they're familiar to me, especially Lex Luthor. If this is it, then season 2 is going to be more exciting than the previous season.
  • Like others said: great episode, bad Joker voice.


    Up to this point, I have enjoyed the show, the characters, and all of the voice actors. As soon as I saw the Joker in this episode, I was ecstatic. Then I heard his voice. And wow, was I ever disappointed. He lacked character. He was super dull and had no sense of craziness at all. It was as if someone had put on a Joker costume and was doing a pitiful job impersonating the Joker. I think I would even prefer the 1960's live action Joker over this one. All of his dialogue lacked the chill and creepiness of the Joker... And the laugh... The laugh was EXTREMELY pitiful. That is compared to any Joker I have ever seen thus far. Great episode, very bad choice of Joker voice.

  • The best episode yet, sans one thing.


    This was a very good episode and I like where they are going.It was a real treat to see a number of the secondary Justice League members and Legion of Doom members. Yes I still call them the Legion of Doom. Writing and directing wise this was top notch.

    Now the sans part

    That was the worst drawn and worst voiced Joker I have ever seen and heard. Was it because it was Brent Spiner he just got a free pass ? And I am not even comparing it to Mark Hamill. He set the bar for sure, but this was just outright horrible on it's on merits. Brent couldn't get over the top with the laugh or actions. It was like he was reading right off the script cold.

    They got to do a re-image and re-cast, before they bring the Joker back for next season. I am a huge Batman and Joker fan and would rather not even see the Joker anymore if they keep the character like this.

  • If it weren't for one thing, this'd be a perfect episode


    The story was fantastic, Young Justice have been plunged into the deep end in this one, but at the same time we get to see the justice league, actually fighting.

    The choice of members for the injustice league is interesting to say the least, but admittedly appropriate, and worked well against the team.

    Batman is always a favourite character of mine, and I like his involved role in this mission particularly

    The title was revelation, and indeed we got one, we got all the members of the light. It'll be interesting to see where it goes from here

    But there was 1 problem, 1 problem that did it, and it was the choice of voice for the Joker. I found the voice rather generic.

    One final note to end this review, how did robin get so many explosives into his utility belt. He used many to blow up the plant, and then still had some left over to use against Wotan

  • This series is better and better, one of the best episodes:)


    Awesome Awesome Awesome I totally take back what I said before, there is definitely something going on between KidFlash and Artemis. I thought it would be Robin and Artemis but guess not, now our youngest member is the only one without a date. My favorite character is dateless!:)

    The villians and other members of the league are a surprise, they all look remodeled with new looks and new voices, some of them are good, some are bad.

    Overall this was a great epidsode (again) although I couldn't believe it when the team planned to let the young justice team take on strong villains one on one, once again, AWESOME!!!!!

  • Best episode of the season


    Of all the episodes so far, this one was the best. The whole team worked together, with everyone getting lines, which has been rare in the last few episodes. It was nice seeing a bunch of different superheroes fighting, even if only for a little bit. The makeovers for Poison Ivy and the Joker were incredibly well done (those were the two I knew to be very different). Robin and Joker going head to head was incredibly awesome, and seeing Aqualad do what to take to succeed in the mission made it obvious that Aqualad really does deserve to be leader. There was also humor, so even though the episode got serious there were some light parts to balance the whole thing out.

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