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  • Very Enjoyable

    I think this show captures the personality and the development of the sidekicks perfectly. I liked how it was a good show for kids but it had mature themes. The show was hilarious thanks to Kid Flash and Impluse. Since all the characters had different and unique personalities it was funny to see them interact with each other. It has the action and surprises and I was watching episode after episode . I also felt like I could relate to the characters emotion and I was even routing for the villains sometimes. It was interesting with a unique story line. I absolutely fell in love with the characters. The way the show portrayed the sidekicks was something I did seen in another shows. The show had a little twist in some characters like beast boy was different than how he was in Teen Titians but still similar like in way he acted. They had super boy and a different version on speedy. They had Robin and Night Wing. They had Miss Martian. I just really liked the character development and the plot. I would definitely suggests it to others. Another plus is the art. In my opinion, one of the best animated series out there. The character designs was simple and fun and cool and you could reconized the character easily. It's like a modern art style of the Justice League. Sadly the show only has two seasons and it has a unfinished plot. I'm really happied about the whole series but the ending was not satisfying. It felt really unfinished and the show really deserve another season. This is just my opinion of the series I know some people think it's overrating but I really liked the show I hope u give it a try.
  • Overrated, but decent show.

    This is not a bad show, but it's waaaaay overrated. When I have the time I'll probably edit this review and go into further detail but for right now, all I can say is it's ridiculous that people say this show is in the same league as Batman: The Animated Series or Justice League/Unlimited. Both those shows are waaaaay better. Young Justice is more at Teen Titans level.
  • Overrated and Uninteresting

    This is not a horrible show, however I can't understand why everyone is

    praising it so highly. To me, it is a slightly better version of Teen

    Titans. For the record, I am not a fan of that show either.

    For one, the main characters hold no appeal to me whatsoever. I have no

    interest in watching a show about obscure teenage sidekicks such as

    Aqualad, Superboy, Kid Flash, etc. Give me Batman, Superman, Wonder

    Woman and Green Lantern any day over their teen-aged counterparts who

    I'd rather forget even exist.

    Also, I don't view this as a very mature show. Everyone seems to be

    going on and on about how mature this show is, but if you're watching a

    show comprised of a bunch of 13-year olds dealing with things like

    crushes and other adolescent type problems, how is that very mature?

    It's absolutely ridiculous to suggest that this show is more mature

    than say Batman: TAS or Justice League/JLU. Granted, the writing is

    decent and more complex than most kids shows so in that regard it is a

    little more mature. BUT, let's keep this in perspective people!

    The character designs and overall style of the show are just "okay" to

    me. I'm not at all a fan of anime and while this show isn't really

    anime, it definitely draws some inspiration from it. It certainly is an

    improvement over Teen Titans, which is much more clearly anime to me.

    However, I would prefer if the show bared no resemblance to anime at


    Overall, this show is not bad. I just think it is overrated and more of

    a kids show. Nothing wrong with that at all, and as far as kids shows go

    it is pretty well done. But as an adult, I couldn't get into it and

    can't understand the high praise specifically for maturity that it has


    I love the plot it packs comedy and action at the same time it is one of the best shows ever! Teen titans Go should be cancelled to bring back Young Justice!
  • Season1, season 2 and please bring back season 3

    worth paying to watch amazing show! best show ever!
  • Season 2

    I think this is one of the best animated shows. It`s amazing character devolpment, great script, and also the story. The story comes out right from the beginning and says there is a secret society and from then on it`s one great episode after another fighting this war that they have.
  • Best Superhero Series

    This show was the best, out of all superheroes series I have watched, good art, plots, characters and more. watch it now its a show you wouldn't want to miss!!!!
  • An amazing show

    As a young adult who grew up watching Teen Titans, I can honestly say that show is spectacular. To me, Young Justice is the symbolic sequel to Teen Titans. The characters are incredible, good comedy, and I love the semi-anime style. A shame it ended with two seasons.
  • Amazing cartoon!

    Wow! I remember waking up to this every saturday morning, and yes I was 17. I still dont get why they cancel the great shows! they cancelled this for teen titans go, which in comparison this show literally squashes it. To sum it all up, This show was perfect.
  • Everything you could want, and more

    Young Justice is on of those rare cartoons that can merge beautiful animation, an amazing voice cast, original plot lines, and compelling and colorful characters to form a show that can appeal to adults and children alike.

    I am not going to lie, the show is not perfect. There are a few lackluster episodes scattered throughout its two season run. And there are a handful of cringe-worthy moments (most of them involving the constant "All goes as according to plan!" cliffhangers with the show's villains).

    But whatever flaws Young Justice has it makes up for tenfold in its splendor. I am truly in awe of how bold the writers were willing to be with their episode plots, using every means of complicated and original stories at their disposal. But it just worked. Young Justice built a universe, so complete and fleshed out that I felt myself wondering why the entire DCU cannot put this amount of effort into their comic universe.

    The true beauty in Young Justice is in its characters. While some of the characters (mostly in season two) got the short end of the stick with a minimal amount of screentime and development, the show more than makes up for these issues with its primary protagonists. I truly felt that I got to see the teenagers grow up and progress from "sidekicks" into actual heroes. There is a level of actual development in each of the characters that you seldom see in a superhero TV show.

    I have nothing but high marks and applause for Young Justice. It is a must see for any superhero fans, surpassing even classics such as Batman: the animated series and Justice League Unlimited.

    Bravo, Young Justice. Bravo.
  • High potential, but falls short of expectations

    The concept is pretty simple, take a bunch of sidekicks, and stick them on one team. "Young Justice" was almost identical to Teen "Titans", in its general format. "Young Justice" falls into a few huge pitfalls, though. The first is a lot of lazy arc writing. Almost every single episode ends with the 'evil league of evil' saying "exactly as planned". Many of the characters are extremely one dimensional. Season Two sees some alleviation of this, but it's definitely still present.

    The idea of an overreaching plot should be abandoned, because it takes too much time (time you may not have) to establish. Instead, each storyline should stretch over two to three episodes. This gives the antagonist enough time to establish themselves as a viable threat. It also provides the heroes enough time to shine as individuals and as a team. While I'm at it, episodes should be aired in order and there shouldn't be any breaks in production except for between seasons. Doing otherwise has only served to rob "Young Justice" of its momentum.

    "Young Justice" had a lot going for it. However, it also had a few items to be tallied against it as well. I kept on watching, because the animation is superb and the action delivers. However, I couldn't help but feel, as with the "Spectacular Spider-Man", I wouldn't have the chance to watch this for much longer before these sidekicks are (***bad pun alert***) kicked to the side.
  • This was awesome

    This was one of the best shows on Cartoon Network. It was more like a dark and serious version of Teen Titans but still had a good amount of humor and was worthy of a ten out of ten except for one thing...

    IT ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER!!! I despise cliffhangers because they make you want to know what happens next and you never get to know. Because of that, I had to take one point away.

    This was an awesome show and got replaced with Teen Titans Go!. It's like Stuart Snyder only wants two shows for DC Nation rather than just extend it. No wait, it's more like Stuart Snyder only wants crap for Cartoon Network because Teen Titans Go! is far inferior to Young Justice. Young Justice is an awesome show so I would strongly recommend to purchase any DVD or Blue-Ray you can find of it. Family Guy was resurrected because of that, so hopefully that should bring it back for another season.
  • It's a great show, but it's plot over character, and that isn't without fault

    I love the show, it's storyline has had me on the edge of my seat since 2009, and showcases so much of the DC Universe that is rarely seen these days

    But it's not without fault. Character development is cast aside for the sake of plot, and as a result, endings where character is important feel rushed.

    2 big controversial points

    The 5 year time skip

    Greg Weisman has said this was done because this is a show about people growing up, and they can't do that in the course of 6 months.

    I liked the 5 year time skip, since we knew the Light's plans were going to be long term, and it allowed us to branch further into the DC Universe. But a show about people growing up should've taken the time to develop each character in a more in-depth way.

    The Ending

    Bear in mind that CN didn't cancel the show, they just didn't renew it. Weisman has said he had the next season planned in his mind, should it come. He is also not someone to wrap everything up with a bow, he has said that life isn't like that. But here's hoping it can return and resolve this plotline, at least to a more satisfying degree.

  • Overrated and doesn't know when to stop

    Young Justice is a decent show and a very welcomed change from the bulk of CN's plotless comedies, but it is not without its major flaws.



    - Episodes rarely had good closure. They didn't end in a bang, nor with some cliffhanger. They just ... ended, often at the most random of times. This became better near the end; cliffhangers were finally used and it started getting exciting, but as for the ending itself:

    - The ending of the season was poorly done. Many of the plot points brought up throughout the series are ended rather quickly with no real climax. This is especially true with the whole "betrayal" plot, where three of the heroes had ties to villains. For something so focused on in previous episodes, it ended rather pointlessly with everyone, at the same time, deciding to not betray their friends.

    - The relationships are HORRIBLY done. Instead of slowly making the characters grow closer, they fall in love with little reason. This happens multiple times, first with M'gann and Superboy, and then with multiple couples at the end of the first season. Rocket wasn't even INTRODUCED until the second-to-last episode and her interaction with Kaldur was slim. Yet at the end, what do they do? They kiss. The only relationship done well (because they DID wait, while throwing hints around) was with Artemis and Wally.

    Season one ends with a cliffhanger. No biggie, since there's going to be a season two.



    - Season two starts out horribly with a random five-year time skip, but becomes better as it goes. Episode endings improved greatly and finally felt like actual endings, whether a wrap-up or a cliffhanger. Relationships were thrown out the window, most not even getting a mention (the exception being Superboy/M'gann and Wally/Artemis). Again, continuity. I know there was a five year time skip, but a good story doesn't simply throw out things like this without any explanation. It's bad storytelling.

    - The middle of season two was spectacular and left me on the edge of my seat. But in season one fashion, the ending flops miserably. Again, major threats are demolished with ease. Yes, someone's life was sacrificed in the end, but it seemed rather forced and pointless, as if adding a casualty into the mix would somehow make the poor, cop-out ending more forgivable.

    - And then there was the CONCLUSION. Despite knowing that the series would not be renewed, the writers decided to end the series, THE ENTIRE SERIES, with another cliffhanger. A cliffhanger that wasn't even necessary and could have been thrown out. To me, this means that the bad guy prevailed in the end. Not very impressive.



    - The strange thing about this series is the major discrepancy I see between those who review it on the internet and my peers who I discuss it with. My dad, middle school sister, and college suite mate all followed the series (though my suite mate dropped it mid-season two out of frustration), and none of us have been pleased with it. They agree the romance was too sudden, they agree that most episodes in season one ended horribly, and the two who watched it to the end agree that it had horrible closure.

    - Another thing I don't get is the fact that people seem to prefer Young Justice over Green Lantern. Aside from the CGI animation and a less epic (but better written, more complete, and less of a cop-out) story, I don't see what Young Justice does that Green Lantern doesn't do better. It has a smaller, but more fleshed-out cast, less forced, more realistic romance, a much more epic soundtrack, and AN ACTUAL ENDING. YJ's ending BEGS for a third season, while GLTAS's works both as a solid conclusion and a jumping point for a possible continued storyline. THAT'S how you end a story, not with an enemy being in control of the Warworld.
  • The Return

    Young Justice was one of my favorite tv series I ever watched. I even showed it to my friends and they enjoyed it. This show will always be a favorite of mine , it had everything a kid could ask for all of the great DC heroes and their proteges fighting crime. Young Justice was my favorite tv show in CN for me it was 10x better than the justice league series . When i first heard that the show got cancelled i was speech less. And now I hope that CN realises that they made a big mistake cancelling this show. CN just pls bring back young justice.
  • Young Justice: Return

    Uhm i don't know who cancel this most amazing tv show, but could u pls re-consider and return Young would say it 100times better than the Justice League unlimited TV series, teen titans and even Beware the why the heck cancel it!!!!!!
  • Young Justice

    One of my most favorite TV shows that will forever be in my heart. When it had come to an end, it was very hard for me to believe why the fuck CN would get rid of such a beautiful show. The show itself had so much potential. I just hate how CN just gave away their one thing that made thousands of their fans loved down the drain. Young Justice, I want you guys to come back with season 3. I even picked out the name too: Young Justice Unlimited. Please CN just do us fans one favor. BRING BACK YOUNG JUSTICE.
  • Great -- Shame It's Canceled

    Young Justice was a great show. I would have liked to see the stories go on. The stories told so far never failed to be interesting. Everyone was so different, and you could feel the differences. The only complaint I have about the series is that it was canceled (in favor of a completely terrible series Teen Titans Go!). Hopefully the series will be eventually retold. Until then there is always the chance to rewatch the episodes.
  • Amazing

  • I love watching young justice

    is one of the few programs that has caught my attention, being a young man of much knowledge of cartoons, this series helped me in my life esterio very safe and nice or hermoza, if they are reading this comic creators are tell them not to withdraw and continue aciendo another season, because this cartoon amazing (Y)
  • A better ending for Young Justice

    I love Young Justice. Its one of the few shows on cartoon network that is both entertaining and makes sense. it has a huge following and the way the show ended, i believe, showed no respect for the fans. A better ending would be for the main cast, the first members of the team, graduated from young to something else but also not the Justice League as they hand off to the young ones- the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Make the last season epic.

    Also, I have an issue with killing Wally. I don't like my favorite cartoon characters to die. Cartoons are supposed to make people happy not sad!

    Bring Wally back and i have a suggestion for that.

    Make Luther the enemy where he is willing to bring back Wally from whatever made him invisible in exchange for Connor. Then when the trade is made, Connor grows some (really hard to love a character stuck in the body of a 15 year old when you are 20 and not feel like a pedophile) and just from this points the dynamic possibilities for an epic show and an epic end are endless!
  • Young Justice Will Be Missed

    First off young justice was a great show much like the original justice league it had plenty of action, excitement, and adventures. Also had many fans hooked and relating the series excitement wise to that of "Dragon Ball Z". The characters had great backgrounds and abilities, along with great writing. With a strong core of young heros to build around and so many DC villains and heros to build stories around cartoon network pulled the plug in favor of "Teen Titans Go"(which is complete shit).
  • Young Justice

    This was a great show. The stories are appropriate for new, young viewers while being engaging enough to entertain/please long-term comic book fans -- and we can be a tough group to please. Hopefully the show will one day return -- maybe as "Young Justice 562836140408313
  • Whelmed for Young Justice

    Young Justice was a great show. Why?

    Because it had a unique animation style that was beautiful to behold.

    Because of its racially diverse cast

    Because it wasn't afraid to try new things

    Because the story was evolving and the characters actually grew and relationships actually changed

    Because it wasn't too silly OR too serious but found a balance of drama an jokes

    Because its the only place where we can find Blue Beetle, Artimes and Miss Martian

    Because Beast Boy is still hillarious

    Because the women of Young Justice weren't damsels in distress but warriors

    Because Wonder Girl doesn't like being called a Keezie Fem

    Was the show perfect? No but it was a good, successful show with over a million viewers who are now desperately trying to get their favorite show back. Why not give it to them?
  • Good stuff!

    Great continuation of quality DC animation. Marvel may have the cinema realm locked down, but this is the current example of how you do home entertatinment!
  • The Best

    If you havent watched, you are gonna regret it.

    Everyday when it started i remember forcing my family to watch it with me because i loved it so much.

    I realy recommend it to people who havent seen it.
  • Please make a season 3!

    Just finished season 2. Now where's season 3? I wait with bated breathe.

    Absofreakinlutely loved the series
  • Great show but...

    I'm sad to see the show go as it's one of the only cartoons I've watched in a long time that incorporated interesting arcs and character development.

    One thing I'm critical about the show though is how while it seemed they did a good job of representing just about every race/ethnicity in their characters, Asians, especially Asian males were always portrayed as ineffective and weak. UN Secretary Tseng? Rhelasia? It also seemed like several characteristics of the alien villains suspiciously resembled Asian stereotypes.

    I get that Hollywood doesn't like Asian males (they have no problem portraying Asian women, usually in the arms of white men - I get that), but I was really disappointed in the skewed portrayal in a show that's largely viewed by children, teens, and young adults. I think I recall one neutral depiction of an Asian male in the episode where Earth attempts to launch a satellite into space (he plays an engineer, of course).

    We still have a long way to go.
  • the end or is it

    Even though they said it was the end (which is soo unfair) there was still that cliff hanger about salvage and darkside. soooo, my point is there might be a new season :-) but if not, farewell the coolest episode about sidekicks yet!(even better than teen titans) no fan will miss this yet im fan at dc and i no when i see a good show and this show has so many cliffhangers so many i have to say wally's death was the most saddest shock est moments of the whole young justice, from season 1 to season 2, his death tore me apart i could not believe it sad enough that we have to wait for a new season or even it to end now!? this show was my own little drama for me when i get back from school and i loved it. so im gonna keep on hoping that this show will go on to... season if you think its the end young justice is wayy tooo good it end now.
  • should be continued

    im hoping this show gets picked up by another network. (disney, nick?)

    i hear netflix is reviving some cancelled shows, maybe this could be one of them?

    idk but this was such a great cartoon.