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  • Top 10 Of My Cartoonetwork Best shows

    This Show Made My Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Shows because it's so much drama it keeps me interested every second even on commercial breaks The show takes very interesting turns and you look like oh now it's going to suck then the next week it retaliates itself and your like OhMyGod i can't wait till the the Saturday but the issue i have with the show is that It comes on so early and and sometimes you miss it cause it's a Saturday there's know school so you go to sleep because that's what do but another issue i have is Beast Boy's Design I don't really like how drew up Beast Boy with the fur maybe it he didn't have the fur going up his arms and get rid of the gap after all he was my favorite character On Teen Titans and what i really like about the show is Night Wing it's interesting to me that Night Wing And Black bettle Haven't fought yet I mean i just would like to see who would win but right now to me this is the best show CN and I loved Hope they go up to Season 10 Lol but this is a destined hit series already one Emmy award So Thank You Greg Weisman for Creating a Hit Series That I show doesn't deserve to be replaced i Mean today's episode was better than i just can't explain it this Show needs to go on beyond 2 season Young Justice is just the best action cartoon on Tv right now and I love it I have never missed and episode
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