Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 02, 2013 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

At STAR Labs in Taos, Virgil and three of the other teenage Reach subjects are undergoing tests to determine the extent of their powers. Dr. Wilcox finally gives them a break and as they leave, they hear one of their friends, Ed Dorado, arguing with his father. Eduardo Senior is a scientist with STAR Labs and believes that his son manifested teleportation powers because of his work with teleportation technology. Ed insists that he wants a cure but Eduardo blames him for running away from home. As Ed runs out, he comes into his friends and they suggests that they get lunch. As they walk away, they agree that they've had enough of the lab and that they're breaking out that night.

Later, a crate containing the Amazo android parts recovered from the Hall of Justice arrive via the teleportation tube. Meanwhile, Wilcox finishes testing the teenagers and dismisses them for the night. Newt refuses to escape with his friends, explaining that he has to stay there in case his powers run out of control again. He warns the others that their powers could flare out of their control as well, but they insist on escaping. As they go, Newt sets off the alarm and the doors lock down. Virgil tells Ed to teleport them out but he reminds them that he can only teleport via line of sight and can't take anyone with him. Tye can generate a giant astral form but has no control over summoning. Their fourth friend, Sam, is Japanese and no one speaks her language to tell what she's saying.

The guards arrive, led by security chief Burton Thompson, and Sam and Virgil attack them. As they wonder what to do next, the power suddenly shuts down. Virgil wonders if his powers overloaded the door, while Sam tries the door and confirms that the electronic locks have shut down as well.

Jaime is in El Paso when Nightwing calls with news of the escape. He convinces Jaime to track down Tye and his friends and Blue Beetle reluctantly agrees.

The four runaways go to the bus depot and Virgil calls his family in Dakota City, asking them to wire him bus fare. The others want to get a cure for their abilities, but Virgil insists that he likes having super powers. As they talk, Virgil steals a pop can from a machine but hastily spits out the drink when Tye points out that it's a Reach product. Sam spots the STAR security team outside and warns the others. Tye has dozed off and when Virgil tries to wake him, the teenager manifests his giant astral form. It surges up through the roof of the bus depot with a sleeping Tye in the center.

As Wilcox wonders what he and his men should do about the giant, Blue Beetle arrives and tells them to let him handle it. However, Tye smashes him to the street and then picks up his three friends and walks away. Blue Beetle tells the STAR team to go back to the lab and let him handle it. He then flies after the runaways where they've stopped in the forest after Tye has woken up, losing his astral form. They don't think that Blue Beetle understands what they're going through, so Jaime drops his mask and reveals that he's Tye's friend. He tells them about how the scarab has merged with his body and he knows what they're going through. When they refuse to go back to STAR Labs, Jaime offers to take them to Green Beetle so the Martian can help them like he helped him. The others agree and they head into El Paso.

At STAR Labs, Eduardo is arguing with Wilcox about endangering his son. As Wilcox insists that Blue Beetle is handling the situation, the Red Volcano android smashes through the wall. It destroys the teleport tube and then demands the Amazo parts.

As Jaime and the others walk into town, Nightwing calls Jaime to tell him about the attack. Jaime claims that he's still looking for the four escapees, but Nightwing says that he'll have to break off to handle Red Volcano because everyone else is too far away. Once he cuts off, Jaime tells the others that they should hide while he goes back to STAR Labs. However, once he flies off, Ed worries that his father may be in danger. He wants to go back and Virgil agrees to go with him. Tye reluctantly agrees to go with them as well and Sam understands enough to give them a thumbs up. As they arrive at STAR, Red Volcano uses its control over the earth to blast Blue Beetle out of the building. The android then creates a crevasse, burying Blue Beetle beneath the street, and goes back inside. Tye goes to save his friend, focusing and consciously using his powers for the first time, while the others go after the android.

Red Volcano discovers that Amazo's head has been sent to another facility and prepares to kill Eduardo. Ed teleports in, grabs his father, and teleports down the hallway as far as he can see. The teenager is staggered by the extra effort, and is unable to get away before Red Volcano catches up to them. Virgil and Sam arrive and try to hold the android off, but Red Volcano blasts them aside. As the android goes on the attack, Tye reaches in, grabs the villain, and throws him into the air. Blue Beetle hits the android with a wave of burning plasma, which has no affect. Red Volcano blasts Tye and then summons lava to bury Blue Beetle. However, the scarab armor protects him from the heat.

Blue Beetle attacks the android, hitting him with the sonic beam. The beam smashes into STAR Labs, shattering the building, and Virgil tries to get Blue Beetle to stop. When Blue Beetle refuses, Virgil and the others have no choice but to go in and rescue the scientists and security guards. Once they get them out, the teenagers go back outside as Blue Beetle smashes Red Volcano through a wall. The android creates fists of stone and grabs the four teenagers, and threatens to kill them if Blue Beetle doesn't surrender.

Ignoring the people he was sent to rescue, Blue Beetle renews his attacks and Virgil and the others use their powers to free themselves. Shocked at Blue Beetle's callousness, they can only watch as Blue Beetle gets close enough to Red Volcano to drill a hole in his chest. Unimpressed, Red Volcano prepares to kill his opponent but Blue Beetle thrusts his sonic cannon into the hole he created and fires a blast into the android's chest. It blows apart and Blue Beetle smiles in triumph.

As the fire trucks arrive, Blue Beetle orders the four teenagers to go to Green Beetle. Before he can pursue the matter, the press arrives and Blue Beetle turns to answer their questions. The four runaways slip away, figuring their better off without the new, ruthless Blue Beetle.

Later, Blue Beetle travels to the pueblo where Green beetle is staying. He apologizes for not summoning him to help with the runaways, but the Martian figures that they will find them eventually. He's happy that Blue Beetle was able to establish his public persona as a superhero. Black Beetle steps forward and says that it's important that the public view Blue Beetle as a hero, since it will make it easier for his masters, The Reach, to conquer Earth. Green Beetle boasts that he was able to take control of the scarab, reboot it, and take control of Jaime.

Virgil and the others go back to the bus station, figuring it's the last place that STAR will look for him. Luthor arrives in a limo and tells the four teenagers that he's been watching them for weeks. He helped them escape by arranging the power outage, and also engineered the press arriving so that they could explain. Luthor tells them that Blue Beetle is now working for the Reach, and that he's realized that The Reach poses a danger to the planet even though he's allied with them. As they consider his offer, Luthor says that he's there not to help them with their powers, but to assist them in taking control of their destinies. Smiling, he assures them that he won't make them do anything they don't want to do.