Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 19, 2012 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In Washington, Red Arrow knocks out a robber with a gas arrow. The owner thanks the hero and offers him a reward, but Red Arrow says that he doesn't need one. However, as he leaves, he secretly pockets some of the stolen money... and Green Arrow watches him from a nearby rooftop and calls to tell someone it's worse than they thought.

Scientists Adam Strange and Eduardo Dorado are in Taos at STAR Labs bringing the anti-teleportation shield on line. The Justice League watches over the operation from Watchtower, while Young Justice observes from Mount Justice as the shield goes into place. Superboy points out that it won't protect them against any Krolotean spaceships, and notices that Nightwing is gone. Mal explains that their teammate left on personal business, and Superboy notices that Lagoon Boy and Miss Martian are planning a night out, while Beast Boy has to study. Disgusted, he grabs Superboy and says that he needs his help on what he claims is personal business as well.

In Washington, Green Arrow meets with Nightwing, Kid Flash in his civilian garb as Wally West, Black Canary, and the former Guardian, Jim Harper. They intercept Red Arrow and point out that he stole the money. Clearly on his last legs, the clone insists that he deserves the money and the owner would have given it to him if he asked. When they press him on it, Red Arrow says that he needs the money to keep searching for Roy Harper, the man he's cloned from, because the others have given up.

Superboy flies to Washington in Sphere, with Wolf and Blue Beetle in tow. Blue Beetle argues with his scarab and finally agrees to ask Superboy what's going on. Superboy explains that someone used alien technology to blow up the Krolotean base on Malina Island, and Intergang deals in alien tech. Whisper A'Daire, one of their operatives, is meeting with Bruno Mannheim, and Superboy has been tailing her. They spot the two Intergang crooks heading for the Hall of Justice in a truck.

Black Canary points out how Red Arrow has let himself go in the last five years and is badly out of shape. He insists that he's fine, but she attacks him briefly and he almost falls off the roof. Red Arrow dismisses her concern, saying that his body is valueless because it's just a cloned specimen.

Bruno and Whisper approach the outer wall of the Hall and start to activate something in the case. When Blue Beetle has his scarab try and scan it, it tells him that it is "incompatible" but refuses to answer further. When he keeps arguing out loud with the telepathically linked scarab, Superboy asks what he's doing and Blue Beetle finally explains that scientist Ted Kord, the first Blue Beetle, created the scarab before the Light had him killed. Now the scarab is grafted to his spine and gives him his powers, and it's intelligent. Before they attack, Superboy has his teammate scan the Hall and confirm that it's empty.

Mannheim removes a device from the case and Superboy recognizes it as manufactured on Apokolips, similar to the equipment Intergang used against the Forever People. The Intergang leader activates the device, paralyzing Blue Beetle's armor, while inside four husks of the alien Appellaxian invaders activate and then merge into one huge figure made of wood, stone, gold, and crystal.

Superboy and Wolf go after the two criminals, but the Appellaxian golem smashes through the wall and attacks them under Mannheim's control. Sphere generates a jamming signal to free Blue Beetle, who tries to blast the golem with a sonic device from his armor. However, the golem absorbs the sound waves with its crystals and redirects them, blasting the two heroes back. Mannheim has the golem pick him and Whisper up and fly away before the League arrives.

Green Arrow asks his protégé to come back with him to Star City and partner with him like they did in the old days, but Red Arrow reminds him that they were never partners. Jim Harper steps forward and says that he's a clone of the original Guardian, and he knows what Red Arrow is going through. He warns the clone that the Light would have destroyed the original Roy Harper and suggests that Red Arrow honor his progenitor by living his own life.

Once Superboy and Blue Beetle recover, Sphere tracks the device and they fly after Mannheim. Meanwhile, Mannheim has had the golem land, and informs Whisper that the Apokolips device amplifies the psychic energy of the golem's alien controllers. Using it, he plans to make Intergang more powerful than ever. The two heroes arrive and Sphere generates a signal to overload Mannheim's device. The golem goes berserk, attacking everyone indiscriminately, and knocks them down. It spots a nearby nuclear power plant and walks toward it, ignoring the guards. Meanwhile, Sportsmaster and the mysterious Partner watch from the shadows. Partner decides to let the golem continue its attack and tells Sportsmaster to dispose of the "meat."

Blue Beetle pins Whisper and Mannheim to trees and then the heroes go after the golem. They manage to pin it down but it knocks them aside before Sphere can try and take control of it. As the golem continues to the reactor, the scarab reluctantly admits that it might be able to communicate with the golem.

Red Arrow wonders why Wally is there, and the former Kid Flash says that he isn't abandoning his friends just because he quit being a hero. He points out that they did the math and they never knew the real Roy Harper, and that the clone is their friend. Red Arrow ignores their offer and tells them that if they want to save someone, they should help Aqualad.

Blue Beetle generates a sonic communication device from his armor and has the scarab try to communicate with the golem. Translating, the scarab informs them that the creature is overwhelmed by the sheer life energy of the planet and wants to use the reactor to destroy itself. Sympathizing, Superboy offers to help. However, Partner fires a sonic blast from the nearby woods, destroying the golem. After the smoke clears, the heroes wonder who destroyed the golem but find no one in the woods. When they go back to Mannheim and Whisper, they discover that someone has rendered them comatose.

Sportsmaster meets back up with the Partner and tells his ally that he left the two Intergang criminals as a warning to anyone would interfere with the Light. When he wonders why the Partner destroyed the golem, the villain points out that it was better to eliminate it then let it fall into enemy hands.

Wally returns to his home in Palo Alto and is greeted by his girlfriend... Artemis. After wishing her a Happy Valentine's Day, he tells her what happened to their friend and worries that Red Arrow is alone and won't let anyone in.

Red Arrow returns to the abandoned building in Washington where he lives and is surprised to find Cheshire there. He points out that she abandoned him to go back to a life of crime, but Cheshire points out that she's still legally his wife. She left him because he was obsessed with finding Roy Harper, but she's come back to help him clean up his act. She shows the clone their baby daughter, Lian, Nguyen Harper, and says that he has to exorcise the ghosts of his past so he can help her take care of the child. To do so, Cheshire explains that she called in all of her contacts and came up with one last opportunity to find the original Roy Harper.