Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 19, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Finally, a good episode.

    We now know what happened to the others. I'm not ecstastic about Kid Flash and Artemis leaving the team, but oh well. Not surprised that Red Arrow and Cheshire banged each other.

    There was good action in this episode. Blue Beetle communicating with that crystal-wood-otherthings thing was written well.
  • Now we know!!! :-)

    Finaly know what happened to the rest of the team and Red Arrow! Kinda of a freaky but cool twist with Red Arrow and Chesher at the end. I can totaly see something happening with Gurdian, Speedy, Red Arrow, and Cadmus in the near future, maybe. I also think that the dark figure who is partners with Sportsmaster might be the original Blue Beatle and he is workin for the Light now!! Also even after 5 years they still haven't mentioned anyhting about Darksied, the only thing they now is that Intergang is useing Apacolyptic weaponery. Just gotta keep watching!! :-)
  • We Found Wallis in a Hopeless Place!!!


    This episode was interesting, but then in the last 3 minutes it got AWESOME!

    So Artemis & Wally are together still! For over 5 years. Both 21 & 22 and going to university & living together. Good for them! They both seemed like the underdogs when it came to relationships & education. I'm very happy they are the only once that lasted, and are taking a break to go to STANFORD UNIVERSITY!!! Come on people! That's why they live in Palo Alto! Palo Alto goes with Stanford like McD goes with fries!

    I kinda love that Red Arrow married Artemis's sister! That's cool that all 4 of them would have been on the same team together at one point! :) I'm wondering if Artimes knows she's an aunt? Or if they're mom knows she's a grandma. I wouldn't be surprised if Artemis already knew. But I can also see her sister keeping it a secret from everyone for 6+ months.

    I can understand Roys frustration. And I think they were trying to work in the drug angle from the comics in regard to Roy. That's why he was stealing the money, and seemed drunck etc. And prob. why BC said ' you used to treat your body like a temple' (in the comics he did herowin )

    I don't know why they didn't bring along SB thoughHe's a clone/hy-bread. He's got anger management issues too, he def. should have come along!...I also don't know why they didn't bring Artemis. I mean I DO get it. She only met him a couple times, plus I guess she was writing her paper, and they wanted to surprise us with her at the end. BUT still! They only brought Nightwing, Wally, Roys "parent'" and clone #2She was his sister-n-law!!!

    Also I did NOT get the whole wood/crystal thing. IDK what the point was. I mean I'm sure IT WILL tie in to something later, but 2day it seemed pointless. Just something for SB to do while not attending Roys intervention. Also those 2 villians stuck to the tree are prob brain dead. Speaking of people being brain dead I hate M'gan! I love her cute nickname of Starfish, but it's tooo cute to be given to her! SOMEONE ELSE SHOULD HAVE IT!
  • Why did they have to get rid of Kid Flash?

    Sure he's Banging Artemis now, but COME ON. For One he is a main character of the show, Two He was A Founding Member of the Justice League. I cant believe out of all the main characters on this show they would make Nightwing, and Wally West a secondary character, that they just get rid of. I Knew this was coming. When Nightwing started to be giving orders like Batman was. But still is a good show. The only main characters of the original team they still haven't got rid of is Superboy, and Miss Martian. Still pissed about the time skip though. Was a big slap in the face to fans. Especially about all the reveals there doing now. I knew that Chesire wanted Red Arrows dick, but for once someone actually had a kid, with a suspected couple in the making. That right there is a episode or two, no need for a time skip. They could have easily brought us up to where we are currently in the show with a season.

    1st Episode: Beast Boy's Mom dies from the light.

    2nd Episode: Wonder Girl joins the team

    3rd Episode: The original Blue Beetle dies from the light bringing us the current Blue Beetle.

    4th Episode: Tula dies from a Mission.

    5th Episode: Aqualad find out that Black Manta is his Dad.

    6th Episode: Aqualad betrays the team.

    7th Episode: Kid Flash and Artemis settle down.

    8th Episode:Red Arrow and Chesire settle down.

    9th Episode: Superboy and Miss Martian break up.

    10th Episode: Tim Drake joins the team and becomes robin. and robin becomes nightwing

    Bringing us up to the Season 2 Premier Earthlings. This is how i would of done it. Look at that i just thought of a entire season without doing a Time Skip.
  • Young Justice keeps getting better

    Love this episode as much as "Alienated". The creators really have a formula to keep us hook and wondering every single week.

    Now we know what happened to Kid Flash and Artemis. And you know, I'm NOT MAD AT ALL that they are not heroes anymore. Its actually new and refreshing this turns of events for them. Also show us that some of the original team actually have a kind of happily ever after ending. Wally and Artemis in college, still together and for the looks of it no more "playing super heroes", I Love it. Besides, this Season its call Young Justice: INVASION, I doubt we won't seen them again in the future

    Roy-Clone fall from grace I also like it, but predictable. The intervention of his closes friends and allies was as its supposed to be. Only Green Arrow, Black Canary, Nightwing and Wally, with the clone of former Guardian Jim Harper. I think it could be to shocking for kids to see a former hero as a drug addict, so the creators decided to go that his obsession into finding the real Speedy was his own undoing. And they went with the pre-New 52 story which had Cheshire and Red Arrow together and fathering Lian. This must be the wake up call he needed.

    The Second story was ok. This things a love, first Superboy's growth as a character. We saw a few things of that in the past three episodes, but this one was fantastic. He is not the same I am angry at everything , lets punch this now, that he was the first season. He actually could be The team leader in Nightwing absence if need it to. He knew all about the Apolixian husks in the Hall of Justice, knew about Beetle-sonics won't work on the monster either. He was prepared the second time around when he told Sphere to jam all Apocalyptan tech in the area. That was fast thinking on his part. This character development is going pretty good, hope they keep at it.

    Now onto Blue Beetle, at least he finally confine in someone about the scarab and we actually hear it to. I do have miss feelings what he said that the scarab was created by Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle. I love Ted Kord but I don't see him creating the scarab. Maybe thats what Jaime thinks and in reality the scarab its still of The Reach and Kord may have just found it and experiment with it or something.

    Finally the return of Sportmaster and "The Secret Partner". I never was ever a fan of Sportmaster and most admit that during the first season he was quite the threat for the team. But I think this season needed someone new working for the light. After all now Black Manta is part of The Light. The could bring a new villian so the can diverse more. The Secret Partner, after destroying the Apolaxian Husk, I am more inclined than ever that The Light Competitors are The Reach. It could be a whole new different scarab type, but I am guessing that it could be some Reach from the comics like Black Beetle. Still have to wait and see.

    Over all, great episode, now we know whats been going on with all the originals, with that out of the way, we can see now more about the new ones. The team need a speedster and an archer, and since The Robin here is Tim Drake, and Cassie Sandsmark is Wonder Girl, it could be the time to introduce Impulse and Arrowette, unless Wally and Artemis are coming back, but who knows, the world of Young Justice is very unpredictable and I love it that way.
  • Answers

    I agree, was happy to find out what happend to the team. Go team Wallamis! (wally and artemis) I cant beleive about Roy and Chesire! Big suprise! Same with Gardian! But yes, I too would like to know who Sportsmaster's newly found partner in crime is!! Can't wait to see next episodes! Season 2 might not be so bad after all:) Is there gonna be a season 3?
  • Fimiliar faces

    Answered some of my questions on the where abouts of past heroes. Pretty good episode, just dont like the fact they didnt show who the mysterious shadow figure was but beggers cant be choosers. Just gonna have to wait for more future episodes.