Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 29, 2012 on Cartoon Network



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    • Speedy: So let me get this straight. While I was on ice, you found another Roy Harper, the sidekicks formed their own team, aliens invaded the earth, and Ollie grew that dopey goatee.
      Roy: We try not to call ourselves sidekicks.
      Oliver: You don't like the goatee?

    • Jaime: You stole those freeze-dried Chicken Whizzies from my locker, didn't you?
      Bart: Hey, hey, hey. Where I come from, it's not stealing, it's scavenger rights, okay? The point is, we don't have Chicken Whizzies, freeze dried or otherwise, in my era, so blame Kid Flash. He got me hooked.
      Jaime: Forget I asked.

    • Crusher Crock: As usual, Jade, you're missing the point. Artemis' death is an insult to our professional reputations. The son of Black Manta cannot kill Sportsmaster's daughter. Not without running it by me first. I can't let this stand or everyone will think I'm a punk.

    • Speedy: So New Roy goes by Red Arrow. That's an original name.

    • Luthor: Oh, who knew enabling an alien invasion would take so much paperwork?

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