Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 04, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Impressed with Superboy

    Loving how this show has a winning combination of action and character development! The fight scenes were all captivating and Superboy's fight for acceptance, his anger at being denied that acceptance, and how he reacts to that and sublimates it in his fighting all felt realistic. If the show keeps going on like this, it may quickly climb its way onto my favorites list...
  • This is the 1st episode fo me being fond of Superboy.

    Although he's a hothead and stubborn, He's still my favourite CHARMING character from Young Justice. I'm looking forward to see more intense moments of Superboy adapting his life into a human being though he's partially human. Hopefully in season 2 there'll be complications between him, Superman and Lex Luthor...then again I'll stop here for possible spoilers on this topic.
  • I have to say this show keeps on getting better and better. I am so glad they brought back A.M.A.Z.O. and Professor Ivo from Justice League. But they seriously depowered him from the Justice League serious.

    I like how this episode focused on Superboy's and Supermans relationship. I felt like there was a lot of tension between the two characters. But I am glad that the show is starting to focus more on the other members of the League by having Amazo copying there powers. Also to i like how we get to see Batman as Bruce Wayne for once. In Batman the Brave and the Bold we never get to see him. Also I like Bruce's animation style a lot better than DCAU. I really hope the creators keep bringing back all the old characters that we all know and love. (I really want to see Lex Luthor now that we have had more interaction with Superman and Superboy in Metropolis.)
  • I have to admit that after careful watching of one episode after the next, the space for even more better plots are yet to occur....

    When The Avengers EMH came out, I was mind blown by the fight scenes and the storyboard and the route Marvel has been taking with the series. Quite frankly, it has been the best series after Wolverine & The X-Men. However, since their break, it has made space for Young Justice to catch up and thus give me time to watch the show. Honestly after this episode I realize that this show is about to give The Avengers some massive competition. It just keeps better and better as not only the storyboards develop but the characters as well. I find myself waiting to see what happens next in each episode as everyone has their own personal stories going on. Superman not accepting the fact that Superboy can or well IS his son. I can imagine as a father that someone pops up in your life that you knew nothing about is somewhat a major adjustment. In this episode though Superboy does not have the support from his father figure, he has somehow proved that he'll be able to do just fine without him on his own. All in all this was a great episode and I'm much looking forward to the next one. I'm out!
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