Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Nov 18, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Is Secret gonna join Young Justice? If so, that will give me hope for the other heroines joining Young Justice soon.

    I was impressed to see another original Young Justice member. Her name is Secret a.k.a. Greta Hayes. I'm unsure whether she is joining Young Justice, but since she was the original character in the Young Justice comic books, that'll mean other original members will appear in this show. I cross my fingers that this is the time for Wonder Girl to show up. And I also hope that not of the current members of Young Justice will die soon. I'm really looking forward for the rookies to stand up against an alien invasion.
  • Unlike Teen Titans this show is realistic and ansty. Love each of the characters.


    I love this show! It's addictive and powerful. The only thing i have an issue with is the hiatus. Months of no airing and now there's been no news about it for a few weeks. Personally I think each of the characters is very realistic and distinct which is hard to come by in shows nowadays. 10 out of 10. Hope to see a new episode soon.

  • A bit lame compared to other episodes.


    The whole thing with Harm was weird at first but I guess the main point is to introduce Zatanna more and get to understand Artemis a little more. Her relationship with her broken family and tough life really shows this time. While Red Arrow suspects her of being the mole others understand and especially Robin. I was spooked by the Greta my beloved sister I killed you thing, especially on"the last thing she ever saw was ' Secret' " and with that the episode ended...