Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 09, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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Great episode. Khaldur and Dick's risky plan finally paid off in a big way. The team earned a win without the Light giving it to them and Savage finally got outsmarted and his plans actually delayed for once, and he actually upset. I'm kind of sad Wally is giving Kid Flash mantle to Bart. I was hoping he would come out of retirement. YJ is the last media that has Wally West. Once it ends Wally is gone unless DC decides to bring him back. Black Beetle relieving his boss of command and shooting (possibly killing him) was surprising on CN. This episode got away with a lot. Fake Deathstroke getting to actually shot Artemis and Aqualad on screen, Black Beetle stabbing Ra's on-screen (they did of course have to avoid us seeing the impalement itself, but hey that is still risk for Saturday morning cartoon in the States), and Ra's actually dying on-screen (although I suspect they got away with that becaus Ra's can be revived through his pits). What I didn't like was the episode makes Bart's bad future plot totally pointless and makes no sense at all. The Light successfully played the Reach (with no knowledge of the future like Bart), so the Earth was never going to be enslaved, which Bart's future and doesn't explain why his future existed if the Light played the Reach. Kid Flash came to help, but Red Arrow (who hates the Light) doesn't come to help? Or maybe he is ticked that Dick kicked out original Roy? Savage takes out Captain Marvel, Black Lightning, and Black Canary takes War World in minutes? Savage is getting overhyped. Even if he had the Witch Boy and some other Light members I find it hard to believe the Light who just got beat by the young heroes could defeat those 3 heroes so quickly. Captain Marvel is as powerful as Superman.moreless
I think there's an error with the War-World time stamp.
Vandal attacked the war-world at 04:20 UTC (which is 11:20 ETC, prior to the summit?) and returned the heroes to the watchtower at 05:24 EDT (which is 09:24 UTC) 5 hours later
23:20 ETC*
The only reason I can think of for the timeline altering without Impulse giving the specific heads ups is the possibility that the timeline can still change with a "look, don't touch" time travel policy. To clarify, sort of like the time traveling in DBZ; the mere fact that Cell was buried underground in the present was enough to drastically change history (such as Android 19 and Dr. Gero appearing instead of Androids 17 & 18). That's my theory at least, this is definitely a question to ask Greg Weisman about.
In Bart's future, Blue was successfully placed back on mode, most likely with the team only finding out moments before they were murdered. Also, the Reach probably didn't have to contend with the Light's obtainment of the War World, or else I imagine Bart would've given that away (a weapon like that would be hard to forget, and would most likely be passed down even multiple generations through stories and/or records even if it was sent to another task before he was born). Also, I don't see that the Light was defeated by the team; outsmarted yes, but Klarion and/or Savage made no attempt to transport Ra's, Manta and Brain away, and those three made no attempt to escape themselves.
Yes, but it makes no sense for the Light to have gotten war world. In the dark future the Reach successfully enslaved the Earth, played the Light, and Blue stayed on mode. Bart went back in time to change all of that, but the only thing he did after making sure his grandfather lived was warn the League about Blue. The storyline was setup for Bart would have to guide the heroes to make changes to secure the future, but instead the Light was the one to make those changes, discrediting the Reach, using their test subjects to steal War World crystal, etc. The Light to our knowledge did not get any intel from the future, but made all the changes anyway and did Bart's job for him despite it making no sense that they altered Bart's timeline without information from the future.moreless
You have to remember that nothing was really changed in Bart's future timeline except that "Neutron" is now free from his "power". The episode didn't show the future Blue Beetle freed from the Reach (more likely he was), but it did not change the devastated future.
Perhaps, with Blue still on mode, the Reach were able to overpower the Light before Savage could inform Mongul. I understand what you're getting at, and it could be a major plot hole, or perhaps Savage's escape with War World is the actual beginning of Bart's future. All we know is that Bart has no recollection of the War World, and while it's highly unlikely that he'd never have heard of the War World, it is possible.
The penultimate episode of Young Justice (Invasion) gives us another battle royal on all sides of the "morality spectrum", this time written by Greg Weisman, himself!

*The episode starts in a cave in Santa Prisca on June 19th where the "Reach Trio" and Light Members Vandal Savage, Ra's Al Ghul, Black Manta and Brain (along with their "Second-In-Commands" Deahstroke, Ubu, Mallah and Kaldur & Tigress) have gathered to discuss some major topics!

*Asserting his position as the enforcer of the Reach, Black Beetle demands that the mask wearing humans show their faces. Black Manta doesn't take kindly to this demand, but Ra's convinces him to comply by assuring him "they are among friends". Begrudgingly, Black Manta does so, Deathstroke and Tigress follow suit. Tigress is nervous about how things are going to go down, but Kaldur gently assures her to keep a cool head...

*The Reach Ambassador questions where the other 3 Light members are, Savage informs him that their "public-oriented members" had to take care of "damage control" for the Reach's fumbles and asserts that the 4 present members will suffice. Lex Luthor and Queen Bee definitely fit the bill of "public-oriented members", but that term doesn't make much sense for Klarion. So what is our resident Lord of Chaos up to?

*The Reach Ambassador mentions how the Light are the ones who called for the Summit due to some grievances with the Reach's actions, but he mentions that the Reach have their share of grievances with the Light's actions. With that, the animosity rears its head to the surface...

*As the 2 villain groups continue their summit, they become less and less civil towards each other. Among the ones talking, Kaldur remains the most civil, helped by the Reach Ambassador and the Reach Scientist's fondness of him. However, it reaches the breaking point when Black Beetle calls the Light the "selected agents" for the Reach as rulers of Earth. Black Manta does not take this claim very well and Black Beetle seems itching for a fight. Like a bolt of lightning...the two make the first blow in an "Evil Vs Evil Showdown"!

*During the battle, Tigress defends Ra's from a lethal blow. The Leader of the League of Shadows expresses his thanks, but as she heads back into the fray he becomes perplexed by the necklace she is wearing...

*Eventually, Kaldur is able to break apart the fight by pointing out how this animosity will make things easier for the heroes to gain the upper hand. Both groups realize this and thank him for his rational thinking.

*Kaldur reaffirms that the villains are at a disadvantage with Blue Beetle & Green Beetle free of Reach control and the "off-world" Justice League Members (the "Accused 6", Icon and the 2 Green Lanterns accompanying them) due back from Rimbor anytime soon. Savage assures that those Leaguers won't be coming back thanks to some "well-placed bribes" and the Reach Ambassador says the Green Lanterns won't be able to return home thanks to the Reach being invited to Earth, as part of their agreement, adding that they can just kill Jaime & B'arzz and give their Scarabs (after another reboot) to new hosts!

*As if that wasn't bad enough, Ra's continues to be perplexed by Tigress' necklace...and pulls it off, exposing Tigress as Artemis!

*He confirms that it is a glamor charm and manages to piece together that Zatanna and Dr. Fate had a hand in making it! The question is how did Ra's manage to recognize the glamor charm in the first place? Besides the Lazarus Pits, he doesn't come off as a "magic expert" like Klarion would.

*Savage and the "Reach Trio" soon piece together that if Kaldur faked Artemis' death and made the disguised Artemis his lieutenant, then Kaldur, himself, is also a mole! The Reach Ambassador gives Black Beetle the go ahead to kill them...only for Deathstroke to shoot them first, saying "The Light takes care of its own."!

*I must say, Black Manta still showing his son support even after this reveal was surprisingly heart warming! Kaldur is not worried for, in his dying breaths, he pushes the button of a device...

*This activates a hologram of a message from Kaldur...who proceeds to reveal how the Light and the Reach have been back stabbing each other! Among the exposition, we learn some new information, such as how the Light actually negated the docile effects of the Reach's beverages! Savage furiously orders Deathstroke to shut the message off, but the enforcer validly asks how he is suppose to do that. I don't know about anyone else, but I find it very satisfying to see Savage loose his temper and composure!

*Once the message finishes, the Reach Ambassador completes his episodes long "villainous breakdown" and demands that the Light be destroyed! His breakdown sort of reminds me of the one Frieza had in DBZ. On the whole, I guess the Reach come off more as "Big Bad Wannabes"; very competent and dangerous ones, mind you, but the Light still makes them look like chumps in comparison.

*Suddenly, Kaldur and Artemis reveal themselves to still be alive! Savage questions how this is possible when they saw Deathstroke kill them...only to learn that "Deathstroke" is really Miss Martian in disguise! To add to that, Nightwing, Batgirl, Superboy, Guardian, Bumble Bee...and even Kid Flash (making his long awaited return) reveal themselves!

*The Light still doesn't seem too worried about the Reach and the heroes against them. Kaldur calls Savage out for him and his associates constantly underestimating the young heroes. But then, Brain seals up all the doors and opens up the ceiling...revealing several members of the League of Shadows!

*However, we soon learn that these masked mooks are actually the rest of the team in disguise! Much like Usual Suspects, the young heroes have managed to catch the villains off guard in the best possible way! It was also nice to see Lagoon Boy has gotten over being dumped by Miss Martian.

*Savage decides to call it quits...and reveals that Klarion has been hiding here the whole time! The Lord of Chaos opens up a portal for him and Savage to make their escape! Not much of a team player are you, Savage?

*During the big brawl, Ra's gets stabbed by Black Beetle! However, given that it's Ra's Al Ghul, he'll be back in form after a soak in a Lazarus Pit...

*Case in point, Ubu immediately rushes to his master's aid and escapes through the ceiling declaring that "The Master will be resurrected!"

*While the rest of the cave is full of violence, the father and son duo of Kaldur and Black Manta simply have an intense stare down. Kaldur acknowledges his father's noble qualities, but says he can't fight with him as long as he "wastes his talents for evil". The villainous father responds that he will teach Kaldur ruthlessness no matter what and proceeds to put his helmet back on and fight his son, reverting to his persona witnessed in Downtime!

*The Reach certainly aren't holding up as well, especially when Blue Beetle stables their Ambassador and Scientist to the wall! When Black Beetle comes to them...he reveals that he intends to leave the Reach Ambassador to his doom!

*The Reach Ambassador viciously orders the enforcer to release him, but Black Beetle quotes an article from Reach Law, saying that the Ambassador's multiple failures means he is no longer in charge of the operations! He saves the Reach Scientist, stating she may still be useful and escapes, leaving the Reach Ambassador to throw a tantrum! I guess it's possible that the Reach Ambassador might be the only "Big Bad Wannabe" of the "Reach Trio"...

*After some more fighting, Kaldur manages to knock his father out! It appears as though this battle royal has, at last, come to an end...

*Kaldur still laments at how some of the villains have escaped and how some of them weren't even present. Nightwing, Kid Flash and Artemis putting his concerns to ease by assuring him his pain and hardships were not in vain praising him for all his efforts in severely crippling the Light and the Reach was a Crowning Moment of Heart Warming! We also learn that they have recorded the villains' "confessions", meaning the public will learn the truth of the Reach and the League members on Rimbor will be coming back! The heroes getting another true win is, indeed, a great sight to behold!

*Beast Boy hugging Artemis and expressing his joy that she is still alive and that Kaldur isn't really a traitor was another Crowning Moment of Heart Warming! It was also nice to hear him talk again since Before The Dawn, I always did like Logan Grove's voice for the character better than Greg Cipes' voice for him.

*I am also glad that the rest of team didn't give Nightwing such a hard time for his undercover plan. While it might have been shaky to not tell the "veteran members", I do understand why he would keep the younger members "in the dark" as they might not have been able to keep the act "authentic". Of course, understanding one's reasons and actions are not the same as agreeing or disagreeing with them, but I'll just leave it at that for now.

*We then cut to War World, where several League members are guarding the Key Chamber...only for a Boom Tube portal and a magic portal to appear! Savage and Klarion step out of the latter and the League members immediately attack!

*Suddenly, we cut to the Watch Tower, where we see Nightwing and Kaldur (back in his hero costume) with Aquaman and Red Tornado. Speaking of Red Tornado, this appearance (as well as his cameos in Happy New Year and War) reminds me of how he got a bad case of "demoted to extra". Then again, it makes sense since the "veteran members" have taken up the duties he had in Season 1.

*Looks like we can call Kaldur "Aqualad" again and Aquaman has warmly welcomed his initial protege back! Nightwing also returns the position as leader to Aqualad! Aqualad asks if Nightwing is sure, praising him for his skills as a leader, but the original Boy Wonder confirms he's ready to be relieved of that burden...

*Suddenly, a Boom Tube portal appears and the League members on War World are thrown out of it...battered and bruised! They all look out in Space and see War World has reactivated and heading off who knows where! Nightwing can only ask if the absences of War World is a good thing or a bad thing...

*We then see a news report of Cad Grant confirming that the information of the Reach's "true colors" has been revealed to the public and that the Reach are no longer invited on Earth and must leave! The Reach Scientist is furious that their plans have been shot down the drain, but Black Beetle ops for another idea...blow up Earth!

Another awesome episode! Like Complications and Intervention, this episode episode is one of my Top 5 Favorite Episodes for Season 2/Invasion! Seeing how Savage, Luthor and Manta have been the prominent Light Members all Season, I'm glad Ra's got a prominent role in this episode (too bad Brain didn't get the same treatment). Even though the Light has War World, it was still awesome that they (along with the Reach) have been severely crippled by the Young Justice Team! Though it looks like the Reach are stepping up their game with Black Beetle now in charge! It's going to be interesting to see how everything plays out in the Season Finale next week!moreless
I don't know about anyone else, but to me, today's episode is the best overall. The execution of everything was so great. It reminds me so much of the episode in season one where it seemed like the three were going to betray the team. It was great to see the Reach and the Light with a huge loss. Well sort of, the Light now has the Warworld. The dynamic between Khaldur and his father was great. I like the change from nurturing father to ruthless enemy, but it seemed to me he may have been holding back.I loved seeing Nightwing fight, it was a huge plus. I also liked the conversation between Kid Flash and Impulse. It was kind of sweet. I didn't expect anything that happened in this episode. I really thought for a moment that Artemis and Khaldur had died, which would have been seriously a great plot turn in the whole thing. You'd think the manta armor would've been strong enough to stop a bullet anyway. We still had no dialogue from Wonder Girl, but it was alright. Hopefully she gets to say something in the season finale. Maybe the Runaways even get to help out. We'll find out soon enough. But overall the episode was great.moreless
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