Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Mar 09, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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  • OMG what now

    i thought this was the best action 4 ages all the team together and the ending has such a cliffhanger!!!

    i just really want to know what will happen....

    my fav bit was when aqualad,nightwing(robin and kid flash standing together like the first episode of young justice

    the 3 things i really want to know are:

    are miss m and super boy back together, will the earth get destroyed and what about impulses profit,

    who knows
  • All the Cards on the Table

    This is a payoff that's been a long time coming and it didn't disapoint, from the fact this episode was written by Greg Wiseman whom is not just a great animated director but a more than capable writer.

    The first half of it was interesting because it was all really about talking, but it's not boring it's acutally intriguing and suspenseful, because you know in your mind this won't lead to anything good. One thing in the conversation leads to another and then suddenly crap hits the fan, when we see Raz Al Ghoul then notices the Amulet Artimis is wearing and takes it off her to reveal her in the open. This in turn disillusions Kaldunn/Aqualad's deception. Those two moments you'd think both of them are fraked. However we see both have just played their winning hand when we see Kaldunn has already downloaded the truth about both the Reach and Light organizations to the public but just to them as well.

    Both organizations were bound to colapse one way or the other. It wasn't so much Young Justice alone that brought them down but it was really themselves. The Light and Reach grew too big for their own good, got too greedy and selfish which made both vunerable to self sabatash.

    And theres a really good battle, everyone had their share well ok, Connor I felt was a bit sidelined which I thought was a mild disapointment. I loved seeing Nightwing use the Arnise sticks once again. I even like the little battle both Kaldunn/Aqualad and Black Manta had, it's pritty much the classic motif of father versus son, which we've seen before ("Star Wars" anyone). Anyway, I like the little talk they both had as they battled which was a decent battle. I liked there was emotion in it, I don't doubt Kaldunn does love his father, but he can't stand by him because he doesn't believe in his cause and ideals. This once again makes Kaldunn more sympahtic because he's never had any family or time with his real father. Being on the undercover op gave Kaldunn that time he lost but he can't have a foundation with him because it would be a lie; just as the role he played in the op was.

    There is one touching moment with both Bart Alen/Impulse and Wally West/Flash. We see that Wally along with Artimis are going back into retirement; both don't have it in them anymore. He's sees Impulse has what it takes and is exactly who the world needs, and so he passes on the torch when he annouces to Impulse he'll passes his Flash costume to him.

    And another touching moment when both Artimis and Wally are back together, I even though it was both funny and sweet what both said they'll do afterward. I'm just going leave these final words for them; it was great seeing both Artimis and Wally again in action one more time, which makes me all the more sad to see them go, but you both fought well and won; so I hope for the best for both of them.

    Both the Light and Reach have suffered and devestating blow and most have been captured and few escaped. So Young Justice has scored one great victory, but as I said one. What Black Bettle says at the last moment, I know final period has just begun.
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