Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Sep 23, 2011 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

In New Orleans, Superman and J'onn are battling the Terror Twins, Tommy and Tuppenece. The heroes knock them into a warehouse where Aqualad and Red Tornado attach power-deprivation collars to them. Miss Martian and Superman step out, disguised as the Terror Twins, and Batman "arrests" them.

As the two disguised teens are taken to Belle Reve Prison along with Mr. Freeze and Icicle Jr., Miss Martian remembers Batman explaining how four ice-based villains went on a rampage. Two of them were sent to Belle Reve and the other two soon arranged transfers there. Batman figures that the plan was to get all four villains to Belle Reve all along, and that he needs Superboy and Miss Martian to go in undercover. They can't tell the prison staff since they don't know who may be compromised.

On the transport in, Icicle Jr. flirts with the disguised Miss Martian until a guard stops him. When they arrive, the warden, Amanda Waller, explains that she controls the collars that deprive them of their abilities and inflict pain and unconsciousness. She tells them that no one has ever escaped and that the facility can hold Superman. Waller then introduces Hugo Strange, the prison psychiatrist, who promises that he will help them become rehabilitated.

As the two heroes are taken to their cells, Miss Martian is able to maintain telepathic contact since her collar isn't set for her specific powers. Superboy ends up in a cell with Icicle Jr. in the men's wing while Miss Martian shares a cell with Killer Frost in the women's wing. When the male prisoners are released to the exercise yard, Icicle tells Superboy that he knows all about the prison and says that they have to pay homage to his father, Icicle Sr..

As the Riddler is sent away as the other prisoners laugh, Professor Ojo attacks Icicle Jr. When Superboy comes to his aid, other prisoners attack him and his new cellmate while the guards simply watch. Professor Ojo recognizes Superboy, but Miss Martian manages to telepathically block the knowledge. Impressed with Superboy's determination, Icicle Sr. ends the fight and calls over his son, and then tells the ice villains that they can now begin a group escape.

Later, prison uniforms are distributed to the prisoners and Icicle Jr. tells Superboy to put his new uniform on. Miss Martian notifies Aqualad, but warns that they can't stop the break before they learn how it will be done. Hugo Strange calls in the two heroes and Miss Martian decides to take advantage of the situation to help Superboy deal with his issues with Superman. Superboy angrily snaps at her and Hugo congratulates them on their breakthrough.

In the laundry room, Icicle Sr. takes Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze to a chamber with some hidden parts he's had brought in. Back in the mess room, the villains watch the television and account for the location of all the Justice League members. Superboy sits with Icicle Jr., who explains that he's not interested in sitting with his father or getting his approval. Mr. Freeze provokes a fight with Icicle Sr. and the guards immediately knock him out and take him to Waller. Afterward, Icicle Sr. tells his son that there's a glitch and they can't get to Killer Frost. Superboy interevenes and claims he has a telepathic link with his sister, and offers his help. Icicle Sr. tells him to have Miss Martian tells the others that they're breaking out that night.

When Mr. Freeze is brought to Waller, he uses his powers to destroy his collar and free himself. Waller orders a lockdown and then Mr. Freeze forces her to release the control on the collars. The prisoners break out and Superboy goes to join the Icicles. Meanwhile, Killer Frost prepares to kill one of the guards and Miss Martian stops her telekinetically. She loses telepathic contact with Superboy.

In the male wing, the guards are quickly overwhelmed and locked up, and Icicle Sr. and the other ice villains focus their powers on the doors, rendering them brittle enough for the super-strong villains to break through. Icicle Sr. then sends Superboy and Icicle Jr. to break through the wall adjoining the women's wing, while Killer Frost does the same from her side.

As the temperature drops, Brick explains to the shivering prison staff that the prisoner overalls have thermal heaters built in. When he attacks Waller, Hugo Strange intervenes and suggests that he keep her as a hostage, and Brick agrees.

When Superboy is unable to reestablish contact with Miss Martian, he tells Icicle Jr. that the women prisoners have been recaptured and they need to shut down the collars. Eager to please his father, Icicle Jr.goes with Superboy to Waller's office. When the villains try to stop them, Superboy quickly knocks them out before Professor Ojo can tell Icicle Jr. where he has remembered Superboy from. Superboy reactivates the collars and Icicle Sr. realizes that he's failed. He grabs Waller and demands an explanation, but she refuses to cooperate. Hugo Strange leaps forward and knocks Icicle back.

Superboy and Icicle Jr. go back to breaking through the wall, but Mr. Freeze, Blockbuster, and Mammoth come after them. Mr. Freeze has realized that Superboy turned on the collar controls. Superboy convinces his cellmate that Mr. Freeze is making a bid for power and they attack the villains together. They manage to defeat their opponents and break through, and find Killer Frost waiting for them. She says that she's disposed of Miss Martian and that Superboy will share his face. He goes berserk and knocks the villainess out, and finds Miss Martian buried in ice. He tries to break her free, but Icicle Jr. warns that he could shatter her. Superboy reaches out to her via their telepathic link and she breaks free, explaining that she's used to the cold. As Icicle Jr. stares in surprise, Superboy kisses his "sister." Miss Martian reverts to her normal form and Icicle Jr. realizes that his father is going to kill him.

Later, Hugo Strange takes command of the prison, replacing Waller, and tells Icicle Sr. that their escape plan failed. No one got out except the Riddler. Icicle Sr. says that it's a shame they were beat but they met their main objectives and the Light should be pleased.


The Terror Twins

Tommy and Tuppence Terror first appeared in Young Justice #0, and were created by Greg Weisman, Kevin Hopps, and Mike Norton. Kid Flash and Superboy encounter them while shopping at a mall in Central City. The villains quickly flee when Superman and Flash arrive.

Icicle Jr.

The modern-era Icicle, Cameron Mahkent, first appeared in Infinity, Inc. #34 (January 1987) and was created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, and Todd McFarlane. His father, Joar, was a supervillain in the 40s who used a cold gun. Radiation from the weapon altered his DNA, giving his son Cameron an innate ability to project ice and cold.

Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller first appeared in Legends #1 (November 1986) and was created by John Ostrander, Len Wein, and John Byrne. A widow who grew up in Chicago's Cabrini-Green neighborhood, Amanda gained a doctorate in political science and then became a congressional aide. She eventually used her connections to form the Suicide Squad, an organization that put heroes and villains to work directly for the government. After using the Squad for her own aims, she was tried and convicted, but managed to negotiate a pardon and return to lead the Suicide Squad yet again. She later became the Secretary of Metahuman Affairs under Lex Luthor. As of the time this episode aired, Amanda was once again leading the Suicide Squad.

Icicle Sr.

Dr. Joar Mahkent first appeared in All-American Comics #90 (October 1947) and was created by Robert Kanigher and Irwin Hasen. Traveling from Europe, Mahkent had created a prototype ice weapon and used it to commit a series of crimes after faking his own death. Dressed in a white costume and calling himself "The Icicle," Mahkent battled the Golden Age Green Lantern and apparently fell to his death in the river. He survived and went on to build an extensive criminal career, joining the Injustice Society of the World and the Crime Champions. He eventually met his death during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, but his son Cameron his criminal legacy.

Mr. Freeze

Victor Fries first appeared in Batman #121 (February 1959) and was created by Bob Kane, David Wood, and Sheldon Moldoff. He originally fought Batman using the name "Mr. Zero," but was later renamed for the 1960s Batman series. Originally little or no origin was given for him, but when the character was used in Batman: The Animated Series, it was revealed that Fries was a molecular biologist who met a woman named Nora and fell in love. When she contracted a fatal disease, Fries uses cyrokinesis to put her in suspended animation. She was later killed by Fries' boss, tampering with the controls. Fries was exposed to the cyrokinetic preservative fluid and became unable to survive in normal temperatures. He wears a cybernetic suit that maintains his body temperature and grants him superhuman strength and armor. He also employs a "freeze gun" which lets him fire blasts of cold and ice.

Killer Frost

Somewhat confusingly, there have been two Killer Frosts in the comics. The first one, Cathy Frost, first appeared in Firestorm #3 (May 1978) and gained her powers when she locked herself in a deep freeze. She knew Firestorm in one of his secret identities and had a pathological hatred of men because of rejection. Donning what appeared to be a frozen wedding dress, she went on several rampages before dying in Fury of Firestorm #21 (March 1984). She had the ability to drain heat and shape the resulting ice and snow. Ironically, her vulnerability was to cold, not heat - she needed heat to survive and was typically defeated by being frozen.

The second Killer Frost, Dr. Louise Lincoln, who first appeared in the same issue her predecessor died in, but didn't become the new Killer Frost until #34 in April, 1985. She was Frost's assistant before her transformation, and decided to replicate the same process and gain the same powers. She succeeded, but became insane in the process. She has since plagued Firestorm and other heroes, and fought in various incarnations of the Suicide Squad,. She originally used the same wedding-dress outfit, but later went with a more functional short-shirt and hip-hugger jeans garb.

Hugo Strange

Professor Hugo Strange first appeared in Detective Comics #36 (Feb. 1940). Strange was a psychiatrist and chemist who went up against Batman, In his second appearance a month or two later, he created 10-tall man-monsters which Batman pretty brutally slaughtered in one of the Dark Knight's last portrayals as a killer-vigilante. Strange apparently fell to his death. Strange returned decades later obsessed with learning Batman's secret identity and taking it for himself. He managed to do so, but after a failed attempt to sell it to the Batman's opponents, tried to take on the Wayne identity himself. In recent years his origin was redone and he became a psychiatrist who became obsessed with the Caped Crusader while helping a police taskforce capture Batman. Since then, Strange has become a criminal mastermind employing a gang of super-criminals to take over part of Gotham City, while still trying to prove that Bruce Wayne is batman.

The Riddler

Edward Nigma first appeared in Detective Comics #140 (October 1948) and was created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang. Obsessed with riddles and puzzles, young Edward cheated to solve a puzzle and win a prize presented by a teacher. Nigma (also Nygma and Nashton, occasionally) became obsessed with riddles and decide to seek the ultimate challenge by fighting Batman. In recent years he has reformed after a head injury and now hires out his services as a private investigator the citizens of Gotham City.

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