Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 13

The Fix

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 26, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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The episode was great. I'm still on the wall about Green Beetle. The writers really could make him go either way. On one hand him being a agent of the Reach is so obvious, especially with his introduction last week and his promises to help Jamie. On the other hand it is just too coincidental for him to show up at just the right time. A 3rd alternative could be that like Red Arrow he is a sleeper agent and only thinks he has his armor under control, but that is just a repeat of last season. Blue Beetle has quickly forgotten what Bart told him about the actions they take could cause him to get on mode. Artemis is keeping it together and formulating plans on the spot to save Kaldur and Miss M while trying cope with pressures of maintaining her double life and questioning if she wants a nice normal life or thrilling heroic life. Miss M needed a little tough life to get her out of her self-loathing. Nightwing's plan had some flaws in it, but I understand why he didn't tell the team. He wanted to make sure Aqualad's "betryal" looked genuine and fool the Light. It is a very Batman like plan that makes sense given who trained him. Superboy and Lagoon's anger is als understandable, but Superboy is a freaking hypocrite though. He kept Miss M's mind rapes secret from everyone. That contributed to their current situation. Their team is filled with a bunch of rookies too. I doubt they could have all acted like Aqualad's betyral was genuine.moreless
I'm trying to work out what the Light's angle is on this. How does making a planet docile to an invasion help advance human evolution. My only thought is that the light wants people with meta-genes to fight against them and/or be the only survivors, along with the Light themselves, and non-powered members of the team and the league.
Savage and the Light may be seriously underestimating the Reach. The bad future might not be their plan, but they made their bets that the Justice League would stop the Reach's attempt to make human population docile or that people with a meta gene would evolve to overcome it and they were wrong.
Equally they could've under-estimated Blue Beetle. I'm still wondering when the Apokolips story is going to come to hold. The fact that apokoliptic tech is non-compatible with Reach tech should hold significance somewhere.
Apokilips story might be the main focus for another season. The Reach/Dark Future story might not be able to handle the Darksied plot as well this season.
In the knowledge of the show's cancellation, I hope you're wrong on that front, especially since Apokolips has been carefully interwoven in both the Light, and, to an extent (ie not compatible) the Reach plots.
Perhaps, lets hope it doesn't do what the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes did with Surtur in that case.
Am I the only one impressed by how much Superboy has changed?
Pressure gets the better of many in today's episode of Young Justice (Invasion), written by Greg Weisman, himself!

*Shortly after the events of True Colors, Artemis is contemplating the downward spiral of recent events until she soon receives a P.A. message from Black Manta to come to Kaldur's quarters...

*Upon entering, Black Manta introduces Tigress to Queen Bee's "Second-In-Command", Psimon and tells her that he is intended to help Kaldur with his predicament. Tigress says that's good news, but her mind says otherwise...

*Uh Tigress, thinking about your big secret with a psychic standing less then a few feet from you is not a smart move...

*Psimon says he needs a moment to mentally prepare himself before he ventures into Kaldur's shattered mind. Before heading to his main office, Black Manta instructs Tigress to stay with Psimon to make sure all goes well. He also adds that he could tell Kaldur cared a great deal for her and respects her for her actions, adding that he ensures that the "Martian Witch" will pay for the harm she caused both of them. Yep, definitely an "affably evil" villain.

*At the S.T.A.R. Labs in Taos, Nightwing requests Miss Martian to have a telepathic "heart to heart" with Green Beetle to confirm that he is a good guy. In light of what happened to Kaldur, of course, Miss Martian is reluctant to do so. Green Beetle assures her that he is giving her permission to enter his mind and is OK with this "heart to heart".

*Starting the psychic conversation, Green Beetle learns of Miss Martian's White Martian identity, though he shows no prejudice or hostility towards her. The Martian Scarab Holder notices she is still reluctant to go through with their "conversation", so he voluntarily shows her what he has to "say"...

*Miss Martian says that Green Beetle is a good guy, but it would be understandable if others are still skeptical of his sincerity...

*After some "telepathic warm ups", Psimon says he is now prepared to enter Kaldur's mind. But Tigress quickly shoots a small tranquilizer dart at him...

*Psimon notices and sympathizes that Miss Martian "did a number on [him]". Soon after, he starts to feel uncoordinated and can't focus! He figures out Tigress did it and starts to telepathically throw her around and try to probe her mind!

*From his office, Black Manta sees Psimon's attack on Tigress through security camera and rushes there!

*Psimon figures out that Tigress is Artemis and that she used a dart that her dad made! Apparently, this dart simulates a catatonic state for weeks! Psimon taunts her for not knowing how long it will take for full effect...but luckily, he passes out shortly after!

*Black Manta soon enters asking what has happened. Tigress says he just started to attack her for "no reason". She "theorizes" that Miss Martian left a "telepathic virus" in Kaldur's mind. Black Manta laments how Kaldur can't be saved, but Artemis says there is one telepath that can still fix him...Miss Martian, herself!

*Black Manta agrees that she is their best chance, but worries about Tigress facing her alone. Tigress offers to have a troop of soldiers accompany her, but Black Manta says she'll need a more experienced ally and decides that said ally will be...the Light's newest enforcer, Deathstroke!

*That commercial for the Reach drink was a Crowning Moment of Funny!

*Green Beetle explains to the group at Taos' S.T.A.R. Lab that the additive in the Reach made beverages make whoever drinks it docile over time...including to the point where there would be no resistance to a Reach invasion!

*Nightwing says this information matches what Flash and Atom found out about the additive. Green Beatle realizes that they are still skeptical of him, but understands and does say it is a wise decision.

*When asked if they should go public about their discovery, Nightwing says he'll let Captain Atom know, but mentions that the public is too untrusting of the Justice League no thanks to the Reach Ambassador's actions in Cornered.

*Before the group departs, Nightwing asks if Green Beatle has a place to stay. Green Beetle assures him he will blend in with society and shape shifts into a human identity. Lagoon Boy wishes to talk to Miss Martian, who assures him they'll talk at her "uncle's" apartment...

*After exiting a Zeta Tube in Chicago, Lagoon Boy grows impatient and demands to know why Miss Martian is acting so introversive and becomes paranoid of what she is doing with Superboy. Miss Martian assures her boyfriend that it's not what he thinks and he responds with a request that she let him in...

*Their moment soon gets interrupted by the arrival of Tigress and Deathstroke, who finally talks (though I am not sure who is voicing him)! Who ever he is, he's no Ron Perlman, but he still does a great job all the same.

*Telepathically, Tigress tells Miss Martian that she is "kidnapping" her with the intent of having her fix Kaldur's mind so the Light doesn't find out his and her undercover status, adding that they have to "make it look good" so that neither Deathstroke or Lagoon Boy grow suspicious.

*Lagoon Boy contacts his teammates for help, Deathstroke responds with complaints that he now can't savor the moment and proceeds to give the Atlantean a severe pounding! Gotta admit, Deathsroke is quite the "snark knight"!

*Eventually, Deathstroke manages to subdue and taze Miss Martian into unconsciousness! Nightwing and Superboy arrive, but only with enough time to see the Manta Ship retreat!

*Miss Martian awakens to the presence of Black Manta and Tigress aboard the former's main ship. Black Manta makes himself clear that the only reason he lets her live is so she can undo the damage she did to his son. He explains that she is wearing a collar that restricts her Martian abilities. They will allow her use of her telepathy to fix Kaldur, but he warns her that Deathstroke is watching from a distance safe from her powers and will shock her with the collar if she doesn't cooperate. He concludes that he will watch through security camera in his office and Tigress will be present in the room.

*Once the recent Light Member leaves, Tigress telepathically urges Miss Martian to begin so that the three of them can figure out what to do from there. Miss Martian admits that fixing a mind is much harder then destroying one and is not very confident in herself. Tigress decides to accompany her to ensure the well being of both Kaldur and Miss Martian. Although the female Martian is reluctant at first, she eventually agrees.

*Kaldur's shattered mind is personified as a collapsed and ruined version of Atlantis. Artemis thinks she's drowning, but Miss Martian quickly tells her that it's only an illusion and she can't give in to it or else she too will be doomed! Artemis quickly regains her composure and the two female heroes set out to find where to start...

*Suddenly, they are quickly ambushed by a mental replica of Aqua Girl! Miss Martian doesn't seem to be following her own advice as she is taking and feeling the attacks of "Aqua Girl"!

*Back at Taos, the two "Beatles" begin to talk. Picking up where he left off at the end of True Colors, Green Beatle mentions how he can help Blue Beatle with his fears of the Scarab by using his telepathy on it, much like he did for his own. Blue Beatle jumps at the chance, but Green Beatle becomes reluctant as he is unsure if his "indirect approach" will work. Blue Beatle responds by reaffirming that he do whatever it takes.

*Having gotten a better look at Green Beatle in this episode, I think that he truly means well and has sincerely good intentions, he just might not be aware of potential drawbacks. I don't get the impression that he is a bad guy after seeing him in action this episode.

*At a hospital, Lagoon Boy is fearful of Miss Martian's safety and starts to accuse Superboy of hating her in his blind rage! Superboy retaliates that Lagoon Boy doesn't know how he feels, while Nightwing sadly watches...

*Reluctantly, Nightwing reveals to the two that Kaldur is not a traitor and that Artemis is Tigress! Lagoon Boy is furious about this lamenting how he mourned Artemis and what to tear Kaldur limb from limb! Superboy calms him by saying Nightwing must have had a good reason for withholding this information; the two veteran team member then leave the wounded Atlantean's room to cool off.

*Nightwing starts to thank Superboy for backing him up, but the Kryptonian-Human hybrid clone immediately chews Nightwing out for the secret and reveals Miss Martian told him what she did in Before The Dawn, thus revealing to Nightwing that Kaldur's mind is fried!

*Superboy is being such a hypocrite by lashing out at Nightwing for "not sharing" when he, himself, is guilty of "not sharing" the fact that Miss Martian had been abusing her powers. He's really in no position to blame Nightwing for everything bad that could happen to their three friends when he and Miss Martian have their share of fault in the matter, as well. But I suppose people don't think clearly when they are blinded by anger.

*Back in Kaldur's mind, Artemis takes charge in figuring out what to do while Miss Martian's depression gets the better of her. She soon finds a representation of Kaldur himself...but with no face!

*Speaking in Atlantean, "Kaldur" seems to be depressed himself and thinking he is alone! With the little Atlantean she knows, Artemis manages to convince "Kaldur" that he is not alone (his face also returns)!

*Artemis manages to make the Aquagirl illusion vanish and snaps Miss Martian out of her funk by telling her she can blame herself later, but can now start to fix her mistake. The whole moment was a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Artemis staying on top of things despite the pressure she's under and a Crowning Moment of Heart Warming for showing how they are not alone in this!

*After Artemis' encouraging words, Miss Martian begins the process of healing Kaldur's mind!

*Tigress is soon snapped back to reality by a concerned Black Manta! She says she was lost in her thoughts feeling like it has been hours, Black Manta confirms that it really has been hours! He warns Miss Martian that she better not be stalling...but then shows relief when Kaldur is able to say "Father?"!

*Miss Martian explains that Kaldur is not whole yet and that it could take weeks to finish. Black Manta actually takes this rather well and even praises her for "making progress". Like I said before, definitely an "affable evil" villain.

*Black Manta asks to speak with Tigress outside the room for a quick moment. He tells her that he has noticed Miss Martian has been "surprisingly cooperative". When Tigress asks if they should spare her for her cooperation, the Light member responds that the Martian should be eliminated once she's done...

*It makes sense that Kaldur's healing process wouldn't be done in one episode, but it is good to see that something is going well for our heroes in these dark times. But of course, it still isn't going to be easy as we don't know exactly when Psimon regains conscious and the fact that Sportsmaster & Cheshire are planning to take their revenge is going to severely complicate things further! Looks like we're still going to have to sit tight before we see the end results!

*The episode ends with Impulse noticing Green Beatle doing something to Blue Beatle's back. He is quick to getting defensive and jump at the Martian Scarab Holder, but Blue Beatle reassures the future speedster that Green Beatle was helping him. He thanks Green Beatle as he can no longer hear the Scarab! Whatever consequences (good or bad) this will have will have to wait until future episodes...

Another awesome episode! I definitely liked this one better then Cornered and True Colors! Deathstorke has made a strong "proper" introduction and is a great addition to the rogues gallery! Green Beatle has made a good impression for me and I don't see him as evil. Artemis really handled things well despite the pressure she's under and keeping a cool head, which is a great help for the heroes! It's also good to see the first steps to Kaldur's healing have begun! Looking forward to what the next episode holds for us!moreless
'Beatle' as in the band, 'Beetle' as in the bug. Enjoyed reading your review though.
Ah, I see. I was thrown off by seeing both spellings used in other talkbacks and other websites, which threw me off; good to know for future. Always good to hear the commentary is being enjoyed by others!
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