Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 17

The Hunt

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 23, 2013 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

On Warworld, the Justice League establishes a perimeter around the key chamber. Meanwhile, on Earth at the Reach base, the Scientist speaks with Black Beetle, who is unhappy that the aliens won't launch an attack on Warworld to take the station. The Scientist assures her ally that the Ambassador is handling things and that, despite the loss of much of their fleet, Earth's heroes lost a great deal more. She does admit that there is one loose end, and Black Beetle tells her that his men are handling it.

On Warworld, Arsenal tries to escape the Reach assault squad on his trail. When he calls Watchtower, he gets no response.

On Earth at the UN, the Reach Ambassador holds a press conference alongside Blue Beetle, lauding the hero as a merger of human will and Reach technology. The crowd cheers as the Ambassador talks about the shared future of the two races. A child comes up for the question & answer and asks why the Justice League didn't stop Warworld. The Ambassador empha that the League attracts alien threats and yet can't handle them, and tells the people of Earth that The Reach will maintain Warworld for them until they are ready to take it.

In Taos, the four Reach test subjects skateboard down the streets, destroying Reach drink outlets and publicity signs. When they return to their apartment and complain about how Blue Beetle is now a Reach puppet, Lex Luthor contacts them on the phone and tells them that he can provide them with a way to hurt The Reach.

Nightwing and Miss Martian fly up into orbit aboard the bioship, trying to find a trace of their missing teammates in the area around the orbiting Warworld. When Nightwing worries that Miss Martian is straining herself after her recent abduction, she assures her that he's fine and they fly to the hanger where the assault team was last seen.

On Warworld, Arsenal finds a control panel and tries to contact the League. Reach soldiers attack him and he fights back, panicking at the thought of being recaptured.

Back at their apartment, Virgil and others listen on their laptop as Luthor explains that he has sent them a Father Box so that they can teleport onto Warworld and find Superboy by tracing his Kryptonian DNA. Once they locate Superboy and the others the team can rescue them. Virgil concedes that they are the only ones who have a chance thanks to the element of surprise, and Sam activates the Father Box. The group teleports onto Warworld but are immediately discovered by a Reach attack team. Virgil surrenders but only so he can lure them in close enough to attack. When reinforcements arrive, the team is forced to retreat.

Arsenal powers up his cybernetic weapon-arm using Warworld's energy conduits and then hears the runaways coming his way. He watches as they defeat their pursuers and then home in on Superboy's DNA, and follows them as they go to search for the Kryptonian.

At the hanger, Nightwing scans the area while blaming himself for overlooking the clues that proved that Blue Beetle was defecting to The Reach. Miss Martian blames herself, saying that she didn't scan Green Beetle's mind thoroughly enough and he was able to subvert their teammate. She explains that she was reluctant to use her full telepathic abilities after what she inadvertently did to Aqualad, and Nightwing blames himself for putting her into that position in the first place. Miss Martian finally says that nothing will be accomplished by blaming themselves and they have to focus on the present. As they talk, Sphere finds them and offers to take them to their captured friends.

On Earth, the Ambassador is preparing for an interview with G. Gordon Godfrey when the Ambassador calls to tell him that their test subjects are loose on Warworld. He tells her to let Black Beetle deal with them and then joins Godfrey in the studio.

Virgil and his team find the prisoners in stasis cells and prepare to free them. Black Beetle arrives and invites them to attack him. He easily takes out Tye in his giant astral form and disposes of Sam and Virgil. Eduardo teleports away and as Black Beetle goes after him, Arsenal slips into the chamber and attacks the villain, knocking him off-balance. He then seals the chamber so that the Reach soldiers can't intervene, and tosses a weapon to Eduardo.

On the talk show, the Ambassador talks about The Reach's desire for intergalactic brotherhood. However, Godfrey demands to know why The Reach lied to them about their fleet, running video of how the Ambassador claimed that they only had one unarmed diplomatic ship. The Ambassador is shocked speechless at the sudden turnabout as Godfrey asks what else The Reach is hiding from them.

Arsenal and Eduardo manage to knock Black Beetle off balance until Virgil, Sam, and Tye recover and renew their attack. However, while The Reach is distracted, The Light council sends Deathstroke to Warworld to recover the key from where The Reach soldiers are guarding it after Blue Beetle took it. The enforced easily defeats them and takes the control crystal.

While Eduardo and the others keep Black Beetle distracted, Arsenal blasts open Mongul's containment chamber. Recognizing Black Beetle as a Reach operative, Mongul attacks him just as Arsenal intended. He and his new allies free the captive heroes and then Arsenal goes to get their equipment.

As Black Beetle and Mongol fight, the heroes get out through the chamber door. Nightwing and Miss Martian ware waiting for them, having disposed of The Reach assault squad. As they head for the bioship, Nightwing admits that Virgil and the others have proven themselves and there may be a place for them with Young Justice. When they get to the bioship, Arsenal tries to talk about Blue Beetle's betrayal. However, Bumblebee reminds him that he was the one who get them captured when he panicked in the hanger. Nightwing brusquely tells Arsenal that when they get back to Earth, he's off the team because he's a rogue element. Angry at Nightwing for dismissing the hero who saved them, the runaways say that they don't need Young Justice and invite Arsenal to come with them. He agrees and they all teleport away using Father Box.

When the runaways return to their apartment in Taos, Luthor congratulates them, and Arsenal is shocked to see who sponsors them. He points out that Luthor and The Light were the ones who imprisoned him for eight years and took his right arm. Arsenal realizes that Luthor used the group as a distraction so that his operative could steal the control crystal. Luthor admits that he's right but points out that he gave them everything that he promised. Despite that, the runaways destroy the laptop and Father Box and leave town to make their own path.