Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 12

True Colors

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 19, 2013 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

A microscopic Atom and Bumblebee enter Jaime's body and go to the location where the scarab has entered the teenager's body. When they try to cut the scarab free, it releases antibodies that swarm the two heroes, forcing them to retreat and request extraction. While some of the antibodies repair the damage to the scarab, the others attack the heroes and they escape just in time. Outside, the Atom warns Jaime that the scarab can't be removed without killing him.

At the warehouse base, the team watches as G. Gordon Godfrey continues to speak out against the Justice League. The columnist then continues his campaign of praising The Reach, talking about how they're working with LexCorp to develop new means of food production for a starving world. Nightwing tells Alpha Team that they will go to a farm undercover and get a few samples for analysis. Robin will lead the team and take Blue Beetle, Impulse, and Arsenal with them. When Blue Beetle objects, Night wing points out that his scarab is the best weapon they might have against The Reach. Arsenal suggests that they meet at Watchtower instead of the warehouse since Watchtower's secrecy has been compromised, but Nightwing says that only senior members are allowed there.

The four heroes go to the farm in Smallville and enter posing as part of a tourist group. Tour guide Sharon Vance assures local farmer Jonathan Kent that The Reach will provide their farming technology to everyone, making sure that small farmers don't lose their lands. As the heroes secretly takes samples, Robin notices some tubes nearby and asks what they are. Sharon explains that they transfer nutrients into the farmlands. As the tour group moves on, the team slips into the bathroom to hide.

Sportsmaster meets with the Council of the Light and asks for compensation for the death of his daughter, Artemis. Luthor offers money but Sportsmaster says that it would ruin his reputation if he took a payoff. He demands Aqualad's life in return for the life of his daughter, but Black Manta angrily refuses and Vandal Savage supports him. Sportsmaster attacks Black Manta instead but the Council's new enforcer, Deathstroke, spots him. When Savage admits that they took the precaution of replacing Sportsmaster, Sportsmaster reveals his own precaution: an explosive charge on hidden on the wall. He makes his escape in a helicopter piloted by his other daughter, Cheshire, and explains that now that the Council refuses to give him revenge, he's justified in taking it himself.

That night, the four heroes slip out of the bathroom after everyone apparently leaves. After jamming the cameras, they find the lab where The Reach scientists are working. The heroes confirm that the scientists are putting an alien additive into the food and Robin steals a sample. However, as they try to slip out quietly, Arsenal reveals that he planted an explosive charge in the lab. It goes off and Arsenal says that he had no intention of letting Luthor and his alien allies poison the world.

Luthor is in his office and gets word of the explosion. He switches the cameras to backups and spots the heroes, and assures his assistant Mercy that they'll be dealt with.

At the hydroponic farm, Black Beetle arrives and attacks the four heroes. Only Arsenal's laser, mounted in his prosthetic armor, has any affect whatsoever on the villain, briefly cutting through the scarab armor before it regenerates. When Robin wonders why Blue Beetle's weaponry isn't effective, Jaime explains that it only worked in their last battle because he gave the scarab full control. He refuses to do that for fear that it will fulfill the prophecy that he conquers Earth on behalf of The Reach.

Black Manta returns to his sub with two visitors: Vandal Savage and Psimon. They check on Aqualad, still comatose from Miss Martian's telepathic attack, and Black Manta vows revenge. Vandal assures his teammate that he will get his vengeance but for now they have to restore Aqualad's mind. Psimon will go through Aqualad's mind, read every thought and memory and learn every secret he has, and put it back together.

The team manages to blast a hole in the farm wall and escape. As they flee through the cornfield, Black Beetle blocks their escape and another figure lands nearby: an armored figure in green, similar to the two Beetles. None of them know who the new "Green Beetle" is and are surprised when he attacks Black Beetle instead of them. As Green Beetle shapeshifts and uses mental powers, Robin realizes that the newcomer is a Martian. They join the fight but Black Beetle is still too powerful for them. Green Beetle tells Blue Beetle to set his sonic cannon to a particular frequency and join fire with him. The interlocking sound waves stun Black Beetle and Green Beetle telekinetically flies they group away before their opponent can recover.

The heroes go to the Kent farm in Smallville where Conner's adoptive farmer invites them in so they don't have to take Green Beetle back to the warehouse. Nightwing arrives and Green Beetle explains that he is an archaeologist, B'ars O'ohm of Mars. He found another of the Reach scarabs in the ruins on Mars, but it was unable to bind with him because of his unique physiology. B'ars explains that the Reach sends scarabs to worlds that they plan to invade. The scarabs attach themselves to locals, subvert them, and use them as weapons to conquer the planets for The Reach. Jaime's scarab malfunctioned, giving him control over it. While Robin gives Nightwing the sample, Green Beetle tells Black Beetle that he can telepathically sense his fear of the scarab. The Martian tells Jaime that he knows of a way to remove it without killing it.

Luthor and Vandal survey the damage to the hydroponic damage but confirm that the section producing an energy drink was undiscovered. The energy drink is still being distributed exactly as planned, with the contents that The Reach placed in it. Luthor admits that the undercover team was effective, and suggests that they create one of their own using The Reach's experimental teenage subjects.