Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 25

Usual Suspects

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 14, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Wasn't Expecting That

    Wasn't Expecting that Red Arrow was the mole. The Creators pulled a fast one over us. Must of been reading these forums and been like o lets not make the mole a usual suspect but a unusual suspect. Awesome episode and the only thing i didn't like about it was the new black chick. Not necessarily her but her voice just pisses me off. Not trying to be Raciest but i can't stand when black people talk like her. Not only that but her dumb ass comments just wanted me to be like "No Shit." When they were talking about the mug shot of chesire.
  • Real Good Episode

    This is something, the team gets a new member who is Rocket. The team than goes to their mission to retrieve the brief case from Cheshire which they get attack only for the team to beat them. When Batman takes the brief case to the Watch Tower, Superboy gets a telepath message from Lex Luthor to come and get more marks. Superboy realize that he could not keeps this secret from his team, so he tells them that he has meant Lex Luther who gave him the marks and he is the half clone of Superman and Lex Luthor. With this told, Artemis decided to tell them that her mother is the retired Huntress, her father is Sports Master, and her sister is Cheshire. Kid Flash than asks who's next, which Miss Martian than reveals her real form as a white martian and she tells them that she thought they wouldn't accept her for what is and how Superboy would hate her, but it turns out that Superboy knew of her true form back in episode nine and still accept her not because of her true form, but her kindness of what she is. With this, the team came up with a plan to surprise Lex Luthor and his allies to make them think that Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis come to give them information only to ambush them as the team took out most of the villains except Lex Luthor, Queen Bee, and Cheshire had escape. The team thought that this is indeed a good day, only for the joke to be on them because the brief case has these control things that controls the Justice League and the mole turned out Red Arrow and he was mind control, and with that Vandal Savage has beam up to the Watch Tower to begin for everyone to see the light.
  • Woo. This episode was just full of surprises.

    I loved this episode and the way they slowly revealed things. The choices for new JL members were interesting, plus I like Rocket as a character edition to the YJ team.Then seeing each of the traitor suspects suddenly appear at the villain meeting made my eyes bug out. The flashback to clarify that the secrest were all bravely revealed and the betrayal was a ploy to get one over on the baddies trying to manipulate/blackmail the teammates was clever and I really loved that Cheshire helped out Atrtemis. As a big sister I was saddened by the lack of sisterly love there so to see they still care for each other was a good touch. And then Bam...Red Arrow is revealed to be the traitor (albeit unknowingly) and now the adult JL is in trouble thanks to Vandal Savage. Plus my fave thing is that nobody ever evr considered either Robin or Wally as traitors because they are so awesome and trustworthy. Really, like its impossible to imagine that KF has even one iota of evil in his body. He's such a genuinely nice guy and so trustworthy. Ah..overall, this was a great episode to a great first season and I look forward to more. YJ is love!
  • Now that was a surprise!!! :-O

    Definitly did not see that one coming! I thought for sure they were going to use Megan for something and Artimis was going to get caught or come clean or Superboy was gonna destroy everyone. Very well done!!! :-D and a great season finale!!

    Season 2 is gonna kick ass!!! Vandal Savage and Darksied!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! :-OOOO