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Young Justice

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 09, 2013 on Cartoon Network

Episode Fan Reviews (2)

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  • AWSOME!!

    This episode rocked! We finaly see how the rest of the league is doing on Rimbor, and it doesn't look good. OMG Mongul!! That was cool as hell how they gave him his own "Death Star"!! Obviously Savage thought that the Reach was starting to get too powerful and he was actualy able to USE Mongul to knock them down a peg! I just hope he hasn't made contact with Darksied!! It sucks that Blue Beetle betrayed everyone, I hope he is able to overcome the Scarib and regain control! Very good episode!! Keep'em coming!! :-)
  • Death Star

    This is kinda a typical threat from space story but it's a good one. Not much to really say, I did like the fact that Mongul entered the picture was cool, he's a soild rogue in the DC universe because of how cold, calculting, and intimdating he is. What makes him truely intimidating is the fact he's conquered worlds alone with his own smarts, the only word to say to that is wow. He also can easily make you a little nevious because he is controling his own personal Death Star with just his mind, whatever plan he cooks up in his mind that Death Star will do it. And final fact, Mongul is voiced by Keith David which is cool since he's one of my favorate actors; the role fit him like a glove that one really added to the menace.

    As usual there is some good action, from the aeiral action outside down to the interior action. I liked that fight with Superboy, Wonder Girl, and Arsonal against Mongul which was a decent battle, and they were just getting their butts kicked by Mongul, I felt it just goes to show Mongul doen't just use weapons but that he himself is a weapon.

    And of coruse I liked that little drama with both Guardian and Hornet, I liked the fact that Guardian was expressing some frustration toward her just so she can talk to him. I felt this needed to happen because the dirrection their relationship was going wasn't good, and they needed to have a talk down about it. There was a really touching scene when Guardian was willing to let her go because he felt he was holding her back from greater things. But Hornet didn't want him to leave, she realized she really wasn't being completely fair to him, she shouldn't of taken him for granted. And well you can guess the ending.

    There was also another little moment I liked when Wonder Girl kisses Arsonal on the cheek, I wouldn't mind if those to hooked up. We can use some new blood in the romance department let alone I'd like to see more screen time with both of them if possible.

    But of course we then see at the last moment Blue Bettle turns on all of Young Justice and he gets the crystal. And this point I'm worried because there are only two options in dealing with Blue Bettle either find a way to reactive Hermie's concious again. The second is one I hope no one will ever have to resort to, kill him.

    Like in all wars, when one battle ends another always begins.
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