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Young Justice takes on The Reach in final battle and discovers that victory may cost them everything.

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Mar 22, 2014
Superboy as voice of Cornelius Raibon based on dc comics 90's adventures of superman from 1993 superboy 1994 the death and return of superman the new teen Titans adventures of superboy and robin based on Michael turner teen titians too bad young justice got cancelled don't worry
Apr 07, 2013
Well, they finally reveal the J. Gordon Godfrey = Glorious Godfrey from Apocalypse. And though Darkseid has Warworld, the original New Gods comics had such huge planet smashers already depicted as being part of the Apoc fleet. Oh well, who really remembers reading those old comics, eh? Wally probably isn't dead. They used to use the super treadmill back in the 60s comics for The Flash to do time travelling adventures. So, Kid Flash is probably in the future with the Legion of Superheroes. Would have made for a great story arc or a spin off series but that will never be, alas. Sorry to see the show go as well. With the demise of Green Lantern and Clone Wars as well, there is little to watch on CN for us "older kids". But the suits at CN know better I guess.moreless
Mar 18, 2013
I still enjoyed the episode, but it would have been great with better action scenes, but due to the shrt time they had it was noticable why. I was glad to see that Cassie had some speaking parts this episode, but was surprised to see her and Tim hook up especially after she kissed Arsenal a few episodes back. It was an interesting way to end the season, but it wasn't a good way to end the series. It left bigger cliffhangars than Teen Titan's ending even though this one was unexpected. Now we know why Godfrey treated the team and the League the way he did. And like Raziel said, Wally's death was surprising. But I think they planned t have him in the Speed Force trying to get back to Earth in season three. We'll never know now. I originally thought that this would be them killing the Flash so that Wally could come into that role. I didn't want to see M'gaan and Superboy getting back together, but alas they are/will. I'm glad that Static joined the team. That was one of the major pluses to the episode.moreless
Mar 17, 2013
Good episode. Was a little disappointing that it cancelled on such an amazing cliffhanger.
Mar 16, 2013
The "Reach Saga" comes to a conclusion in the grand-scaled Season 2/Invasion Finale!

*We begin this episode on June 20th on Rimbor, where the 6 Justice League Members are deemed guilty! Superboy, Miss Martin and Adam Strange arrive to show prove of the members being framed by the Light...but Icon sadly says they are too late!

*Back on Earth, Black Beetle and the Reach Scientist discuss their new plans to destroy Earth in light of their crippled position...right when Aqualad, Blue Beetle and Green Beetle appear to stop them! Wow, the heroes got there much faster then I expected! In any case, the Reach Scientist is quickly disposed of, leaving Black Beetle as the "Final Boss Battle"!

*Looks like the Rimbor Court did end up hearing this new evidence, after all! Unfortunately, they are still pretty stubborn about letting the Justice League members be free. Miss Martian and Superboy then bring up how showing an act of fair justice could bring other cases to this court. This seems to get the Rimbor Court's attention...

*Back on Earth, Black Beetle continues his battle against the Trio of heroes! Blue Beetle is soon the last of the heroes standing, but that could soon change as Black Beetle intends to use his Scarab to destroy Jaime's Scarab and Jamie, himself!

*But that won't come to pass as the Blue Beetle Scarab manages to over power the Black Beetle Scarab! The Scarab admitting how it and Jaime now share control instead of fighting for it and have now become friends was a Crowning Moment of Heart Warming! I must admit, I'm surprised at how quickly Black Beetle was defeated, though it makes sense that Blue Beetle would be the one to defeat him and Blue Beetle's expression after beating him suggests this is far from over...

*Case in point, Blue Beetle worriedly tells Aqualad that Black Beetle was able to successfully kick start his "Destroy Earth Plan"!

*At the Watch Tower, Blue Beetle gives the full briefing of what he learned from Black Beetle to Captain Atom. Essentially, many bombs have been scattered throughout the planet and all of 'em going off is overkill, which is especially bad news for Earth! As if that wasn't bad enough, Black Beetle had no failsafes installed, thus there is no known way to stop the Reach Bombs! Suddenly, the heroes get a call from Tseng...

*Only to learn that the caller is actually Lex Luthor, who says Tseng was kind enough to let him use this calling frequency! Understandably, the heroes are not happy to see him and point out how he and the rest of the Light played a part in this catastrophe. Luthor doesn't deny this, but mentions how they should know that the Light had planned to backstab the Reach from the beginning, anyway. He uses this to get to his main point, which is the fact that the Light have made Anti-Reach Software to counter Reach technology meaning Earth has a chance to be saved!

*Back on Rimbor, the heroes there await a revised response with the new points brought up. Miss Martian takes the waiting time to apologize to Superboy for the mistakes she had made and says she is happy for him being in a relationship with Wendy...only for Superboy to become confused. He reveals that Wendy has actually hooked up with Marvin and he was invited by both of them to come as a "buffer". Miss Martian is happy to hear, but tries to downplay it by saying it's nice of him to help them out.

*The Rimbor Court returns and have decided that the 6 Justice League members should be freed! Icon complements the younger heroes for their help and they mention how they need to get back to Earth quickly! Icon assures them that he and the others can handle things from here and that they can return to Earth now!

*Outside the United Nations, Lex Luthor explains how to use the Anti-Reach Software devices against the Reach Bombs to the many heroes present. Wonder Girl asks Robin if they should really trust Luthor, the current Boy Wonder brings up how Earth is also Luthor's home and he would want to protect it as much as any other Earthlings. With that, the heroes split up to take care of the Reach Bombs!

*We return to the Justice League members on Rimbor, who are happy to have their names cleared! The planet soon receives a message from Vandal Savage who warns the planet's inhabits to not even think of ever invading Earth or they will regret it. Superman wonders how Savage can back up this warning, to which Batman notices and points out the sight of War World!

*Among the many missions, we get to see the "Battle Couple" of Kid Flash and Artemis taking care of a Reach Bomb in Paris, France! Kid Flash telling Artemis how they should come back to Paris during a more peaceful time and sharing a kiss was a Crowning Moment of Heart Warming!

*Another mission is shown in some sewers where Black Lightning and Virgil team up to take care of that location's Reach Bomb! Virgil seems to have cooled down since The Hunt and we get to hear Black Lightning talk for the first time! Once they finish, Black Lightning offers Virgil a chance to be mentored by him and Virgil responds with a smile...

*Eventually, it looks as though all the Reach Bombs are disposed of...only for the heroes to learn that one more remains in an arctic cave! Flash and Impulse speed to this recently discovered location...only to find out the bomb has already activated and their device will now do jack squat!

*The Speedster Duo soon learn that they can kill off its energy by running around it fast enough, but it doesn't seem to be quite enough! Watching from the Watch Tower, Artemis notices Kid Flash leaving via Zeta Tube...

*Yep, Kid Flash has joined his extended family in killing of the bomb's energy! As Kid Flash points out, he may not be as fast as the two Allens, but his added speed is still helping all the same!

*The rest of the Young Justice Team arrive and are happy to see the plan working! Unfortunately, the Scarab informs Jaime that the residual energy of the bomb is hitting Kid Flash!

*Flash soon notices this and tries to tell Impulse that they should slow down so Kid Flash won't get the bulk of it. But alas...Kid Flash vanishes, but not before telling his uncle to tell Artemis he loves her!

*Woah, they actually killed off on of the team's founding members! The theory that many had that Barry would still meet his demise this season didn't end up happening after all! I have admitted before that Kid Flash has been my least favorite among the "Initial 6", but this episode gives me some level of respect for him, much like Coldhearted did for me earlier. Kid Flash's noble heroic sacrifice is, indeed, a Tearjerker...

*Wally's sacrifice was not a vain one, one at least, as the bomb is deactivated! The heroes congratulate the speedsters, but Artemis notices her boyfriend's absence. Barry sadly delivers his nephew's final message to Artemis, who understandably cries. The rest of the heroes soon follow suit in mourning their falling friend...

*Later that night, the Justice League members who have been on Rimbor have finally returned! Upon seeing the destroyed Mount Justice, they wonder if they are too late...only for the Young Justice Team to fly down and greet them, much like what the League did back in Independence Day and Happy New Year!

*We then skip ahead to the 4th of July, where Cad Grant reports this year's Independence Day is especially notable as Earth is free from a Reach Invasion! We see the Green Lanterns escorting the remainder of the Reach forces to the Guardians of Oa to stand trial for their crimes!

*At the Watch Tower, Aqualad tries to convince Nightwing not to quit the heroics! Nightwing assures his friend he isn't quitting, just "taking a leave of absence" to clear his head after the death of his best friend. Aqualad understands and wishes his friend gets some much needed rest.

*Several of the heroes are continuing to watch the news report as it mentions that Tseng has stepped down from his position at the United Nations...and Lex Luthor has taken the spot now! Superman's reaction says it all (not to mention kinda funny)!

*The Memorial to the fallen heroes has been moved to the Watch Tower and Kid Flash's statue has joined them...with Impulse as the new Kid Flash standing in front of it to pay his respects. I got to admit, I'm surprised they haven't found away to send Bart back to his own era, it's gonna be pretty weird when 2 Bart Allens are around at the same time!

*Artemis comes to join Bart and help comfort him for their mutual loss; it was heart warming how she assured him he was not a "fraud Kid Flash". Bart soon notices Artemis is wearing her Tigress costume, she admits she chose this identity for "distance reasons".

*The Young Justice Team also welcomes its newest member...Virgil Hawkins, who has finally dubbed himself by his hero name, Static! He admits he has no idea what happened to Arsenal, mentioning only of his "lone wolf attitude", as well as adding that the other 3 Runaways have decided to "retire". None the less, Static is excited and honored to help out in protecting the world!

*Superboy soon notices that Wonder Girl and Robin have hooked up and asks himself when that happened. Miss Martian answers him by saying Kid Flash's death prompted Wonder Girl to kiss Robin in light of how "life can be short". Hearing this convinces Superboy to take action, namely hooking up with Miss Martian! Many will probably see this as a Crowning Moment of Heart Warming, I know Beast Boy sure does!

*Batman soon announces that the Justice League and the Young Justice Team will be working side-by-side in a much closer manner now, most likely because the public now knows of the the latter! Captain Atom also hands the position of leadership of the League to Black Canary! Aqualad proceeds to instruct the young heroes on the different missions they are needed for as Nightwing takes his leave...

*But the episode isn't done quite yet, for we see War World heading to Apokolips! Vandal Savage and Godfrey are greeted by Desaad in a throne room and the former walks up to a shadowy figure looking over the planet on a balcony. Of course, this figure is revealed to be none other then Apokolips' "lord and master", Darksied, making his long awaited appearance on Young Justice!

*The episode and Season concludes with the Apokolips Ruler and the Light's Founder shaking hands as the latter says, "All in good business."...

Yet another awesome episode! This one also takes a position in my list of Top 5 Favorite Season 2/Invasion Episodes! I admit to being on the edge of my seat quite a few times! It was satisfying to see the Reach completely defeated, especially Black Beetle for all the grief he's caused them! Likewise, it's good to see the accused Justice League members back home again! It was truly sad to see Kid Flash die, but at least he went out saving the world! I felt it was a satisfying ending to the Season, it may have been a "Bitter Sweet Ending", but the good guys still got a legitimate victory over the villains and it still wrapped up the plot-lines of this specific Season nicely, leaving a hook with Darksied's appearance! Overall, I'm not sure which Season I liked better or if I liked both equally for different reasons.

It is, indeed, sad that Young Justice has come to an end, it would have been nice to see this show's version of the "Darksied Saga". On the plus side, we still got 46 episodes, 26 tie-in comic issues and an upcoming video game; that's a much better deal then what The Spectacular Spider-Man got and I for one am grateful for what we did get from Earth-16's tales! I plan on getting Volume 3 (Creature Features) of the tie-in comics, as well as the trade paperback collection of the Invasion 6 Parter and the video game when they are eventually released! Even if no new episodes are being made, the idea of a direct-to-DVD movie or another video game (if the upcoming one does well) still seem in the realm of possible, at least. All we can do is wait and see, I suppose.moreless
Mar 16, 2013
The episode was kind of average for me and sort of rushed. It just didn't feel as climactic or grand as the first season finale. Of course the episode had great parts. Wally's sacrifice was shocking. I was expecting Barry was going to sacrifice himself, but this one was more surprising and had impact. Lex and the Light saving the Earth was just to get Luthor in a position of power. I hate this show was cancelled with the way it setup the Darksied story it has been building up since season 1. I would have liked to see that play out. Oh well it was a good series. It is going to suck, cause there is like nothing left for CN to have a Saturday morning lineup.

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