Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 3

Welcome to Happy Harbor

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 21, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Speedy refuses to join the team, leading the members of Young Justice to wonder if their team is nothing more than a big joke to keep the young heroes "in their place". Meanwhile, Miss Martian feels that she doesn't belong on the team. The team battles a villain named Mister Twister, who they mistakenly believe is really Red Tornado testing them.moreless

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  • A Heroine Emerges

    I like Miss Martian! Even though she isn't a super strong female protagonist, she's realistic and brings an interesting element to the team. Loving the interaction between her and Superboy. The episode overall was wonderful as it had great action sequences and a unique plot line. Can't wait to watch the next one!
  • A Good and Strong Heroine, But Was Hoping For Wonder Girl.

    I just found out that this show is loosely based on the comic book of the same name. However, I won't care as I haven't read those comics yet although I tend to get them if I go to the U.S.A. and Miss Martian is arole model for young girls watching Young Justice. But, to me, I wasn't keen on seeing her. Why? Read my review of Teen Wolf's episode 2 and you'll get my point of view. I'm looking for a tomboy or an aggressive girl like Wonder Girl. Even if I didn't read those Young Justice comics (original stories) I kind of see spoilers of Wonder Girl's abilities and her personality suits my liking to a heroine. Hopefully (spoiler alert!) it's Cassie Sandsmark in season 2.moreless
  • Starts out weak, gets better.

    I was really excited for Young Justice after hearing the concept and seeing the hour-long pilot. Not to mention Greg Weisman. This episode almost made me drop my hopes. After a good cold open with Speedy, we get to the headquarters and Martian Girl...and get about 10 minutes worth of exposition dumped on us. A full, dull explanation of Martian Girl's powers, and constant "Kid Flash has a crush on Martian Girl" that gets repeated so often it gets old fast. She also comes off like a bit of a forced character. Eventually, though, a villain comes along, the characters have some nice self-aware moments, and there's a good fight sequence. Overall, the episode could've really done with a little less whining, a lot less explaining, and a little more fighting, but it comes out solid with a hook at the end.moreless
  • Better

    I actually liked this one a tad more than the premier. This one really showed an increase on the inense action, the team building effort, the roles of the Young Justice Squad, and the emotional level. The action was definitely first rate and I think that the plot got a definite advance from the professor and his assistant, who clearly mean the YJ team and/or Red Tornado himself harm. The team is definitely starting to come together as more of a family than a group of show-offs who can do no more than try to prove themselves. There is also an important underlying question: should the young heroes stay as a part of the team or should they cut their losses and go out on their own. The League obviously doesn't trust them the way that they should and Red Tornado acted a TEENSY bit turdish when the heroes just tried to offer him their help if he ever needed it. I like how Superboy is starting to develop as a person and as a member of the team (even to the point where he made what is obviously his first apology to ANYONE he has ever met) and how the group is starting to trust Miss Martian more and let her in on team activities (such as fighting the bad guys and making plans). There were definitely some hilarious moments, like when everyone thought that Miss Martian had killed the pilot of the tornado battle suit, how all of the boys are starting to fawn over Miss Martian (who I will take back all previous statements about and admit [now that she's actually been featured in a prominent role] is getting hotter by the MOMENT) while she is obviously oblivious to their advances, and how Miss Martian is trying so hard to blend into earth culture. On a side note, Im really starting to HATE Robin's whole trend of making and shredding common words (he did this with the word 'whelmed' in the premier, and he did it in this episode with the word 'turbed').moreless
John de Lancie

John de Lancie

Brom Stikk/Mr. Twister

Guest Star

Stephanie Nicole Lemelin

Stephanie Nicole Lemelin


Guest Star

Khary Payton

Khary Payton


Guest Star

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Red Tornado

Recurring Role

Crispin Freeman

Crispin Freeman


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Compared to a bird-eye view of Happy Harbor when Mr. Twister was attacking the town, the same view when Miss Martian (disguised as Red Tornado) arrives has the following differences:

      1. There were originally a row of 5 buildings in the first view, one of them already destroyed. But the next view only showed 4 buildings clustered side by side.
      2. The number of rings encircling the fountain increased from 1 to 3.
      3. The fountain has a bigger and thinner base.
      4. The gazebo and the path which connects to it disappeared.

    • Right at the beginning of the episode, you can see a full moon on the top-left corner. However it would not be possible as the full moon can also be seen in the previous episode "Fireworks," which occurred 13 days ago.

    • When the Young Justice team is defeated by Mr. Twister outside the power plant, you can see a small forest to the right of the fallen heroes, which disappears later in the episode.

    • As Mr. Twister leaves the power plant, the entire Young Justice team was nowhere to be seen, especially at locations where they fell to the antagonist.

    • When Superboy charged towards Mr. Twister outside the power plant, initially there were some vehicles parked and trees planted near the building. But as soon as he (Superboy) landed on ground, all of them disappeared.

    • When Brick is picking up a lump of rock, the positions of the minute and hour hands on his watch makes it impossible to display a time of 23:16, shown earlier in the episode.

    • When Miss Martian rushed into the kitchen, she was first seen taking out the burnt cookies on the right oven. But at the next shot she was closing the door of the left oven.

      Additional goofs regarding the shot include:
      1. The left oven appears to be smaller than the right one.
      2. The door handle on the right oven is missing.
      3. The number of knobs on each oven were reduced from 8 to 5.

    • Before Robin and Kid Flash entered Mount Justice, a map of USA can be seen, which was missing Lake Superior at the top-left corner.

    • During the scene when the team was trying to convince Speedy to join them, the skyscrapers in the background do not match their reflections on the water.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Aqualad: (to Speedy) The cave is perfect. It has everything the team will need.
      Robin: For covert missions. You know, spy stuff.
      Kid Flash: And wait till you see Superboy and Miss Martian. But I saw her first.

    • Miss Martian: I'm sorry, I forgot he's a machine, inorganic. I cannot read his mind.
      Kid Flash: Nice try, though. So, uh, you know what I'm thinkin' right now?
      Robin: We all know what you're thinking now. (elbows him)
      Kid Flash: Ow.

    • Robin: (admiring the ship) Incredible.
      Kid Flash: (admiring Miss Martian) She sure is. I--I mean the ship. Which, like all ships, is a she.
      Robin: Fast with his feet, not so much with his mouth.
      Kid Flash: Dude!

    • (looking at Miss Martian as female "Kid Flash")
      Kid Flash: Is it wrong that I think I'm hot?

    • Kid Flash: Can you do that ghosting through walls thing that Manhunter does?
      Miss Martian: Density shifting? No. I--it's a very advanced technique.
      Robin: Flash can vibrate his molecules right through a wall. (indicating Kid Flash) When he tries it, bloody nose.
      Kid Flash: Dude!

    • Mr. Twister: I was prepared to be challenged by a superhero. I was not, however, expecting children!
      Robin: We're not children!
      Mr. Twister: Objectively, you are. Have you no adult supervision? I find your presence here quite disturbing.
      Robin: Well, we hate to see you disturbed. Let's see if you're more turbed once we kick your can!
      Mr. Twister: (blasting them away) Indeed. That was quite turbing. Thank you.

    • Kid Flash: What have you done to my team?
      Mr. Twister: Embarrass them, largely.

    • Kid Flash: You brought your utility belt?
      Robin: Never leave home without it--first thing Batman taught me
      Kid Flash: Yeah, right after never go to the bathroom without it.

    • Robin: Guess if we're gonna have a babysitter, a heartless machine is exactly what we need.
      Kid Flash: Dude! Harsh!
      Red Tornado: And inaccurate. I have a heart. Carbon-steel alloy. I also have excellent hearing.
      Robin: Eh. right. Sorry. I'll strive to be more accurate.
      Aqualad: And more respectful.

  • NOTES (1)