Young Justice

Season 1 Episode 3

Welcome to Happy Harbor

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 21, 2011 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

On the docks of Star City, smugglers working for superpowered crimelord Brick are unloading contraband. Speedy attacks them, and Aqualad, Robin, and Kid Flash provide an assist. Speedy takes down Brick with a quick-solidifying foam arrow. The teens tell Speedy about their new cave headquarters, but he tells them that he doesn't need adult supervision, and the League has given the teens a base just to keep them in their place.

Robin and Kid Flash, in their civilian guises, teleport into Mount Justice, and Aqualad tells them that he's on their way. They go outside to greet their mentor, Red Tornado, and ask if they have a mission for them. He tells them that Batman is in charge of their missions, and tells them to keep busy by familiarizing themselves with the cave. Miss Martian tries to scan his mind and realizes that she can't because he's an inorganic machine. Miss Martian offers to give them a tour, since she lives there.

Inside, Robin explains that the cave's location was compromised so the League turned it into a tourist trap. Now Young Justice can hide in plain sight there. Miss Martian realizes that her cookies are burning and flies to the kitchen, and Kid Flash quickly scarfs them down to keep up with his metabolism. Aqualad thanks her and introduces himself by his civilian name, Kaldur. The others introduce themselves as well, except for Robin. When Superboy walks away, irritated that he hasn't come up with a civilian name yet, Miss Martian telepathically tries to reassure him. He tells her to stay out of his head, and Aqualad tells her that telepathic powers are an invasion of privacy on Earth. She tries to apologize but Superboy tells her to stay out of her mind. She gets an idea of what to do next and invites Superboy along. He refuses to talk to her, but goes with her and the others.

In the hanger, Miss Martian shows them her organic bioship. She invites them on board and takes them out for a flight. While Kid Flash admires Miss Martian, Aqualad tells Superboy that he overreacted and advises him to apologize. Miss Martian shows off her shapeshifting abilities, but admits that she can't ghost through walls like Martian Manhunter. She does show the ship's camouflage mode. They're interrupted when Red Tornado sends them to the Happy Harbor power plant to covertly investigate a disturbance.

When the heroes arrive, they find a massive tornado sweeping through the parking lot. It sweeps up the bioship, and Miss Martian manages to land it. Robin slips away from the group to confront the villain inside: Mr. Twister. He knocks Robin down as the others arrive, and they attack together. However, the villain smashes Kid Flash outside and blasts the others back. They attempt to rally but he blasts them and flies outside. Aqualad tells Miss Martian to read the villain's mind, but she gets nothing and realizes that he's an inorganic. She tells her teammates that it must be Red Tornado, and they conclude that he's testing them and keeping them busy.

The team tells Mr. Twister to get it over with, and he agrees. He summons a massive storm, which they realize is far beyond Red Tornado's abilities. He smashes them down and moves in for the kill, only to see them vanish. The villain is unaware that Miss Martian has summoned the bioship and put it in camouflage mode, concealing them. Mr. Twister refuses to search for them, but tells them to stay out of his way next time.

As the team recovers, Superboy complains that Miss Martian betrayed them. Robin and Kid Flash go easier on her, but tell her to stay out of their way. Aqualad prepares to go after them, but admits that he's not sure they have a team.

Mr. Twister sends more tornados spinning across Happy Harbor. The teens attack him without success. Meanwhile, Miss Martian flies toward the town and contacts Red Tornado. He refuses to help, but admits that it's an odd coincidence that Mr. Twister is also an inorganic with elemental wind powers. Upon hearing that, Miss Martian gets an idea.

The best the heroes can do is keep Mr. Twister off-balance. Miss Martian contacts them telepathically and says that he has a plan. A few moments later, Red Tornado arrives and tells his protégés to retreat. Mr. Twister is happy that Red Tornado has arrived and launches an attack, insisting that he's more powerful. The villain knocks the android to the ground and then inserts wires into its skull to start reprogramming it. However, "Red tornado" transforms into Miss Martian, while Kid Flash reveals he's been using his powers to simulate tornados. The heroes smash the villain's suit open, revealing an older man inside. Miss Martian glances at him, then lifts a rock into the air and crushes the man. Her teammates stare in shock, until she reveals that the "man" was an android. They apologize and admit that she rocked the mission.

In a secret base, the man, Brom Stikk, watches Young Justice via a hidden camera in the android's head. A professor in a white lab coat says that he's not upset, and that their tracking program was operational. He believes that Red Tornado is somewhere in the vicinity, and they've learned a lot from their failure.

That night, the team assembles at Mount Justice and tells Red Tornado what happened. The android tells them that it's not their role to solve their problems, or vice versa, and considers the matter closed. Robin admits that having a heartless machine as a babysitter could be a benefit, and Red Tornado points out that he has a heart… and excellent hearing. As he leaves, the team admits that they may have something. Superboy hesitates, and then finally apologizes to Miss Martian. Character bios: Brick Brick first appeared in Green Arrow vol. 3, #40 (September 2004). Daniel "Danny" Brickwell put his metahuman invulnerability to good use to take over the crime gangs of Star City. After much of the criminal element was destroyed in a battle against demons, "Brick" made himself the head of all of Star City's crime. He then arranged the death of the city's mayor and district attorney to demonstrate that he was above the law. Green Arrow eventually defeated him, and Brick kept a lower profile, fighting other criminals that posed a threat to his operations. He was eventually killed by Cupid, a demented woman romantically obsessed with Green Arrow, and left as a "present" for the Emerald Archer. Before his death, Brick had superhuman levels of invulnerability, easily able to survive a direct strike by a surface-to-air missile, and greater-than-human strength. Red Tornado The second Red Tornado first appeared in Justice League of America #64 (August 1968). Originally an android superhero who worked with the JSA, it was later revealed (in Justice League of America #193 - August 1981) that he was born on the planet Rann and was originally the criminal Tornado Tyrant (first appearance Mystery in Space #61 - August 1960), who later reappeared as the good-hearted wind-being called the Tornado Champion (first appearance Justice League of America #17 - February 1963). It was revealed that this creature eventually merged with an android body created by T.O. Morrow to infiltrate the JSA and destroy them from within. Having no memory of his previous life, the Red Tornado nonetheless felt the compulsion to do good, rebelled against Morrow, and eventually became a valued member of both the JSA and the JLA. His true origin as an air elemental was eventually revealed and joined the supernatural Leymen (a.k.a. Primal Force) for a brief time. Still later, he was found by the Young Justice team in the former JLA HQ of Happy Harbor. He became a reserve member of the JLA and mentored the youthful heroes of Young Justice until the team disbanded. Mr. Twister Mr. Twister first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #54 (Jul. 1964), and was created by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy. Bromwell Stikk was the descendant of Jacob Stikk, who leased the town to founders of Hatton Corners at an annual price of one feather from a passenger pigeon. After becoming an outcast to society, Brom Stikk retreated to Goat Island, where he learned how to enchant an Amerindian medicine stick with the power to summon and control tornados. Dubbing himself Mister Twister, Brom returned to Hatton Corners to get revenge on the townspeople for rejecting him and demand the same yearly feather payment (now impossible due to the pigeon's extinction) from the modern-day residents. As a result of the town being unable to fulfill his fee, Twister kidnapped the teenagers of the town and brought them back to Goat Island - where he forced them to build a statue in his honor. However, the founding Teen Titans soon came to their rescue. Since then, Stikk has been transformed into the Gargoyle and fought the Teen Titans on numerous occasions. He ultimately wound up living on the streets. Professor T.O. Morrow Although unnamed here, the professor working with Stikk is Professor T.O. Morrow, creator of the Red Tornado. Tomek Ovadya Morah first appeared in Flash #143 (March 1964) and was created by Carmine Infantino and John Broome. Americanizing his name to Thomas Oscar Morrow, the villain declared himself T.O. Morrow and created a television set that would let him see the future. He then duplicated technology he saw to make himself a formidable presence in the 20th century. He subsequently created an android replica of a Golden Age hero, the Red Tornado, and sent it to infiltrate the Justice Society. It turns against its creator and eventually joined the Justice League. Morrow attempted to use the android in further criminal schemes without success. Since then, he has worked primarily as a scientific genius, building artificial intelligences such as Tomorrow Woman, Genocide, and the Death Metal Men.