Young Person's Guide to History

Adult Swim (ended 2008)


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  • A show that no one probably watched and if they did, won't remember it years from now. Except for the lucky few.

    Young Person's Guide to History was a spin off of the show Saul of the Mole Men. How? In the show, by some wacky way, Ben Franklin was introduced in the plot. How he was, no idea, I didn't care much for the show and I know many who hated it. Dana Snyder who portrayed Ben continues the role but is not the only character that it is centered around. Its based around the "events" of Thomas Jefferson, John Hamilton, along with Ben Franklin during the revolutionary war and, believe it or not, how they ended the war. The show is full of anachronisms, which you immediately notice when you see Thomas Jefferson engrave the constitution on his torso and that King George is a robot. If you love Saul, you will for sure love this. Now if you didn't, give it a chance. Though its not an actually series, just a two episode special, I would have enjoyed it being a series and would have fit well on adult swim. One thing I loved was seeing Will Forte in one part and who ever portrayed Hamilton and Jefferson were a joy to watch. Overall a great special.