Your First Impression

NBC (ended 1964)


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Your First Impression

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This 30-minute game show was on NBC every weekday at noon. It was followed by "Truth or Consequences". The object called for a panel of three celebrities to identify mystery guest celebrities from a series of question-and-answer probe rounds. Sounds remarkably like To Tell the Truth, doesn't it? The mystery celebrity was asked to complete a phrase such as "When I'm alone I....." or "It really upsets me when....." or "One thing I'm really good at is...." The responses were supposed to be psychologically revealing. The three panelists were given a choice of five celebrities and had to guess who was actually giving the responses. For example, the panelists once had to guess who the mystery celebrity guest was from the following list: David Janssen, Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, Bradford Dillman, or Martin Milner. The celebrity turned out to be Jeffrey Hunter, who was promoting his new TV series "Temple Houston" (1963-64). Other mystery celebrity guests included Paul Richards, Steve Forrest, Marty Ingels, Lloyd Nolan, Suzy Parker and Frank Gorshin. The host of "Your First Impression" was Bill Leyden and the announcer was Wendell Niles. Dennis James was a regular panelist, and James' analysis of the celebrity's character from the responses was often incisive and sometimes a little insulting (particularly when Troy Donahue was the mystery guest.) All Troy Donahue's responses revolved around women and sex, and Dennis James roasted Troy as a callow lightweight. Troy appeared to take it good naturally. The other two panelists rotated, and included Inger Stevens, Julie Adams, Richard Long, and Vin Scully. Dennis James called Richard Long "Richard Wrong" for his frequent wrong guesses. Dennis James could be a little abrasive, which was pretty amazing for anyone on a game show.moreless