Your Mama Don't Dance

Friday 12:00 AM on Lifetime Premiered Feb 28, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Why do people hate this show??

    This is an awesome show! I don't get why people hate it so much. I watched the couples together, and they had some really touching stories. Sometimes, I wanted to cry when I watched this show. Kinda reminds me of how awesome my family is. I was really sad when it ended. I hope Season 2 comes really soon, because I really REALLY miss this show so much! Why don't they just do reruns?

    I really don't understand why people think this show is fake. I think it shows how powerful a relationship between a parent and their kid can be. Sometimes, when I think of my family, I feel like crying, or when I find a gift that was given to me by them, I get emotional.

    I love this show! I want it back!
  • I love it!

    Your Mama Don't Dance is a show I will always love. When I watched the very first episode, I knew it would be a show to remember for the rest of my life. There are ten professional dancer, five boys and five girls, who have to dance with their parents. To me, I think it wasn't about the competition and winning $100,000. If I was on there, dancing with my father, I wouldn't care if I won or not. In my opinion, this show was more of a way for young people to get closer to their parents and bond with them. I watched all 10 couples bonding, and I have to say, it was very moving. It really touched me to see them bonding. I hope there are many more seasons to come. I don't want it to end!
  • I wanna dance with my daddy!!!

    This show makes me all emotional. I love seeing the dancers and their parents dancing together. This show is seriously taken for granted in my opinion. The dancing is great, and so is the music. All 10 teams are so great together. I love watching them bond through dancing. I think if I was on that show, I would probably cry tears of joy seeing my dad come out from behind the curtain. I would love to dance with him. Yeah, most 15-year-old girls are the complete opposite, but I really don't wanna take my father for granted. You know, I didn't meet him until I was 13, and that was one of the best days of my life, honestly. I think more teenagers should watch this show. It'll help them realize how special their parents are. Cherish your families! That's one thing this show can teach you to do.
  • i think lifetime is running out of stuff do make so they copied ABC with dancing with the stars.

    Love Ian from 90210 but they pretty much copied ABC because lts like dancing with the stars except it's mothers dancing with their sons and fathers dancing with daughter. That's the problem with reality shows they are just a copy of another one. I guess something new for lifetime but they could have thought of something else or they are just running out of shows to do. I say just stick to movies and Reba and still standing. Bring some other shows that are off the air to life time. Any new show that lifetime makes is just not good. hhh
  • This show was ok? I stumbled upon it while browsing the guide on comcast, and remembered seeing a commercial. So I stayed and watched.

    This show was ok? I stumbled upon it while browsing the guide on comcast, and remembered seeing a commercial. So I stayed and watched. The thing that got me was the weird touching during the dancing and the SONG CHOICE!!!! what the heck! why would a father, daughter dance team ever dance together to the tune of "Tainted Love". EWWWW gross, I was a little put off by that whole mess. WEIRD! Over all I guess I would watch it again if there wasn't anything better on. The dads were pretty funny trying to dance with their daughters, until it got oddly sexual...