Your World with Neil Cavuto

Weekdays 4:00 PM on FOX News Channel Premiered Aug 01, 1996 In Season


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  • Sad and possibly delusional, Neil Cavuto lives in a dream world where white is black and night is day.

    This show is perfect for mindless sheep who never question Fox News' claim of fair and balanced reporting, certain facts aren't fair enough to make it onto this show, which degrades all news events down to the bottom line, can you make money off of it? If it's good for business it must be good for america. Sadly this is what happens in an imperial empire, either you're with us or against us, and there's a lot of money to make out there, especially if you already have money to burn. So if you like Neil Cavuto i only ask that you please think twice before commiting to another war, or agree to do away with certain civil liberties.