You're Cut Off!

Monday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jun 14, 2010 Between Seasons


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    This is a great show. If you're a person who likes comedy and something to watch when you want a nice laugh, this is the right show for you!! The spoiled behavior of each girl makes you want to keep watching. Every single episode, the girls are doing something hilarious and stupid, but that's what makes this show so good. Their spoiled lives and all the unexpected twists and turns keeps you coming back for more. VH1 sure has done a good job in making a show for teens and young adults to watch for a good laugh!!!! A must-watch!!
  • Hard to relate with this unlikeable cast of spoiled women.

    The princesses chosen to live together in this show appear to be very superficial, annoying, and naive when it comes to life's simple duties. They often times offend the lifestyles of the middle class, a large part of their audience. The lesson they are about to receive really doesn't matter much to anybody who watches as these young girls struggle when trying to survive on their own for a change instead of living off somebody else's income. The only redeeming quality this show has to offer is the words of encouragement and advice provided by professional life coach Laura Baron. Even the moments where one of the girls seems to have learned something positive about life without the influence of the material world, it still falls short for the back-boned general audience. Overall this show is a miss for most television viewers, including fans of reality television.