You're Cut Off! - Season 1

Monday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jun 14, 2010 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Graduation Day
    Episode 8
    In order to graduate from the You're Cut off program, each girl must prove to her benefactors that she has changed and deserves to return home. Watch the full season finale!
  • Giving Back
    Episode 7
    Gia opens up and reveals some shockingly painful personal revelations. Is it possible the queen of the divas is finally on track to graduate? Or will she regress? Watch the full episode of You're Cut Off.
  • Fun On A Budget
    Fun On A Budget
    Episode 6
    Tropical resorts are a thing of the past for these girls, who venture into the great outdoors to learn how to have fun on a budget on a camping trip. Watch the full episode of You're Cut Off.
  • Inner Beauty
    Inner Beauty
    Episode 5
    With Laura Baron's help, a few monks and a shiny mirror, the You're Cut Off girls will learn the importance of being beautiful on the inside. Watch the full episode!
  • She Works Hard for the Money
    Working nine to five is a foreign concept for our cast but they will learn what it means to earn a paycheck. To help them find their best positions, Laura has each girl write up a resume and meet for an interview with a headhunter. Presented by VH1.
  • Dress for Less
    Episode 3
    Celebrity stylist Sam Saboura challenges the You're Cut Off girls to put on a fashion show with only a few hundred dollars. Watch the full episode!
  • 6/17/10
    Laura Baron's lessons about "respect" push the pampered princesses' patience to the limit. Watch the full episode!
  • 6/4/10
    The girls have their first rehabilitation session with professional life coach Laura Baron. They open up about "why is money is so important to them." Watch the full season premiere!