You're On!

NBC (ended 1991)


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You're On!

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This show is more commonly know as Ace's Night. It was about a guy who was going to go out on a date with a cool dame when KNOCK KNOCK. Who is it but his cousin at the door demanding that Ace watch his baby! So Ace takes the baby on the date with the dame and hilarity ensues. Words can not explain how funny this show really is. If anybody knows if a station will be airing Ace's Night let me know. Here is the opening theme song: Ace thought his night was perfect nothing could be arranged but then his cousin showed up with a baby cause he's lame No matter what the odds are this time nothin's gonna stand in his way that flame in his heart for that cool dame Gives light to every night that may be lame Chillin out, with a dame and a kid When who shows up, but his great uncle Sid Rain and Thunder wind and haze he's bound for better days It's his night and his dame, nothin's gonna stop him now. And here is the ending song: You take the good You take the bad You take'em both and their you have aces night aces night! Now that that you have watched our show go tell all your friends about Aces night, Aces night! Aces night is a Miller Boyett Production in association with Warner Brothers Domestic Distrubutionmoreless