Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

Season 1 Episode 2

Creepy Crawlies

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 20, 2008 on The CW

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  • Creepy Crawlies

    Not as great as last episode, but the monsters the bully summons look cool. Yusei must deal with destroying monsters whose attack points could quickly overwhelm him all the while teaching the bully a lesson.

    The episode starts off with Yusei's friends, Nerve, Blitz, and (I can't remember the third ones name) walking with some boxes when a bully trips one of them. Nerve gets into an argument with him and then is beat up by him. Later that night the bully shows up to collect his shoes, but decides to take Yusei's D-Wheel instead. Yusei decides to stick up for his friends and save his D-Wheel by dueling the bully, whose insect deck seems to be pretty powerful, at least if it was in the right hands. Anyways, he quickly gets three monsters on the field to Yusei's one but Yusei has a scheme to win with his Domino Effect spell card. He attacks the bullies Chainsaw Insect which then results in all his monsters being destroyed and due to his permanent spell card, the bully loses his remaing life points when they are destroyed. Yusei prepares for his race to the pipes.
  • yusei vs bug boy

    in this epiosde we meet rex goodwin and learn the secrests of jack and yusei's pasts. jack was friends with yusei but double crossed him when he took his duel runner and stardust dragon. meanwhile tank and friends run into trouble with some bullies who later find their hiding place and yusei's duel runner which is put on the line during the duel between the bully with a bug deck and yusei. yusei has a tough time for a while with the bug boy using powerful insect monsters yusei eventaully wins using junk warrior and domino effect thus saving the runner and the day. he then heads out towards domino city to challenge jack.
  • A good episode, but unescciary.

    I like this episode, but in the long run, it wasnt needed. Interesting Yusei had to fight Uryu with his D-Wheel on the line, but being the maion character, he had to win. Great combo using Ant Lion Retribution against Uryu. We find out how Jack won, wierd, I thought Mad Demon had 1800 attack points, Junk Warrior had 1600 attack points, and Yusei had 300 points. Yusei would have taken 200 points of damage but still had 100 points right? Oh well, doesnt matter. Chainsaw Insect finally sppears in the third series, despite being relaesed by the second. I wouldnt mind if Uryu reappeared, I just dont want them to go too deep into his character. All we need to know is that he is a thug.
  • We find out what Yusei lost to Jack

    This is the episode in which we find out how Yusei lost his precious and super special awesome almighty super fudgeilotasic card, better known as "Stardust Dragon"! Yusei's useless friends whose names i do not know are being picked on by some blue haired guy with an ego bigger than his fat head. Anyway, he duels Yusei for Yusei's D Wheel. He manages to get Yusei on the run with his Insect deck and manages to summon out 3 different insects - Chainsaw Insect (2400 atk), Metal Armoured Bug (2800 atk) and Doom Dozer (2800 atk)! Yusei manages to defeat them all with one attack combo!