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  • Don't knock it til' ya watch it.

    I thought Yugioh would only go downhill after the original series, but I was wrong. . . it goes downhill after Yugioh 5ds.

    Before I watched this show, my friends said that it was this show was stupid and told me never watch it. I asked them why and they said "Just don't watch it, trust Then I asked them if they even watched it themselves and not surprisingly they said no. Like always, I do the opposite of what my friends tell me to do and watch Yugioh 5ds. I have to be honest, I didn't expect this show to be even on par with the original Yugioh, let alone Yugioh GX. However, after watching this show, I have to say this is beats Yugioh GX and is on equal terms with the original Yugioh. My dad told me to stop watching cartoons, so I did around the year 2010 when the show was still going on. I only just recently started and finished watching it this month. I didn't know what I was missing out on when I finally finished watching the show. One of the best moments was the battle between Team Taiyo vs. Team 5ds. Overall, this show was pretty amazing, at least the sub was, not sure about the dub version. After watching this show, I watched the first episode of Zexal and thought how could Yugioh go from great in the show of 5ds to shit in such a small amount of time.

    I hope I didn't make any of you guys angry. I was really nervous that people may think badly of my review, so I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to express my point of view after seeing some of the negative reviews about this show.
  • Brought back the feeling of true Yu-Gi-Oh! (Just awesome!)

    Watched the series and it is hard to say which series I liked the best: The original or 5D's. Both are well written in story line perspective, characters are likable and of course, duels are exciting and its an overal series that brought back the feeling of awesomeness of Yu-Gi-Oh.

    Speeding duels, like it :D Everything just works with the series, the grimm and dark part, but also the humor is there quite well. Also plot twists: Some things I really didn't see coming in who was the bad guy. If I could give these series a 10+ it would certainly deserve it
  • Amazing

    5d is by far the best one next to original. it's dark, emotional and story very well presented. First I was like card game on motorcycles? That's stupid... But when I got into story I understood that it is unique and it rules conditions does not allow you to use spells freely. My personal favourite duel was with team Taiyo. Highly recommended. NOTE: don't miss to watch movie: 3d bonds beyond time after episode 86, because it is canon and it will raise some questions if you miss it
  • Good Extension of the Series!

    The new concepts are exciting, but all-in-all it fails to top the classics.
  • The real YuGiOh Is Better. :c

    I miss the real YuGiOh! I hate these spin-offs...
  • This show is better in Japanese.

    I didn't start to like 5D's until about 2010. First with the butchered dub, but the Japanese version is definitely superior. The acting is amazing, the music is perfect and it was a wonderful Yu-Gi-Oh! spinoff. This should have been the last one. But the CGI and D-Wheels take a while to get used to. And Yusei pretty much became one of my favourite anime characters. Whenever you watch the show, watch it in Japanese raw or subbed, never watch it dubbed. It's a disgrace.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh good

    Yu-Gi-Oh is the best
  • Although you aren't able to see this in actual 5D, it's still worth your time.

    Before I get serious on reviewing anything about Yugioh 5Ds, let me just say one thing.

    The theme song rocks!! Now anyways, Yugioh 5Ds centers around a orphaned boy named Yusei Frodo, raised in the Satellite, the future version of Domino City. who attempts to get his Stardust Dragon card back from Jack Atlas, the champion of Domino City. The plot is actually original and carried out well, with the indivisual plot sequences in each episode interesting. Each episode is also fleshed out, dark and emotional. There is a variety of characters, with each all well developed, character development throughout the show. For some reason, the second season and then on focuses mainly on Yusei and Jack, with the other characters being side characters or not appearing at all. Now the action sequences, which were all the main parts of each episode, were the duels which were decent and well choreographed. The one thing that I didn't like about the duels, and the one thing I didn't like in general about the show, was the new addition of the motorcycles. Although they do tie in well with the whole "speed counters" idea, the motorcycle idea just didn't agree with me. Don't know why...

    Ultimately, Yugioh 5Ds though not as good as the original, is still a great Yugioh show, with well developed characters, dark and emotional plot sequences, and well choreographed duels, even if the motorcycle idea is a bit odd.

  • The show that makes: Card Games on Motorcycles Work!

    The lastest installment of the Yu-Gi-Oh timeline this show puts us into a modern age where rich and poor are separated, this is Domino City. The domain for the first Yu-Gi-Oh show and mentioned in parts in Gx Domino City has become adept to the class system where the poor live in one area and the rich in another. This is the only life our protagonist Yusei Fudo knows growing up in this run down area has hardened his courage and personality which is shown on many occasions, the writers have empolyed the serious waste-no-time type for the main character of the series but have done so effectivly, the series brings many new characters to light from the wise cracking Leo to the mysterious Akiza each has their own reason to be present in a situation, and their pasts are all part of their characters some- no most are sad back stories that could easily get the tears rolling in some people. Now one thing I did not expect to go so darn well was the whole card games on motocycles thing, when I first heard that this was the next big thing I was like: Uh...no. but after seeing it in action it made me realise that it would work out perfectly and cleanly, the new strategies are endless and the motorcycle designs are just phenominal of course it does have it's idle duels now and then even the fast paced action of card games at 200 mph would get boring eventually. The show has some very strong plots that can easily be remembered if you would want to recall them, they are creative and create a whole legion of villans for the heroes to fight. Unlike the other Yu-Gi-Oh series' this show produces more hints of romance between characters ever, it has sent shipping clubs crazy but at the same time the writers have kept an indefinate lid on romance for now. Overall the show is defiately the one-to-watch for any Yu-Gi-Oh fans out there reading this, the show gets a perfect rating from me, love the show.
  • I think Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's is a really good show to watch for any ages.


    I think Yu-Gi-Oh was my favorite Anime of all times. Then Yugioh GX came along after the series ended, and I loved it too. Then Yugioh 5D's. I thought, great, they are going to keep making new and new series and eventually it will get killed. I was wrong. The show is great, not better than the original, But it is very creative. They kept it from being plain by introducing a new plot about the Signers and new way of dueling on Duel Runners. Brilliant. The episodes keep you wondering what is going to happen next, what new cards might pop up and how the characters may pull through the intense duels.

  • Meh.


    Well, it's about time I regraded this.

    No one can deny. Even with the motorcycles, the show started off REALLY good. It had a great cast of fleshed out characters, it had a dark and emotional plot going for it, and even the duels were well choreographed. And for the most part, it did the franchise proud. Until.....season 2 came out. And I wanted to like season 2, I REALLY did. There was visible effort in it. It had an interesting plot and interesting villains. But these plots were all horribly used and the season was bogged down by so many bad things. The show only began to focus on Yusei, Jack, and Crow, and tossed all their other characters aside. Not to mention Yusei becomes unbeatable and becomes little more than their marketing mascot. As I've said, Yliaster, Zone, The Machine Emperors, and even the Polar Gods were all good ideas, but just thrown together terribly. While the Arc Cradle tried to fix this, it just could not do the job right. While I'll defend the second arc, it just wasn't the same show anymore.

    Though at least Life Stream Dragon finally appeared.

  • Love this show, very entertaining, and well written story, with the next generation of characters. I will always remember this series.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's is a story about Yusei Fudo. An Orphaned boy raised in the Satellite, a city that was once part of Domino City, until an incident that happened, awhile back. Yusei wants to get his Stardust dragon back, which was taken, by Yusei's old friend, Jack Atlas, who is now the Champion, of domino city. Yusei decides to go after jack, and reclaim, his Stardust Dragon, be escaping, Satellite, However while in Satellite, Yusei, discovers the he is a signer, and must save Domino City, and the Satellite. However not alone, their are 5 signers, which are, Yusei, Jack, Aki, and Luna. The fifth signer is missing, which is also a problem. Rex Godwin, developer of M.I.D.S, head of Sector Security and the legendary man Daedalus Bridge Legend, forces Yusei to enter the fortune cup. Now Yusei must face Jack Atlast and learn the truth about the Signers. Good show, and very entertaining. If your a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, your will love 5D's.
  • Yusei Fudo, a Satellite native, tries to save his friends while attempting to get back at his old friend and current rival, Jack. Yusei must also gather together all 5 signer to help save the world from a terrifying force.

    This morning, at noon, the dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's came to the end of the first season. In case you don't know, this show is the third installment of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, and a lot of new changes have been made to make this show different. It's been, for me at least, a great six months. Sure, it had its ups and downs and middles, but I had high hopes, and they were met. What's a good thing about this show? Well,dueling happens now on motorcycles called Duel Runners during Turbo Duels. With the addition of these, there had to be a way for them to work, and that's when Speed World and the Speed Spells came into play. The duels all depend on the number of Speed Counters on the Speed World Field Spell, and the characters could either eat the dust, or leave the dust behind.

    The main character, Yusei, lives in the Satellite, which is a just a giant homeless shelter for everyone who does not have enough power or money to make it into New Domino City. He used to be friends with Jack Atlas, but as of two years before the start of the show, Jack had backstabbed him and left for a chance to make his big break as the King of the Turbo Duels. As the show progresses, Yusei meets many new people, like two rich twins and a girl with a disguise who loves to inflict pain onto others.

    One of my major complaints is the voice of one of the only girls to have really been put in the spotlight, Akiza. Her voice was not at the right pitch. It sounded like she was on helium. Another item on my major complaints list is the addition of the card analyser. It would pop up at unknown times and give an 8-second explanation of the card that was just played. Now, we wouldn't need this if 4Kids had just stuck to the original script. But alas, we had to sit through way too many.

    The voice were good. The voice for Yusei is the voice of Tristan Taylor from the original series, and his rival Jack is voiced by Ted Lewis, the man behind Bakura and Bandit Keith. The VA for Rex Goodwin is, or at least was, the wonderful late Maddie Blaustein. With many old Yu-Gi-Oh! voice actors returning to bring their talents to supporting characters, this season had a sense of familiarity.

    In closing, this show is my favorite. It had action, new duels, and good VAs. Now, I know people won't like what I have to say, but that's not for me to decide what they think. Let them think for themselves, and I'll do the same. 5D's brought together the old and the new, and only time will tell if the season two will do the same.
  • This show is accually pretty good. Some people think that it's another knockoff, but i belive it has serious potential.

    Well, what can i say, it's AWESOME! I was suprised about the D-Wheels (the namesake of my username), but the new cards were awesome. Montage Dragon ?! I've seen that card in a manga. It is awesome. Yusei is a bit too serious, but thats a step up from always-smiley-Judai! And is Rally a girl who sounds like a boy who's voice is changing, or a girly dressed boy?! The lack of proper "Satelite" background/flashback, and the lack of life point gauge sound, were the only lacking parts of the episode. I just hope they don't explain every single card effect in future episodes.
  • To me, sorry if people get offended, this is the best Yu-Gi-Oh out of the original and Gx.

    I don't know why, but this version to me is way better than the other two. I think it may have something to do with me watching the dub for the first two because I didn't know that there were subbed version online. This show is awesome. The duels are more intense and the main character, Yusei Fudo, is very similar to Atem, but at the same time very different. He, unlike the other two main characters, can get violent, but like the others he uses bonds to help him succeed in his quest. The only thing that I think that was kind of off is that Aki and the twins, Lua and Luka, aren't in that much episodes. Just as they start to appear more frequently the setting shifts and more new characters are introduced. I don't have a problem with that, but I would like Aki and the twins to appear more frequently in the new episodes.
  • Come on. Card games on motorbikes? Surely even Kaiba isn't that stupid.

    You have got to be joking me. First they change basically every rule and monster in the game. Secondly they create a storyline so dumb that I'm surprised 4Kids didn't censor the whole series. And last they decide that the show doesn't actually need a plot. Seriously the Abridged series are more detailed than this. Yu-gi-oh and Yu-gi-oh GX were far better (despite the constant 'The fate of the world depends on it' that seemed to appear in every episode of the original) I'm hoping that this gets taken off air before Satan tries to sue them for Copyright Infringement.
  • Pretty good show with a nice little twist that the original Yu-Gi-Oh didn't have

    This show is the 3rd Generation of Yu-Gi-Oh, the show takes place 17 years after a freak accident that split Domino City into 2 sections, New Domino City (the area of Domino City that wasnt damaged) and the Satellite which is where the main character Yusei Fudo lives

    Yusei is an 18 year old boy who has no family, he lives in an underground area next to a ruined subway with 4 of his closets friends, Yusei is always trying to avoid the law when need be, and his main goal at first is to go to the city, meet up with his former friend Jack Atlas and get back his prized Stardust Dragon card As time goes on Yusei becomes a more skilled duelist and makes more friends along the way and even reunites with a few old friends too

    All in all this is a pretty good show with a new way to duel, while there still is original duels, there is also duels now called Speed Duels, where they duel on a motorcycle, can only use spells called Speed Spells and their Speed Counters determine moves that they can do

    If you loved the original Yu-Gi-Oh then you will enjoy this show
  • first episode

    the begining of the newest yugioh saga begins with a bang. we get ot meet jack atlas the top turbo duelist and his rival hunter pace. we also get to meet yusei the newest hero of yugioh. we learn of the turbo duels and get to see yusei deul against trudge who is a security officer. it was a good episode but it was kinda confusing. we got to see a blair like cheeraleader but they cut out the part with the names of the old charecters that hunter defeated in duels. overall i like this show and hope it will be great!
  • There's definate potental here but so far, bad!

    The dueling carried it's usual excitement for the viewer but the VAs need work. Too many oldies are being recycled. I honestly think Frank Frankson (or whatever his real name is :P) is a great VA but here he is totally recycling Tristian's voice from the original YGO! Plus Dan Green shows up using a slightly tweaked Atem? And of course there is the second Mokuba here >_< At least Ted Lewis did an admirable job of creating a totally new character voice. I will of course keep watching, hoping it will improve as GX did, but right now I'm rather disappointed.
  • Dun Dun Dun

    And with this incarnation, the once proud yu-gi-oh! franchise begins its slow descent into the inferno. I have to admit it, this show still retains some of the flare of the original series. But, if you ask me, with each passing incarnation of the franchise, a little of the original greatness starts to rub off. The original set a good and believable (for a fantasy story) tale in motion. GX had large shoes to fill and did the job in an excellent manner. It even nearly had me crying when the series came to an end (I couldn't decide which one I wanted to win between Yugi and Jaden). However, that original umph of the original series was a little diluted. Now, in this, the third incarnation of the franchise, the dilution of that originality is even more apparent. Over the multiple series, the attack power and abilities of the heroes' strongest monsters seems to have declined, as has the ease with which that hero can summon them (it used to not even require sacrifices or synchrons). All of the characters that made the original series and GX famous have been presumably killed off or are well advanced in years (this show is about 30 yrs after GX). And just what the heck is this new craze with dueling on motorcycles? The heroe's backstory is admittedly one worthy of the original series. However, I don't particularly like the concept of five heroes or the whole thing with the Aztecs and Nazca lines. The old yu-gi-oh! was built on monster spirits that tied in with Egypt. This incarnation seems to be re-inventing the storyline. Only this time, it's ancient history that corroborates monster spirits rather than monster spirits that corroborate ancient history. I guess all I'm saying is that this show is fairly good, but the yu-gi-oh! franchise has DEFINITELY started to go into decline.
  • Awesome show Riding a motorbike and dueling at the same time cool anyway the new main Caracter is Yusei Fudou who lives in Neo Domino City and has a card called Stardust Dragon he is diferent from Yugi and Jaden with a diferent character.

    So i thought that the ending of Yugioh GX wuld be the end of the fun but i was wron i saw the pictures and wow Riding a motor bike and Dueling at the same time man that sounds fun and there are some new cards and totaly new ruels so far the show hasen't started and i already start to like the show . Yugioh 5D's will be held (hapen) on Domino City were Yugi lives several years into the future with a futuristic desighn of the city and a new name Neo Domino City new characters lots of fun dueling in the strets thats what we have been mising on this show anyway all the best for Yugioh 5D's and i am gona watch this show for the new cards and now Yusei is the Main Character and he is a lot diferent from Yugi and Jaden and he has a cool dragon named Stardust Dragon (awesome name for a dragon )anyway this is my opinion tell me Yours. Get Your Game On .
  • ...WOW!!...

    Soooo.....I have VERY guily pleasure for this....but it is AWESOME!The plot was understandable and easy to follow. My brother and I caught on how the whole thing works. The animation is just out of this world! The hi-tec stuff is really cool. I like how they can duel while they're riding. And Domino city has like been remastered! My brother got me into yu-gi-oh about a month or so ago...and he plays the trading card game, and I collects cards that have girls on them that are kinda cool. Yhea.. you com call me a geek. But I love this show! can't wait to see what happens next!! :-)
  • Another Yu-Gi-Oh! spin-off. Even though the dialog is not as good as the previous two Yu-Gi-Oh! shows, but the battle system is alot cooler in this show.

    I just watched this show this morning on youtube.com. I thought this show was awesome! In my mind the dialog is not as good in the previous two Yu-Gi-Oh! shows, but the battle system is much cooler. It is so much fun dueling while riding a speed bike, instead of sitting at a table, or standing somewhere. The new synchro monsters are pretty nice. I think the characters in this show are pretty awesome! I like Yusei the most, because he's cool. I think they are going to dub this show in English after Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is done. I somewhat can't wait for that. I really don't know what else to say, but overall, good Yu-Gi-Oh! spinoff, awesome characters, and battles, great music, cool characters.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! is back in a new series installment revolving around dueling on "motorcycles", speed cards and synchro monsters.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! is back in a new series installment revolving around dueling on "motorcycles", speed cards and synchro monsters and with a new title called Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds. Our new duelist hero is called Yusei Fudo, who gains many friends on his journey to get to Neo Domino City and obtain the Stardust Dragon. But, Rex Godwin, the security owner, has other plans and searches for all Signors.

    This show is better than I thought, it's openings and closing are well-themed. The characters starting from episode 2, are very in-character. The animation is great, the speech is too. I really say that this show is better than everyone expexted.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! is back in a new series installment revolving around dueling on "motorcycles", speed cards and synchro monsters.

    It is (so far) kind of laid back. It retained the short duels of GX, but the main char Yusei is more serious....not fun loving like Jaden or Yugi. The main char had his card stolen by his former friend, who kind of acts a lot like Kaiba. Kaiba is less full of himself though. Yusei escapes from the Satelite, which is the place where poor people live, and he makes it to the high tech Neo Domino City. Several duelists use the new synchro monsters, which combine with tuner monsters to create stronger cards, sort of like fusion. The series is only in it's beginning stages, but it is still worth a review.
  • I'm a fan of Yugioh, but I'll be honest...this show needs help.

    The whole idea of D-Wheels is really quite stupid in my opinion. I don't understand why they needed to change the dueling ways after it's been so successful the regular way. The only glimpse of hope I had with this show was in the 2nd episode where they didn't duel on the D-Wheel. Being a Yugioh fan, I'll watch it, but that doesn't mean I'll enjoy it. I can't stand the Tuner stuff! The main character, Yusei, has really weak monsters and I just can't stand it! At least the E-Heroes were at first catchy, but Speed Warrior?! No!

    Anyway, it takes place in the future and this guy Jack, who used to be friends with Yusei, stole his D-Wheel and his favorite card, Stardust Dragon. So now Yusei and his friends are trying to reach Jack so Yusei can duel him and get his card back.
  • The next Yugioh Spin-off!

    Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's is the second spin-off of the original Card Battling show, Yu-Gi-Oh! This show stars Yusei Fudo, a dueling genius who takes part in a new thing called a Riding Duel! The Riding Duels have the duelists duelling on Motorbikes with special new Duel Disks. Yusei has a new deck with new monsters on White coloured cards. These are Tuner Monsters that go in the Extra Deck zone (originally called the Fusion Deck) This series has the potential to become an awesomely great show like its Predecessors, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX! I just hope that this show doesn't get too ridiculous.