Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

The CW (ended 2011)


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  • The show that makes: Card Games on Motorcycles Work!

    The lastest installment of the Yu-Gi-Oh timeline this show puts us into a modern age where rich and poor are separated, this is Domino City. The domain for the first Yu-Gi-Oh show and mentioned in parts in Gx Domino City has become adept to the class system where the poor live in one area and the rich in another. This is the only life our protagonist Yusei Fudo knows growing up in this run down area has hardened his courage and personality which is shown on many occasions, the writers have empolyed the serious waste-no-time type for the main character of the series but have done so effectivly, the series brings many new characters to light from the wise cracking Leo to the mysterious Akiza each has their own reason to be present in a situation, and their pasts are all part of their characters some- no most are sad back stories that could easily get the tears rolling in some people. Now one thing I did not expect to go so darn well was the whole card games on motocycles thing, when I first heard that this was the next big thing I was like: Uh...no. but after seeing it in action it made me realise that it would work out perfectly and cleanly, the new strategies are endless and the motorcycle designs are just phenominal of course it does have it's idle duels now and then even the fast paced action of card games at 200 mph would get boring eventually. The show has some very strong plots that can easily be remembered if you would want to recall them, they are creative and create a whole legion of villans for the heroes to fight. Unlike the other Yu-Gi-Oh series' this show produces more hints of romance between characters ever, it has sent shipping clubs crazy but at the same time the writers have kept an indefinate lid on romance for now. Overall the show is defiately the one-to-watch for any Yu-Gi-Oh fans out there reading this, the show gets a perfect rating from me, love the show.
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