Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

The CW (ended 2011)


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  • Although you aren't able to see this in actual 5D, it's still worth your time.

    Before I get serious on reviewing anything about Yugioh 5Ds, let me just say one thing.

    The theme song rocks!! Now anyways, Yugioh 5Ds centers around a orphaned boy named Yusei Frodo, raised in the Satellite, the future version of Domino City. who attempts to get his Stardust Dragon card back from Jack Atlas, the champion of Domino City. The plot is actually original and carried out well, with the indivisual plot sequences in each episode interesting. Each episode is also fleshed out, dark and emotional. There is a variety of characters, with each all well developed, character development throughout the show. For some reason, the second season and then on focuses mainly on Yusei and Jack, with the other characters being side characters or not appearing at all. Now the action sequences, which were all the main parts of each episode, were the duels which were decent and well choreographed. The one thing that I didn't like about the duels, and the one thing I didn't like in general about the show, was the new addition of the motorcycles. Although they do tie in well with the whole "speed counters" idea, the motorcycle idea just didn't agree with me. Don't know why...

    Ultimately, Yugioh 5Ds though not as good as the original, is still a great Yugioh show, with well developed characters, dark and emotional plot sequences, and well choreographed duels, even if the motorcycle idea is a bit odd.

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