Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds - Season 1

The CW (ended 2011)


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  • Signs of Doom (3)
    Episode 64
    As Jack and Yusei continue to duel Goodwin, the King of the Netherworld is drawing ever closer to their location. Things get even worse when Goodwin defeats Jack, making him unable to continue. Yusei is now the only one left in Goodwin's way, but Goodwin reduces him down to just 1 Life Point! Can Yusei defeat Goodwin with just 1 Life Point and save the world?moreless
  • To Our Future!
    Episode 64
    Yusei reaches Goodwin and he regains the Signers' marks from him.
  • Signs of Doom (2)
    Signs of Doom (2)
    Episode 63
    The 3-vs-1 Turbo Duel continues and Goodwin's powers seem too strong as he manages to outsmart the team of Yusei, Jack, and Crow almost every time. Things only get worse when Goodwin summons his Earthbound Immortal, Wiraqocha Rasca. As he does this, the King of the Netherworld sends crow monsters to attack the duelists. Akiza and Luna use their dragons to destroy them. As the duel continues, Crow, knowing that Yusei has the best chance of defeating Goodwin, sacrifices himself in order to save Yusei. With Crow defeated, can Jack and Yusei defeat Goodwin?moreless
  • Goodwin is able to summon his Earthbound Immortal - Wiraqocha Rasca, absorbing the souls of New Domino City.
  • Signs of Doom (1)
    Episode 62
    Because the final control tower was not sealed before sunset, the King of the Netherworld rises and begins to head towards New Domino City. The Crimson Dragon appears and transports everyone to Goodwin's mansion. Goodwin appears and reveals that he purposely lost his duel to Roman and is now a Dark Signer. He says that he will use the powers of both Signer and Dark Signer to recreate the world in his image. With the fate of the world on the line, Yusei, Jack, and Crow begin a 3-vs-1 Turbo Duel against Goodwin. But will they be able to defeat him and save the world?moreless
  • Jack activates a Trap that lets Carly choose the outcome.
  • 7/31/10
    Misty and Akiza continue their duel. However, Sayer has unlocked Akiza's Black Rose powers. Trudge manages to free Yusei and Mina and they head to the battle site. Seeing Akiza, Yusei goes after Sayer. In the process he manages to get Sayer to unexpectedly reveal the truth about Toby's fate to Misty, who uses her Earthbound Immortal to devour him. Finally knowing the truth, Misty decides to forfeit the duel. However, the King of the Netherworld forces her to continue dueling. Will Akiza be able to defeat Misty and seal the last control tower before sunset?moreless
  • At the End of Truth
    Episode 61
    The Crimson Dragon appears and sends everyone to the front of a temple, where they find Goodwin, who reveals himself to be a Dark Signer, and transfers Roman's mark of the Dragon Head from a canister.
  • 7/31/10
    Misty arrives at an abandoned amusement park where Misty leads her into a hall of mirrors. As the two begin their duel, Misty uses her Spell Cards to reveal to Akiza what happened to her brother and how she became a Dark Signer. Meanwhile, Sayer reappears, after somehow surviving his fall at the Arcadia Movement building, and traps Yusei and Mina in a room that is filling with water so that they can't stand in his way of getting Akiza back. Can they escape alive? And will Akiza be able to defeat Misty?moreless
  • Misty traps Akiza in a Hall of Mirrors, actually duelling her through the mirrors.
  • 7/24/10
    Carly and Jack continue their duel. Jack continues to try and break through to Carly, and just when it looks like hope is lost, Carly chooses to save Jack, freeing herself. However, the same force that took control of Greiger in his duel takes over Carly, forcing her to continue dueling. Jack comes up with a plan using Red Dragon Archfiend, but will it be enough to save Carly? Meanwhile, Yusei wanders around the old Ener-D reactor looking for the man who saved him, and the answer might surprise him.moreless
  • Jack expresses his feeling for Carly, and then he takes the marks of the other Signers, gives him the Seal of the Crimson Dragon.
  • 7/24/10
    Jack, determined to save Carly, arrives at the Hummingbird Tower where Carly appears, with her own Duel Runner! The two begin their duel, and Carly easily takes the lead. Taking advantage of Jack's determination to save her, Carly begins to use illusions to throw Jack off. Will he be able to snap out of it and win the duel? Meanwhile, Yusei awakens on the ground of the Ener-D reactor and is attacked by the victims of the Zero Reverse. However, a mysterious person appears before him.moreless
  • Jack activates a Trap that lets Carly choose the outcome.
  • Destiny's Will (2)
    Episode 57
    Yusei and Roman continue their duel. Roman uses his Earthbound Immortal Uru to push Yusei into a corner, leaving him with just 50 Life Points. As the duel continues to be a game of cat and mouse, Roman reveals what really happened 17 years, the truth about Yusei's father and the original Ener-D reactor. Meanwhile, while continuing to explore, Crow runs into Goodwin who also reveals apart of the Ener-D history, and also wants Crow to deliver a message to Yusei.moreless
  • Roman begins to tell Yusei of what happened 17 years ago between him, Rex and Yusei's father.
  • Destiny's Will (1)
    Episode 56
    Yusei deactivates the control tower and the residents trapped in Kalin's Earthbound Immortal are freed. Roman then uses his spiders to possess Trudge and he summons Yusei to the original Ener-D reactor in order to duel him. As Yusei and the others make their way to the reactor, Goodwin decides to pay his brother a visit, and the two prepare to duel. Yusei arrives at the reactor and the duel begins. Will Yusei be able to take down Roman and free Martha and the others?moreless
  • With Kalin and Ccapac Apu defeated, all the Satellite residents are returned.
  • 7/10/10
    Yusei and Kalin continue their heated duel. Yusei and Crow continue to try and and make Kalin realize that all along they have just been trying to save him. However, Kalin is convinced they are lying and tells them about his time at the facility and how he became a Dark Signer. To make matters worse, Kalin summons out his Earthbound Immortal, Ccapac Apu. Can Yusei defeat the Earthbound Immortal and finally save Kalin?moreless
  • Yusei tries to pose as the leader of the Enforcers in order to protect Kalin.
  • 7/10/10
    Yusei heads to meet Kalin and the former friends quickly begin their Turbo Duel rematch. Kalin is still convinced that Yusei betrayed him years ago, but Yusei reveals that it was Kalin who went too far which lead to his arrest. Yusei tries to prevent Kalin from summoning his Thousand Eyes Dragon but fails. Will Yusei be able to defeat Kalin and finally save his old friend?moreless
  • Yusei finally catches up with Kalin and start what Kalin calls 'The Last Duel of the Enforcers'.
  • A Whale of a Ride (3)
    Crow and Grieger continue their Turbo Duel. After bringing Skyfire back, Grieger manages to knock Crow off his Duel Runner, but Crow refuses to give in. However, Grieger counters this by summoning his Earthbound Immortal, Chacu Challhua. Crow finally manages to come up with a winning strategy, but the spirits of the people of Grieger's village appear in Chacu Challhua and Grieger's heart plunges into pure darkness. This makes Crow unsure about what to do. Will Crow be able to win and save Grieger?moreless
  • Greiger summons his Dark Synchro, which is Dark Flat Top, which allows him to special summon another Flying Fortress SKY FIRE, and then attacks Crow with it, which reduces Crow's life points to down 100.
  • 4/10/10
    As Crow and Greiger continue their duel, Yusei heads into the battle zone to see who is dueling, and is upset when he sees Greiger. He tries to take Crow's place in the duel, but Crow refuses to let him, saying he wants payback for what the Dark Signers did to the Satellite. Yusei lets him continue, but can Crow possibly win against the deck that almost defeated Yusei?moreless
  • Crow looks to elevate his game in order to ground Bommer's aerial attacks before they send him to his death.
  • 4/3/10
    Leo and Luna succeed in defeating Devack and freeing the Duel Monster Spirits. They use Ancient Fairy Dragon to neutralize the tower and they head to find Kalin. Meanwhile, Roman confronts the captive Greiger. He convinces him to become a Dark Signer and to go after Yusei. However, he ends up coming across Crow. Crow won't back down, so Greiger agrees to duel him.moreless
  • Crow challenges the newest member of the Dark Signers to a Turbo Duel, his opponent unleashes an aerial assault of his own.
  • 3/27/10
    As Leo continues his duel with Devack, Leo finally seems to gain the upper hand, but Devack summons out his Earthbound Immortal Cusillu. In the Spirit World, although their first attempt to save Ancient Fairy Dragon fails, Luna, Torunka, and Regulus manage to use the power of the Minus Staff to defeat Zeman. However, Ancient Fairy Dragon remains sealed. In order to finally free her, Devack must be defeated. Torunka sends Luna back to the real world and she replaces Leo in the duel. Will she be able to defeat Devack and save Ancient Fairy Dragon?moreless
  • Regulus must come to her rescue in order to save her and the Spirit World from Zeman's Minus Curse.
  • 3/20/10
    Leo and Devack continue their duel. Although Leo has greatly improved his dueling skills, Devack still manages to outwit him and push him back into a corner. Can he win against the powerful Dark Signer? Meanwhile, in the Spirit World Luna and Torunka find Regulus, who has been placed under the power of the minus curse. Zeman's army is after Regulus, and Luna needs his help to rescue Ancient Fairy Dragon. Can Luna save Regulus and save Ancient Fairy Dragon?moreless
  • Luca and her new found friend Torunka hatch a plan to free Regulus from King Zeman's minus curse.
  • 8/29/09
    Leo and Devack continue their duel, but no matter what Leo does, Devack out powers him. Is there any chance for him to defeat this powerful Dark Signer? Meanwhile, Luna is wandering the Spirit World when she comes across a town. She is soon put in danger when an army of monkeys appears and tries to capture her. However, a magician by the name of Torunka appears to save her, and agrees to help her on her quest to find Regulus and save Ancient Fairy Dragon. Will they be able to find Regulus?moreless
  • As Luca searches the Spirit World for a way to free Ancient Fairy Dragon from her stone prison, Lua searches his deck for a card combo that will help him defeat Demak and his Army of Apes.
  • 8/22/09
    The Dark Signers appear before the Signers and tell them to meet them the next day at the Four Stars of Destiny, the control towers of the original reactor. That night the signers plan their strategy, and decide to split up, each signer going to one of the four towers. The next day they set out. Leo and Luna go to the tower where Devack waits in order to save Ancient Fairy Dragon. However, on the way Luna is transported to the spirit world, where she begins her quest. With Luna in the spirit world, Leo decides to duel Devack for her. Although Devack is against the idea at first, he agrees to duel him. But will Leo be able to defeat the Dark Signer?moreless
  • Luca gears up to face Demak in a Shadow Duel, but before the first card can be thrown, Luca is transported back to the Spirit World leaving her pint sized brother Lua the tall task of taking down this Dark Signer.
  • 8/15/09
    Yusei and Roman continue their duel. Roman reveals that he is responsible for the Zero Reverse incident that allowed the army of shadows to return to this world, and is also responsible for ruining all of Yusei's father's work. Roman summons his Earthbound Immortal, Uru. As Uru begins to battle, Martha, Trudge, and Taka are put in grave danger, and Martha sacrifices herself to Uru in order to save the kids. Roman then brings Rally's spirit into the duel to duel for him. Yusei is enraged by all of this and vows to defeat Roman no matter what.moreless
  • Yusei must figure out a way to squash Rudger's Earthbound Immortal before it sends him and his pals to their deaths.
  • Mark of the Spider (1)
    Yusei, Jack, Akiza, Leo, Luna, Mina and Trudge arrive Martha's house where she and Blister are waiting. Martha informs everyone that Crow, Rally and the others have gone missing, and offers everyone a meal. As she prepares the meal, Trudge, Leo, and Luna begin to see that their views of satellite residents is dramatically different from what the residents are actually like. During dinner, a man appears outside Martha's home. After seeing that he is a Dark Signer, Yusei agrees to duel him, but takes him into town so that everyone will be safe. Akiza goes with him, and some of the kids also follow them, and soon find out that they are in danger. Can Yusei defeat this Dark Signer and keep everyone safe?moreless
  • 8/1/09
    Lazar and Crow continue their duel, with Lazar being able to use Crow’s file to predict his moves and gain the lead. Crow manages to turn the tables and starts to beat Lazar, but a mysterious energy erupts from the ground and covers the satellite, and causes all its residents to disappear. Back in the city, the signers (and Leo) prepare to head to the satellite in order to save the world and fulfill their destiny.moreless
  • With Yeager's creepy clowns about to crack Crow's defense, Crow hatches a plan to lull his opponent into a false sense of security so that his feathered friends can swoop in and swipe the last of Yeager's life points.
  • 7/25/09
    The signers are still at Goodwin’s place, thinking over everything that Goodwin told them. Jack, Akiza, and Luna are ready to face the Dark Signers, but Yusei is not so sure, believing that it is his fault that Kalin became a Dark Signer. Jack decides to convince Yusei that he must help them. Meanwhile, Lazar is in the satellite doing something for Goodwin when Crow spots him. Crow accuses him of being a Dark Signer, and forces him into a duel.moreless
  • In an effort to rid the Satellite Sector of the Dark Signers, Crow ventures out and challenges a sinister looking sneak to a duel.
  • The Signs of Time
    Episode 42
    Mina goes over some files from the Arcadia Movement with Yusei and Akiza, and Akiza is overwhelmed when she finds out about what Sayer was really doing. Goodwin summons the Signers (with Leo tagging along) to his house where he hopes to finally reveal the truth about the Crimson Dragon, the Dark Signers, and the Earthbound Immortals, but will all of the signers questions be answered, and will they decide to help save the world?moreless
  • With Yusei, Jack, Aki and Luca all gathered together, Director Goodwin seizes the moment and decides to shed some light on the dark and formidable foes the four Signers will soon be battling.
  • 1/23/10
    Yusei and Akiza continue their duel, with Akiza still bitter about everything that has happened in her life, as well as the loss of Sayer. Yusei and her father make repeated attempts to get through to her, Yusei even summoning Stardust Dragon in the process, but nothing works. Will one of them finally be able to break threw to Akiza and save her from herself?moreless
  • Yusei turns to his trusty Stardust Dragon in an effort to keep the power of Aki's Black Rose Dragon at bay.
  • Clash of The Dragons (1)
    Following the destruction of the Arcadia Movement, Akiza has fallen into a coma, and she is showing no signs of awakening. Her parents arrive at the hospital, and Jack tells them that Yusei is the only person who can finally save Akiza from her conflicts. Her dad goes to get Yusei, and then reveals what happened between Akiza and her parents. Eventually Yusei agrees to go see her, but when she awakens she is furious that her parents and Yusei have showed up, and starts to duel Yusei. Will Yusei be able to save Akiza once and for all?moreless
  • Aki's father turns to Yusei in a last ditch effort to wake his beloved daughter from her catatonic condition.
  • Digging Deeper (3)
    Digging Deeper (3)
    Episode 39
    The shadow duels between Sayer & Carly and Akiza & Misty continue, with the two Dark Signers showing no signs of backing down. As the duels progress, both Misty and Carly summon their Earthbound Immortals, causing the citizens of New Domino to be sacrificed. With these two fearsome monsters around, is there any hope for anyone to escape from the Arcadia Movement? Meanwhile, Devack pays Greiger a visit, offering him the chance for revenge.moreless
  • As the Dark Signer double duel draws to a climactic close, Carly and Misty unfold a catastrophic card combo that could send Aki and Divine to their deaths.
  • Digging Deeper (2)
    Episode 38
    After losing her duel to Sayer, Carly is recruited by the Dark Signers. She returns to Sayer's office and confronts him and challenges him to a Shadow Duel. Thinking he will win again, he accepts, but this duel may go very differently now that Carly is a Dark Signer. Meanwhile, Misty arrives at the Arcadia Movement and confronts Akiza about her brother. When Akiza says that she knows nothing about her brother, Misty reveals she is a Dark Signer and challenges Akiza to a duel.moreless
  • Divine signs up for a Shadow Duel against a Dark Signer who's out for revenge while Aki agrees to battle a dark and sinister supermodel.
  • Digging Deeper (1)
    Episode 37
    After Jack, Carly, and Mina return to the city, Jack destroys her camera’s memory card, and all of her pictures relating to the Dark Signers. She decides to move on from Jack and try to investigate the other signers and there marks. She decides that he only option is to investigate the Arcadia Movement. After buying some info about them, she discovers that they have a connection to Misty Tredwell, and she goes to talk to her. After her talk with Misty, Carly sneaks into the Arcadia Movement and finds Sayer’s office, and some secret information. Sayer discovers her and forces her to duel, but the duel could have some horrible results. Meanwhile, Luna seeks the Ancient Fairy Dragon’s help, and discovers a way to save her.moreless
  • Carly sets out hoping to uncover the mystery behind the Crimson Dragon but she soon finds herself squaring off in a psychic duel with Divine.
  • 12/19/09
    Yusei’s operation is successful and he begins to recover at Martha’s place. Meanwhile, with no e-mail from Yusei, Leo, Luna, Tanner, and Yanagi decide to go to the Arcadia Movement and try to convince Akiza to help them defeat the Dark Signers. When they arrive, Sayer pretends that he supports them and he goes to get Akiza. However, as he leaves the room, a gas fills the room and the other four fall asleep. When they awake, Luna is in a room with Akiza overlooking a duel field where Sayer and Leo are. Sayer wants to make Luna part of the Arcadia Movement, but first wants to see if Leo has the same powers that she does. He forces Leo to duel in order to save his sister.moreless
  • Can Lua pass this pop quiz or will this psychic showdown with Divine leave Lua locked up forever?
  • Dark Signs (4)
    Dark Signs (4)
    Episode 35
    Yusei and Kalin continue their duel. As they continue to reveal more about their past, Kalin begins the end of the duel. After sacrificing tons of people, he summons a towering monster known as an Earthbound Immortal. He uses it to attack Yusei and the force causes his Duel Runner to crash and he is severely injured. Crow and the others arrive, and Crow takes Yusei to see someone named Martha immediately, and when they arrive they must begin to operate on him immediately. Meanwhile, Rally, Tank, Nervin, and Blitz are given the task of bringing Yusei's runner to Martha's house, but that is easier said then done when the must go down the satellite's most dangerous street.moreless
  • Yusei tries to figure out a way to outduel and outmaneuver the unstoppable power of Kiryu's dark deck.
  • Dark Signs (3)
    Dark Signs (3)
    Episode 34
    Yusei and Kalin continue their duel. However, while Yusei relies on his same old cars, Kaln has a deck full of Dark Tuner Monsters, and with his knowledge of Yusei's deck, he is able to beat him down and take a nice lead. Meanwhile, they continue to reveal more about their pasts as "The Enforcers".moreless
  • Dark Signs (2)
    Episode 33
    After discovering that Yusei is about to duel a Dark Signer, Jack heads to the battlefield. Rally and the others soon follow after seeing Yusei and Crow are gone. As Kalin taunts Yusei about being a signer, Jack reveals that Yusei, Crow, Kalin, and himself used to be a team called "The Enforcers" who worked to make the satellite safe for everyone by getting rid of duel gangs. However, Kalin eventually left the group after the other three began to disagree with his methods. Wanting to have some fun with Yusei, Kalin begins a duel with him.moreless
  • Yusei agrees to face-off against a former friend turned Dark Signer in a Shadow Duel.
  • Dark Signs (1)
    Episode 32
    Rally, Nervin, Blitz, Tank, and Blister arrive at the sight of the bridge, where they are soon reunited with Yusei and Crow. That night Crow tells everyone the history behind the bridge that would have connected the satellite to New Domino City. That night Yusei tries to leave the group to go to the old reactor, but Crow tags along. As they make their way, Kalin confronts the two and begins a duel with Yusei.moreless
  • 11/4/08
    Yusei and Crow set off to confront the Dark Signers.
  • The Reunion Duel
    Episode 31
    Yusei arrives back in the satellite where he runs into Crow. It turn out that Crow and Yusei are old friends. Crow and Yusei head to Yusei's old hideout where he finds that Blister, Rally, Nervin, Blitz, and Tank are alright. The reunion is cut short when Sector Security comes looking for Crow. Crow flees, and Yusei follows. The security guards then force them to duel. Meanwhile, Jack leaves Carly's apartment. Wanting an exclusive, Carly follows Jack around New Domino City trying to get him to open up. However, Jack is still sad and angry about this defeat in the Fortune Cup.moreless
  • Yusei meets up with his old friend Crow and soon finds himself in a tag-team Turbo Duel with Sector Security.
  • Fight or Flight
    Episode 30
    At the confiscated deck storage building, a satellite resident by the name of Crow is stealing a bunch of decks. After Sector Security shows up he flees. However, a security guard catches up to him and forces him to duel. Meanwhile, Yusei confronts Goodwin and demands to know the truth about everything. Goodwin then tells Yusei all about the history of the Crimson Dragon and the signers, as well as how the satellite and New Domino City became separated.moreless
  • 10/22/08
    Director Goodwin decides to share with him the secrets behind the origin of the Satellite Sector and the ongoing war between Signer and Dark Signer.
  • Good Cop, Bad Cop
    Episode 29
    Wanting to learn the truth about everything that has happened, Yusei has Trudge escort him to Goodwin. Once Goodwin is ready to talk, Lazar sends Trudge to fetch Jack. At a party celebrating the release of a film about Jack's rise to fame, Angela Rains reveals that Jack is from the satellite. Wanting an exclusive, Carly sneaks into the hospital where he is in order to talk to him. However, Trudge is also there, and he has been possessed by the the Dark Singers and he confronts Jack. Jack agrees to duel, but he must have help from Carly. Will Jack be able to defeat the possessed Trudge in his weakened state?moreless
  • Officer Trudge unknowingly becomes one of the Dark Signers' drones and challenges a wounded Jack Atlas to a Shadow Duel.
  • A Web of Deceit (2)
    A Web of Deceit (2)
    Episode 28
    Yusei continues his duel with the Shadow Drone, and the Shadow Drone is keeping Yusei on edge. However, with some clever planning, Yusei defeats the drone. With Sector Security coming, Yusei flees and goes back to Blister's place. Security arrives and takes Carly and the Shadow Drone, who now has no memories of the duel and no longer possesses the monsters he used, into custody. The Dark Signers decide to go after their next target, who just happens to be Jack, who is still recovering from his duel with Yusei. Yusei decides to sneak back into the satellite and get some answers from Goodwin.moreless
  • Yusei must rely on his deck if he plans to survive this Shadow Duel and uncover the truth behind the Dark Signers sinister scheme to destroy the Satellite Sector.
  • A Web of Deceit (1)
    Episode 27
    Yusei has defeated Jack and become the new duel champion. With tons of reporters wanting to talk to him, Yusei and his friends sneak out of the arena and head to Blister's place. A reporter by the name of Carly Carmine decides to investigate what Goodwin is up to after he denies that Yusei has a mark on his arm. Meanwhile, a new criminal organization is gathering in New Domino City with the intention of defeating Goodwin and the signers. As their first strike, they send a Shadow Drone to duel Yusei.moreless
  • Yusei is challenged to a Shadow Duel by an underground duelist whose mind has been taken over by the Dark Signers.
  • 3/7/09
    Yusei and Jack continue their duel and neither one of them is willing to lose. As the duel progress the two summon their mighty dragons, which awakens the Crimson Dragon. The Crimson Dragon transports the signers to another dimension where they see visions of New Domino City and the satellite being destroyed. With these visions, they realize that a great task lies ahead of them, but first Jack and Yusei must finish their duel. Who will ultimately win and claim the title of Duel Champion?moreless
  • Yusei and Jack find themselves on a collision course with destiny as they race to unlock the mystery behind the Crimson Dragon.
  • 2/28/09
    Yusei has defeated Akiza and now he gets the chance to battle Jack. Yusei decides to talk to Goodwin before the duel to get some answers. First he tells the rest of the group to get Luna out of the stadium because he believes that she could be put in harm. However, Lazar and the security guards prevent them from leaving. Yusei confronts Goodwin, but Jack interrupts and tells him everything, including what really happened two years when he left the satellite. With some answers revealed and Yusei's friends freed, the duel finally starts. Who will win, and will the fifth signer finally be revealed?moreless
  • Jack decides to clear the air and reveal the truth behind his escape from the Satellite Sector.
  • 2/21/09
    Yusei and Akiza's duel continues. Yusei is determined to make Akiza realize that she is not alone and that he can help her. However, her pain and suffering causes her to not listen to Yusei and think otherwise. With Akiza's relentless attacks continuing, will Yusei be able to win and convince her that he will help her?moreless
  • Yusei is forced to unleash his mighty Stardust Dragon in order to stop Aki's grisly garden from squeezing his life points into submission.
  • 2/14/09
    It is time for the final round of the Fortune Cup. The final match is going to be Yusei vs. Akiza. Both duelists are determined to win. Akiza is determined to win so she can help the Arcadia Movement with their goal, while Yusei is hoping to show Akiza that he wants to help her and become her friend. Who will ultimately win the high stakes duel?moreless
  • Yusei and Aki get set to battle it out as Director Goodwin anxiously awaits the final Signer to reveal their Mark of the Dragon.
  • The Profiler
    Episode 22
    Following Greiger's outburst, Goodwin tries to settle the crowd by saying that his loss went to his head and that he will get "help". With that taken care of, Lazar goes to speak to Commander Koda. The next match is Koda vs. Akiza, and Koda assures Lazar that with all of his research and knowledge, he should be able to push Akiza to her limits and prove once and for all if she really is a signer.moreless
  • Dueling Minds
    Episode 22
    In the second battle of the semi-finals, Akiza squares off against the professional profiler - Commander Koda.
  • Aki squares off against the professional profiler - Kodo Kinomiya, but with her tournament life on the line, can Aki outplay an opponent who claims to know her every move, or will her past help the profiler pick her game apart?
  • 1/31/09
    Yusei and Greiger continue their duel, and Greiger is more determined then ever to win. With every turn he backs Yusei into a corner with stunning combos, leaving Yusei little room to do more then just barely save himself. Will Yusei be able to somehow pull out a win and advance to the the next round?moreless
  • With no cards left in his hand and his life points about to get blasted by Bommer, Yusei has one draw left to take down this tower of power to keep in the hunt to duel Jack in the championship round.
  • 1/24/09
    The first round of the Fortune Cup is over, and the second round begins the next day. The first duel is going to be between Yusei and Greiger. In order to help Yusei, Leo decides to try and catch a sneak peak of Greiger's duel runner, but he ends up being caught. Greiger brings Leo back to his and Luna's house where he talks to Yusei. He reveals that his village was devastated and if he helps Goodwin, then Goodwin will help him rebuild it. He then says that he must defeat Yusei, no matter what. Meanwhile, Blister sneaks into the Satelitte where he discovers that Rally, Tank, Blitz, and Nervin's hideout has been raided and they are missing. This makes Yusei more determined then ever to win the Fortune Cup, but who will ultimately win the next match, Yusei or Greiger?moreless
  • The semi-finals of the Fortune Cup are about to begin and the first match of day two features Yusei going toe-to-toe with the tower of power - Bommer.
  • 1/17/09
    As the duel between Luna and The Professor continues, Luna has traveled to the Spirit World and is confused. Following a mysterious voice, she begins to remember her past, and her promise to protect the Spirit World. But will she be able to save it from the relentless Professor?
  • 1/10/09
    Knowing that Leo dueled in Luna's place during the first round, Goodwin decides to have a consolation round and pick two of the defeated duelists to battle. They pick Luna and The Professor. Goodwin wants The Professor to use his hypnotic powers to expose Luna as a signer and to uncover the secrets of the Duel Monster Spirit World.moreless
  • As the battle between the Professor and Luna continues, Luna looks to keep a promise she made to protect the Duel Monster Spirit World, but in order for her to succeed she must first break free of the hypnotic hold the Professor has on her.
  • Director Goodwin enlists the hypnotic powers of Professor Frank to expose Luca as a Signer and uncover the secrets she unknowingly knows of the Duel Monster Spirit World.
  • Surprise, Surprise
    Episode 17
    The next match in the Fortune Cup is Yusei vs Shiro, a masked duelist who doesn't like to play fairly. However, when the duel is set to start, Shiro takes off his robe, and as a shock to everyone, it is former champion Hunter Pace under it! Hunter stole Shiro's disguise in order to battle Yusei. Goodwin agrees to let them duel and their Turbo Duel begins. Will Yusei be able to defeat the former Duel Champion?moreless
  • With the first Riding (Turbo) Duel of the Fortune Cup set to start, a surprise guest forces Yusei's competition to take an unexpected pit stop.
  • 12/27/08
    The second round of the Fortune Cup is about to start. Goodwin and Lazar decide to use Sir Randsborg to duel Akiza, the Black Rose. Wanting to know if she is a signer or not, Goodwin tells Randsborg to push her to the limit. As the duel begins, both sides are seemingly matched, but Yusei can sense that Akiza has more then enough tricks up her sleeve.moreless
  • The second duel of the Fortune Cup is about to get under way as the mysterious duelist known as the Black Rose Witch finds herself having to face off against a medieval menace named Sir Launcebeaux.
  • 12/20/08
    The Fortune Cup is about to start. While it appears to be a normal Duel Monsters tournament filled with elite duelists, it is actually all part of Goodwin's plans to locate the three remaining signers. As the tournament gets started, Leo disguises himself as Luna and duels in her place against Greiger, a tactful duelist who has a deadly three card combo. Meanwhile, Zigzix's EnerD machine begins to pick up signer energy.moreless
  • The stage is set for the Fortune Cup, as eight elite duelists vie for the chance to take on the reigning champion Jack Atlas.
  • 12/13/08
    With no choice but to compete in the Fortune Cup, Yusei begins to fix up his runner for the competition. Yanagi and Tanner are both granted early release from the Facility, and join up with Yusei. After finding out that Yusei is going to compete in the Fortune Cup, Jack decides to give Stardust Dragon back to him. Meanwhile, Leo and his friend Dexter decide to try and find the mysterious Black Rose.moreless
  • As Lua and his pal Tenpei venture into the narrows of New Domino City to find the mysterious duelist known as the Black Rose Witch, Saiga breaks out a plan to keep Yusei's friends in the Satellite Sector safe from Goodwin's goons.
  • A Duel to Remember
    Episode 13
    Luna and Leo, two twins who live in the area of New Domino City for extremely wealthy people called the Tops, bring Yusei to their apartment to rest. After he awakes, it turns out that he has amnesia. Leo challenges Yusei to a duel to help him regain his memory. Meanwhile, Goodwin is planning on inviting Yusei to the upcoming Fortune Cup tournament, and Trudge has surrounded the Tops, hoping to finally capture Yusei and send him to the Facility for good.moreless
  • 12/5/08
    When Yusei is under hospitality of a pint sized player named Leo, he agrees to duel with him in return.
  • The Take Back (2)
    Episode 12
    Yusei and Trudge continue their duel. Thankfully Blister comes through for Yusei and helps him escape to the ground floor. Trudge is still hot on his trail though. Blister then shows up in person to offer Yusei assistance. Will Yusei be able to beat Trudge again and escape?
  • With Officer Ushio in hot pursuit, Yusei looks to rev his game up before the long arm of the law grabs a hold of him for good!
  • The Take Back (1)
    Episode 11
    Now that he is free from The Facility, Yusei seeks out Blister, a guy who Tanner said could help him retrieve his Duel Runner. Yusei heads to a bar where he does what Tanner said and the bartender tells him that Blister will find him. He also tells Yusei that he is being followed. The guys in suits are Goodwin's men, sent to keep track of Yusei. As Yusei leaves the club, Blister appears and takes Yusei away, jamming his tracking signal so Sector Security can't follow them. At his apartment, Blister gives Yusei everything he will need to break into Security and get his Runner back. That night Yusei heads into the Security building. Just as he is about to get his runner back, Trudge appears. Yusei tries to flee on his Runner, but Trudge corners him. Now Yusei must duel Trudge and find a way out of the building.moreless
  • After being freed from the Facility, Yusei risks being re-incarcerated when he tries to take back his Duel Runner from Sector Security's security vault.
  • The Lockdown Duel (2)
    Yusei's duel with Armstrong continues. However, it is soon revealed that not only is Armstrong not having the electric current go through to his duel disk, but he is also using the security cameras to look at Yusei's deck. With the fate of everyone in The Facility on his shoulders, will Yusei be able to pull through and win, especially when he is using a randomly put together deck?moreless
  • 11/14/08
    As the clash between Yusei and the Chief comes to a shocking conclusion, Yusei must figure out a way to win the battle before his life points get zapped to zero.
  • 11/8/08
    Yusei is transfered to the long term cell block along with Tanner and Yanagi. Yusei's new roommate Alex has dvised a plan to escapse the facility, and offers to take Yusei with him. Yusei says that he will go if he brings Tanner and Yanagi as well. Meanwhile, Goodwin wants to make sure that the mark that appeared on Yusei's arm is real and tells the supervisor of the Facility to make Yusei want to duel. Armstrong then accuses Tanner of breaking the rules, and they catch Yanagi with cards. Armstrong then says that unless their accomplice comes forward, they will all be punished. Yusei steps forward, and agrees to duel Armstrong. But can he win with a deck made out of the prisoner's random cards?moreless
  • After being sent to the Maximum Security Zone in The Facility, Yusei risks being permanently placed in lockdown when he decides to duel Chief Takasu in order to win a pardon for his pal.
  • Fire It Up!
    Episode 8
    In the facility, Yusei, under the orders of Goodwin, must undergo various tests in order to examine the Dragon mark on his arm. Goodwin then pays a visit to the facility to see Yusei. Meanwhile, Jack duels Hunter Pace as part of a contractual agreement, although his passion for dueling has diminished due to his duel with Yusei.moreless
  • With Yusei still serving out his sentence at The Facility, Jack finds himself having to face-off against former Riding (Turbo) Duel Champion Mukuro Enjo in a rematch that could send Jack's career up in smoke.
  • The Facility (2)
    Episode 7
    Yusei decides to duel Tanner using Yanagi's Treasure Deck. Tanner believes that it will be an easy victory, but he is soon proven otherwise when Yusei effectively uses combos that make the duel an even match. But who will ultimately win? Meanwhile, Goodwin decides to tell Jack all about the Crimson Dragon and the Signers.moreless
  • Yusei duels the top dog at The Facility using Yanagi's Treasure deck. Meanwhile, Jack learns about the mystery surrounding his Mark of the Crimson Dragon.
  • 10/24/08
    Yusei duels the top dog at The Facility using Yanagi's Treasure deck. Meanwhile, Jack learns about the mystery surrounding his Mark of the Crimson Dragon.
  • The Facility (1)
    Episode 6
    Yusei is arrested by Sector Security and taken to the The Facility, a jail for people who break the law. There he meets a man named Yanagi, who owns a Treasure deck. Another Facility inmate named Bolt Tanner decides to "welcome" Yusei and Yanagi and forces them to duel. Yanagi is up first, but all his talk about his great deck soon fades as Tanner takes the lead. Meanwhile, Jack interrupts one of Goodwin's meetings where he learns that he would have lost the duel. He also learns that the beast that emerged in his and Yusei's duel was the Crimson Dragon, and that the marks that appeared on his and Yusei's hand mean that they are Signers.moreless
  • Look at My Treasured Deck!
    After being sent to The Facility, Yusei befriends an odd old man who duels with a treasure deck full of ancient mystic cards.
  • 10/11/08
    As the duel between Yusei and Jack continues, Jack backs Yusei into a corner by summoning his all powerful ace Red Dragon Archfiend, as well as the card he took from Yusei, Stardust Dragon. However, Yusei turns the tables by bringing Stardust Dragon to his side. During the duel a strange pain fills Yusei and Jack's arms, and something strange is about to emerge, but what is it?moreless
  • As the clash between Jack and Yusei comes to a climatic close, a mysterious creature appears as their two Dragon's duke it out.
  • 10/4/08
    Yusei finally arrives in New Domino City where he immediately encounters Jack. Yusei wants his Stardust Dragon back, and with no need for it anymore, Jack gives it to him. However, Yusei gives it right back saying that he is going to win it back in a duel. Jack agrees to a duel and the two head to the Kaiba Dome to duel. But will Yusei be able to win his best card back? Meanwhile, Goodwin's men begin to test out a new type of energy.moreless
  • After making it through to New Domino City, Yusei confronts his old friend Jack Atlas and challenges him to a Riding (Turbo) Duel.
  • 10/3/08
    Yusei confronts his old friend Jack Atlas and challenges him to a Turbo Duel.
  • Pipe Dreams
    Episode 3
    Yusei has found his one way into New Domino City. He must make it through a maintenance shaft linking the city with the Satellite. However, the shaft is only open for three minutes. As midnight approaches, Yusei heads out. However, Sector Security finds him and Trudge goes into pursuit. Trudge catches up to Yusei and forces him into a duel. Now, Yusei must duel Trudge and worry about making it through the shaft in time.moreless
  • Looking to get his Stardust Dragon card back from Jack Atlas, Yusei takes off in a race against timeÉ and Sector Security.
  • Creepy Crawlies
    Episode 2
    Yusei believes he has finally found a way to get out of the satellite. A bully in the factory trips Tank and demands a new pair of shoes. When he comes to collect them he demands Yusei's duel runner instead. Yusei agrees to duel him in order to keep it.
  • 9/19/08
    With his Duel Runner on the line, Yusei finds himself dueling against a bully who battles with a deck full of bugs.
  • 9/13/08
    Years into the future, Domino City has evolved into New Domino City, and a new dueling system dominates. Yusei Fudo, a duelist stuck in the dingy satellite area, is determined to somehow improve his duel runner and go after his rival Jack Atlas, who stole his runner, his best card, and his potential fame. Yusei's friend Rally gives him a chip that could help him boost his runner's speed, but Sector Security comes looking for Rally. Yusei tricks the security and leads them on a chase. After ending the chase, Yusei engages in a duel with security officer Trudge, and if he wins then Trudge and security have to leave Rally alone.moreless
  • 9/12/08
    Hoping to save his friends from the clutches of Sector Security, Yusei Fudo challenges his old nemesis Officer Ushio to a Riding Duel!