Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

Season 1 Episode 7

The Facility (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 25, 2008 on The CW
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Yusei decides to duel Tanner using Yanagi's Treasure Deck. Tanner believes that it will be an easy victory, but he is soon proven otherwise when Yusei effectively uses combos that make the duel an even match. But who will ultimately win? Meanwhile, Goodwin decides to tell Jack all about the Crimson Dragon and the Signers.moreless

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  • episode 7

    Yusei continues his new life in jail and duels with yanagi's rare treasure deck to show that its not worthless. tanner has thje upperhand dueing the dule but yusei is able toi win using triangle-o to refelect the damge he would take to tanner. it know seems like tanner will be yusei's friend. meanhwile jack is taken by goodwin to learn the secrets of the crinsom dragon. this episode is very revealing becuase we learn about yliaster, the crisnom dragon, the nasca lines and the demons that are trapped beneath the earth because of the dragon. we learn about the signers and that jack and yusei are two of them.moreless
  • Yusei vs Himuro in an awe inspiring duel!

    This episode was very inspiring. It made me want to duel back in the day when the strongest card was Blue-Eyes White Dragon. The duel itself was pretty intese even though it was obvious who was going to win. And I wonder if old man Yanagi's deck will ever be made into real cards? They seem pretty cool. It also introduces in the Signers and revealed that both Jack and Yusei are two out of the five signers. Even though that was important I still say that they should have introduced this either before or after this episode because I just loved the duel so much and I don't like it when they are in the middle of a good duel and they interupt it.moreless
  • And so, the plot truly begins.

    And once again, the main character won using another character's deck. Yusei really believes no person or card in the world is useless. He really is noble. But really made this episode was the plot was revealed. That dragon is a god, sealed Wicked Gods into the Earth, and chose 5 people or Signers to save the world. So far, Yusei and Jack are two of the five signers. Himuro's back story is like an exact duplicate of Bandit Keith's back story. Like all over characters, Yusei has the power to forgive the people he beats. Himuro is now Yusei's friend.moreless
  • Yusei duels Himuro

    Last time on Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's:

    Yusei made a new friend called Yanagi and the Detention Cell bully, Himuro, dueled Yanagi and beat him badly. Himuro stomped on Yanagis cards, angering Yusei, making him challenge Himuro to a duel with yanagi's deck.

    The duel begins. Yusei manages to divert the damage dealt to him by the Crystal Skull towards Himuro. Himuro of course summons out his Great Bull Djinn and really beats down Yusei, but Yusei brings out 3 Crystal monsters and activates a card that is like Ojama Delta Hurricane, only it destroys all cards on the field. Yusei wins. Rex Godwin tells Jack Atlas the truth behind the Dragon Birthmarks.moreless

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