Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters

FOX (ended 2006)


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  • Season 1
    • The True King (2)
      The True King (2)
      Episode 12
      Even though they have defeated the Seven-Armed Fiend, Alex’s followers manage to destroy Tristan’s Shovel Crusher and Tea’s Dark Witch. The Pharaoh comes up with a plan, Joey and the others will attack the other monsters while he attacks Reshef. However, Reshef has more power than Yugi thought. To make matters worse, Alex sacrifices his minions’ monsters to power-up Reshef! Then, Alex attacks everyone, and continues to try and attack them. The Pharaoh uses all of his monsters to protect his friends against their wills. Then, as Alex attacks Yugi, his friends’ dragons come to help him, combining with his Duel Armor to form the Armor of Unity! Can this new armor help Yugi to beat Alex and save the world from his wrath?moreless
    • The True King (1)
      The True King (1)
      Episode 11
      Shadi tells everyone that they must compete in the final task to prove who is the true king and deserves the power. The task is an all out Capsule Monsters war! Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan, and Grandpa vs. Alex and his followers. The war doesn’t seem to go either way, until Alex scarifies all of his followers and their monsters to summon the Seven-Armed Fiend. The fiend seems unstoppable, and releases a bunch of little zombie warriors. The fiend is beating everybody no matter what they try. When the monster targets Grandpa, Thunder Kid, Baby Dragon, and Happy Lover step in to protect him and ends up being destroyed. Alex then reveals that his fiend can read minds, which is why they can’t stop them. To make matters worse, the zombies manage to overwhelm and destroy Flame Swordsman! Then using the power of the Millennium Puzzle, the Pharaoh manages to stop Alex’s mind-reading powers! Will this power be able to help him defeat Seven-Armed Fiend and Alex?moreless
    • The Fiendish Five (2)
      Glory is short lived as the Fiendish Five combines into one Giant Dragon! Grandpa informs them that it can only be beat with Light Monsters, so Tea and Tristan are the only ones able to fight. However, they are easily beaten. The little girl then goes to pray to the Divine Dragon for help. The Dragon responds and it turns out to be none other than the Blue-Eyes White Dragon! The Pharaoh fuses with Blue-Eyes and with both the power of Blue-Eyes and the Sword of Divinity, he manages to defeat the Fiendish Five and complete the final trial. Before the celebrations can began, Yugi and the others find out that Alex Brisbane is actually the Dark Side of Alexander The Great, and they must return to the real world and stop him from ruling the world!moreless
    • The Fiendish Five (1)
      After heading through the doorway, Yugi and his friends wind up where they began. All of a sudden the mysterious masked man, who turns out to be Alexander The Great, appears and tells them how he came to be trapped in the world of Capsule Monsters. He tells them about their final task and gives Grandpa a new Monster Capsule. After wandering, they wind up in village where a young girl is about to offer her soul the Divine Dragon, in order to protect her village from the Fiendish Five, Five dragons that will attack her village unless someone offers their soul. They discover that this in the final task – to use the nearby sword stuck in the ground in order to beat the Fiendish Five and save the young girl. However, the sword won’t come out! Now they must try to beat the dragons without the sword.moreless
    • Fruit Of Evolution
      After leaving the volcano, Yugi and friends wind up in a forest full of fruit. When Joey tries to eat a banana, it turns into the fourth trial. They must find "the apple that gives them a raise, and give it up to the sacred maze". After a giant "melon" falls into the ground they find a passage and follow it to a room with three golden apples. The "melon" turns out to be a giant worm that turns the room into a giant Labyrinth! With the help of Tea’s new monster and Tristan’s Shovel Crusher, the manage to escape the maze, only to be attacked by that little worm, who after eating one of the three golden apples, has evolved into a Great Moth!moreless
    • Red-Eyes Black Curse
      After following the door, Yugi and friends wind up at the base of an active, and ready to erupt volcano. Joey decides to run off and find a clue, however he is attacked by none other than the Red-Eyes Black Dragon! Meanwhile, the other four find the clue to their next trial - they must climb to the top of the volcano and remove the Sword of Chaos. With the help of Tristan's new Thunder Dragon, they make it to the top. However, at the top they are attacked by a Red-Eyes controlled Joey!moreless
    • Trial of Light and Shadow
      After combining with Dark Magician to defeat Mystical Sand, Yugi is really weak and not even Happy Lover can help him. As Yugi rests in a cave, a new scroll appears for the Second Trial. Joey, Tristan, and Grandpa decide to take on the challenge themselves. They must travel to the valley of light and break the unbreakable stone. They try to break the stone with their monsters, but it doesn’t work. Then a small monster attacks them! They don’t think very much of him, but he draws his power directly from the sun! Then they decide to force the monster to attack the stone. However, what they don’t realize is there was another part to the scroll that they didn’t see!moreless
    • Eye of the Storm
      Eye of the Storm
      Episode 5
      After escaping from the Fortress, everyone winds up at a village in the desert. Inside one of the houses, they are given a strange piece of paper telling of the first of the five trials. They hear of a voice from the desert telling them to turn back. Before they leave, the little girl gives Tea a strange pendant. In the desert, they are suddenly ambushed by Medusa Worms! After defeating one, four more pop up. To make matters worse, a sandstorm picks up separating everybody! Now the must defeat worms, as well as the “voice that rides the desert wind”.moreless
    • Fortress of Fear
      Fortress of Fear
      Episode 4
      Tristan finds an underground passage inside the Sea Temple and everyone follows it and they end up in an ancient graveyard! Then out of nowhere they are attacked by zombie monsters! After obtaining some new monster capsules, they manage to beat the monsters and get to the Fortress of Fear. However, the walls outside surround the temple. They figure out that four of them must imitate the position of the statues at the corners of the walls. When the door opens, Yugi goes inside to find the "treasure". However, Joey ends up breaking his pose and the four statues come to life and attack!moreless
    • Reunited At Last
      Reunited At Last
      Episode 3
      Yugi runs towards the lighting bolt hoping his friends are ok. At the beach, he finds Tea, Tristan, and Grandpa! In the forest, they set up a campfire and start to worry about Joey. All of a sudden, Joey spots the campfire, but falls off Baby Dragon and lands right in front of Tea. The Pharaoh begins to explain that he thinks they are in the world of Capsule Monsters and then Joey shows them the map he found. All of a sudden strange wolf-like monsters with flowers on their backs called Flower Wolves attack. They easily begin to overwhelm everyone. They use Celtic Guardian’s sword and Thunder Kid’s attack to blind them and escape. Soon after Joey and Tristan collapse from hunger, and realize they left their backpacks at the campfire. Then all of a sudden the island they are on starts to move! They realize it is an island turtle, which then sinks back into the sea. They find a temple in the lake and go inside where the find a huge lamp. La Ginn emerges and attacks, along with Neo Aqua Madoor. To make matters worse, they freeze Tea and Grandpa!moreless
    • Divide and Conquer
      Joey is still held captive by the strange blue bird. When the bird finally lets go he finds himself in the nest of its babies, he jumps off the cliff. After escaping from 3 nests, he ends up releasing Baby Dragon from capsule. He hopes on Baby Dragon and the two of them flee from the weird birds. After some clever maneuvering, they manage to escape. Back at the beach Tristan and Tea are attacked by a water monster. In the forest, the Pharaoh shouts out to everyone trying to warn them and it then ambushed by monster trees. After using Hinotama Soul, he defeats them, and goes to look for the others. Meanwhile, Tristan and Tea manage to beat their monster, on to have it become even stronger!moreless
    • Getting Played
      Getting Played
      Episode 1
      Yugi has been having strange nightmares and he doesn't get what they are about. The next day Yugi begins to wonder why Grandpa has not returned from his "secret" expedition. On the way to school, Joey wins four tickets for a free trip to India. Everyone packs up and boards the private plane heading for India. Just as they are nearing their destination, the plane's systems mysteriously fail and the plane crash-lands in a nearby river. Not wanting to sit and wait for the rescue team, they decide to go explore the nearby forest where they find a man, known as Dr. Alex Brisbane. They find out that Grandpa has disappeared while exploring a nearby pyramid with Alex. They search inside for Grandpa but they can't find him. While exploring the basement, they end up in being transported to another dimension! Joey is stuck on top of the mountain while the other three are in the forest. All of a sudden, Yugi, Tea, and Tristan are ambushed by a bunch of bugs!moreless