Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 3

A Duel In Love

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 12, 2005 on The CW
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A Duel In Love
Crowler tries to get Jaden kicked out by forging a love note from Alexis and sticking it in Jaden's locker; however, accidentally puts it in Syrus's locker, who takes the invite and walks in on the girls at the spa. Alexis soon learns what happened, and learns that the letter was for Jaden. Calling him down, Alexis agrees that she won't tell on Syrus if Jaden can beat her in a duel.moreless

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  • A great episode!

    This episode was pretty cool. It introduced Alexis properly to Jaden and kick started their friendship. To me it also hinted something starting between Jaden and Alexis. The duel between Jaden and Alexis was the most exciting, but then again it is only the beginning of the series so what can you do about it? We got to see more of Jaden's deck and introduced his second fusion, Elemental Hero Thunder Giant. Also one of the few times throughout the entire seires that we get to see Alexis duel. I thought the whole set up this time to get Jaden expelled was kind of dumb, but still pretty funny none the less.moreless
  • My second favorite episode! It has JxA!

    This is my second favorite episode so far. I know I already said that but... yeah. Why, you may ask, is this a fav. of mine? Well, it has Jaden and Alexis in it! Yeah, I'm obsessed with that couple but who cares. We finally meet Alexis and get to see an awesome duel. Other than that, it was okay. I'm not saying it's the most well written episode or anything, but it's still in my top 10. I do have a top 10 by the way. If you look at other reviews by me, I'm sure you'll find them. Anyways, I encourage all people who like this show to watch this. And if you disagree with me and think this is the worst episode ever etc., well, you're entitled to your own opinion.moreless
  • It was descent

    This episode was okay. I find it pretty sad that Syrus thought that Alexis liked him. It was really silly and retarded. Anyways Syrus gets kidnapped we see Alexis and Jaden duel. They advertise some of Alexis cards. We see that her prize monster is Cyber Blader. She duels very well but all of this is common knowledge. I dislike this episode because the title is "A duel in love" and everyone says that Alexis and Jaden are so cute in this episode. Its really annoying. Anyways Jaden wins and Alexis doesn't rat him out even though her friends tell her too.moreless

    This is one of the best episodes!!! Amazing!!! Jaden and Alexis facing off in a duel, a classic Boy and girl crushing on each other face off! Also Alexis's monsters are all girls, and Jaden using mainly Male super heroes. It was just plain amazing, I can't say anything else. I was shocked when Jaden said he was in love, wow, random. I think that they will have a thing in the future. I hope they will duel even more times, they always impress me with how they always win no mater what. (besides this duel where Alexis loses) :Dmoreless
  • Jaden and Alexis in LOVE!

    In this episode, Jaden, once again, one-ups Dr. Crowler during class. The doc gets frustrated and comes up with a diabolical and evil scheme to have Jaden explelled from Duel Acadamy. During Gym class, Crowler sneaks in the boys locker room with a forged letter saying that Alexis has been in love with him since she saw him. Unfortunatley, Syrus ends up with the letter and sneaks out of the Slifer Dorm room after dark to see Alexis. As fate would have it, Syrus get busted by Alexis and her friends and makes a deal with Jaden. If Jaden can beat Alexis, she will keep quiet about the whole trespassing thing. Jaden duels and beats Alexis with only a handful of life points to spare. After teh duel Alexis is thinking that Duel Acadamy would be better with them then without them. Maybe Alexis has developed feeling for the our Slifer Hero? We'll see what happens after this episode and go from there.moreless
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Lisa Ortiz


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Inconsistent editing: When Alexis, Jasmine, and Mindy were in the bath, 4kids added swimsuits because they weren't wearing anything in the original. But when Jasmine and Mindy come outside to see what the disturbance (Syrus trespassing in the girls' dorms) is, they're covered by towels, and not wearing bathing suits.

    • Alexis equips Fusion Weapon to Cyber Blader, a Level 7 monster. Fusion Weapon can only be equipped to Level 6 or lower Fusion Monsters.

    • When Jaden comes in to find Syrus is gone he said he had left the outhouse, but was drying his hair.

    • In the original version, Jaden's name was written on his boots.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Syrus: (runs to the locker room) Lousy girls' gym! They should make the sign bigger!

    • (After Jaden duels and defeats Alexis)
      Jasmine: (about Jaden and Syrus) Well if you asked me I think we should get both of them expelled right now!
      Alexis: Well nobody asked you

    • (upon hearing noise, Miss Fontaine arrives)
      Miss Fontaine: Girls! Just what on earth is going on down there?!
      (the girls and Syrus gasp)
      Alexis: Down. Hurry!
      (Jasmine and Mindy sit on Syrus, and the girls laugh nervously)
      Miss Fontaine: All right, what's up?
      Syrus: You guys are heavy!
      Jasmine: Beg your pardon!
      Mindy: Maybe you're just brittle!
      Alexis: Jeez, sorry, Miss Fontaine. We'll make sure to keep a lid on things.
      Miss Fontaine: Well, I should hope so! It's nearly midnight, and I have pilates in the morning.
      (she leaves)

    • Crowler: AH! I'm not a boy! I'm a man! I mean... AH! You don't know me, you don't know me, you don't know me! (runs in a jumpy manner of the steps into the water)

    • Jaden: We're not gonna expelled, Sy. I promise.
      Alexis: (thinking) Don't make promises you can't deliver.
      Jaden: (thinking) I hope I'm not making a promise I can't deliver.

    • Crowler: You try to expell one kid, and the entire world turns against you.

    • Syrus: (rowing to the girls dorm) I'm coming Alexis my darling!!!

    • Alexis: So are you impressed?
      Jaden: Impressed? I think I'm in love!
      Alexis: You're sweet. Too bad that I have to crush you!

    • Syrus: WHAT?...So I can't even get a fake love letter...

    • Jaden: (playing portable game) 300 move combo, yes!

    • (after hearing Syrus' explanation)
      Mindy: A love letter from Alexis? You're got to be kidding.
      Syrus: Yep! Ask her! (gives a wink to Alexis and laughs)
      Jasmine: Um, hello, like, Alexis is really tall, and you're really short. She's really good at dueling, and you're really not. She really hot, and...
      Syrus: But it's true. Just tell them, Alexis! I even have the note right here. Look. See?
      (he gives it to Jasmine, and she shows it to Alexis, but Alexis frowns)
      Alexis: Syrus, my name's not even spelled right there.
      Mindy: Sorry, Syrus. But I think someone is yanking your chain here.
      Syrus: So then you don't love me?
      Jasmine: (looks closer at the letter) Hey! Wait a second! This note is made out to Jaden Yuki!
      Syrus: WHAT?! Jaden?! But...!
      (Jasmine show Syrus the letter and Syrus has a sweatdrop behind his head)
      Syrus: So I can't even get a fake love letter!
      Alexis: I'm sorry, Syrus.
      Syrus: Me, too.

    • Syrus: (reading the fake love letter) Since the moment I first saw you, I've been...in love with you? Meet me tonight behind the girls dorm, endearingly... ALEXIS RHODES?! (drops down on the floor after seeing the person who "sent" the letter)
      Syrus: Boy, this sure is a lot better than what my mom usually writes me... (starts dreaming of him and Alexis running towards each other and later hold hands in a meadow)
      Alexis: Please be mine... (blushing)
      Syrus: Oh, I'm yours!

  • NOTES (7)


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