Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 10

A Greater Porpoise

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 01, 2006 on The CW
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A disappointed Jaden wanders around outer space. It's weird, but with a friendly dolphin-shaped space alien's guidance, Jaden is reunited with an illustrated card he drew in his childhood, which Kaiba Corp. launched into space. But, that card became perfect by evolving through the power of space's intention. Jaden duels a hostile alien life form. At the end of the universe, the energy form obtains the power of Neo Space, and Jaden starts to understand a new deck concept that gives his monsters a power up.moreless

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  • Neo spacians are Discovered!

    Amazing luved every second! Keep up the Good Series! I Never knew jaden created some freakishly cool cards. Its amazing how he does it. Its soooo cool and soooo recomended. Why do we have to write 100 words any way. ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! But hey if you ever get the chance WATCH THE EPISODES!!!! YOU CAN'T NOT LIKE IT. Crysalis dolphins look weak but that wierd neo spacians are sooo cool. Why r u still reading this? Get watching the series and keep this mindless babble in your head. See ya.moreless
  • Cool Jaden-Based Ep!

    I loved when Jaden got his new cards and dueled The Machine.If the Machine had better cards,he would be awesome and beat Jaden.I wish we saw Flare Neos though.But,This was the 2nd best ep.Future Changes is my 1st fave.I might watch Different Season 3 episodes on the Computer through.Candelayo was cool when he got beaten by Neos,and Jaden said,"Tell your boss,Jaden's back!".I loved the quote,and he even saw Yound Jaden.Aster was quite mean when he beat Jaden.But when I first saw this,I said,"I hope Jaden gets back to the academy".The writer's are very intelligent and a big thanks to them.

  • Truly an AWESOME episode!

    This is truly a great episode! Jaden goes to Neo-Space and learns that he is the chosen duelist who will defeat the light and restore order and balance to the whole universe. Jaden also recieves his new signature monster, Elemental Hero Neos. This episode is really special to me, not only because Jaden gets a new and improved deck, but it made its debut on my birthday. I will continue to watch Yu-gi-oh GX and see how Jaden will save the universe with his new deck. And on a different note, Chazz is still a nut-case loser. This episode will change the course of the series forever.moreless
  • Weirdest. Episode. Ever. o_O

    This was an unusual episode, even for YGO-GX standards. Don't get me wrong--it wasn't bad. It was just different. Really, really, different. =P

    It was definitely an important episode, too. Jaden's confidence (or overconfidence, rather) comes back in full force, and he receives a handy deck upgrade.

    I must say, I never expected a talking alien dolphin...but hey, it was still a funny and entertaining episode nonetheless. And if you plan on comprehending the stuff that happens in GX, this is not an eppie you wanna miss. It's got some important content in it.

    So I guess I recommend watching it. Not exactly because it's an awesome episode--more because it's an important episode due to the development in both character and deck...and Jaden's comprehension of aliens. -lol-moreless
  • Jaden winds up in a weird alterenate universe, where he has to duel with a brand-new deck to get his confidence back.

    Despite being somewhat unusual, this is still a great episode, what with Jaden getting a deck with brand-new cards and all (I especially like Dandelion and Neo Spacien Aqua Dolphin). Not to mention the fact that we get to see a cameo by Seto Kaiba himself! This is definetly a must-see episode.
Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson

Alien of Light/NeoSpacian AquaDolphin

Recurring Role

Sean Schemmel

Sean Schemmel

Tyrano Hasselberry

Recurring Role

Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Seto Kaiba

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Jaden: (Shouting up in the air) Hey up there! How about giving me a sign? Should I give up or duel again? Tell me!
      (Just then a shooting star appears)
      Jaden: A shooting star? That's a great sign! Now all I have to do is to figure out that it means!
      (The shooting star is coming straight towards him)
      Jaden: I change my mind! I don't want a sign!

    • Jaden: Okay! Calm down! So this is the great beyond, huh! (Then he begins to panic) Oh great! Just perfect! I've forgotten my swimsuit! And they better have cable up here!
      Aquos: Don't you realize television rots your brains?

    • Jaden: (To robot) Do you have a translation button?

    • Seto Kaiba: Just create a design for a new card, then mail your submission to the Kaiba Corporation, winners will be hand picked by me, then your cards will be launced into space on a Kaiba Corp. satellite. Cuz I figure, if there is intelligent life out there, then let's teach them how to duel.

    • Robot: Probability of victory: 99.8 percent.
      Jaden: Wrong! Because thanks to your monster, you're not allowed to draw a single card!
      Robot: Recalculating probability of victory: 99.7 percent.

    • Jaden: He's pretty tough for a fish in spandex.
      Aquos: I'm a mammal, not a fish!

    • Jaden: Scrap heap, meet my newest Elemental Hero, Elemental Hero Neos!

    • Jaden: It's time that Jaden got back in the game!

    • Aquos: (to Jaden) The fate of the universe now rests with you.

    • Alexis: (noticing where Syrus and Tyranno are searching for Jaden) Guys, we're looking for our friend! Not a hamster!

    • Jaden: (trying to decide where he is, on a beach by Jupiter in outer space) I get it! That shooting star did hit me, and now I bit the dust! (freaks out) Wow! Talk about your major bummers.

    • Jaden: Afterlife I could deal with, but alien dolphins? No way!

    • Aquos: The balanced has tipped, and we need you!
      Jaden: Who me?
      Aquos: Yes, you!
      Jaden: That's great... but this isn't really a good time, so good luck with that!

    • Aquos: Jaden, you alone can save our world. You have a gift.
      Jaden: Save the world? Been there, done that. I'm gonna have to take a raincheck this time.

    • Jaden: It's time to stop moping and start getting my game on!

  • NOTES (22)

    • Surprisingly, the fact that Jaden thought he was dead was not cut out of the dub.

    • In episodes 45 to 46, Professor Banner said that he only became a Shadow Rider for Jaden. At first, the reason why he knew that Jaden would come to Duel Academy was unknown, but, the Neo-Spacians waited for Jaden for centuries. Since Banner had a space deck, there might be a connection to the two.

    • Featured Duel: Jaden VS Alien of Light.

    • We learn that there is another world beside "The Dominion of the Beasts", a world called "NeoSpace", an outer space like dimension, which exists to maintain the balance between all things. The Neo-Spacians gave their power to Jaden to defeat the Society of Light, because they intended to destroy the darkness, and inadvertedly destroy the balance

    • We learn that Jaden actually won Seto Kaiba's contest (technically, in between the original Yu-Gi-Oh! and GX arc) and got his cards sent into space, in which they were the ones Jaden uses to win his duel.

    • Kaiba chose Jaden's cards to be sent into outer space.

    • When Jaden was younger he was watching Kaiba announce a new contest to see who could create new cards to send into outer space.

    • This is the first duel in which Jaden uses only one Elemental Hero, along with it being a brand new one

    • Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin's effect allows Jaden to discard a card from his hand and look into his opponent's hand and select one of their monster card, then he selects a monster on his side of the field and if his monster is weaker, Jaden loses 500 life points, but if it's stronger, then his opponent must discard the monster and take 500 points of damage. The only difference between the anime and the actual card is that in the actual game, the effect can only be used once per turn.

    • This is the first duel in which a player loses all of his/her lifepoints in one turn

    • Neo Spacian Aqua Dolphin becomes Jaden's new duel spirit ally.

    • Although Kaiba was always a skeptic about whether or not magic existed, he apparently was more willing to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life.

    • Neo-Spacian Debut: Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin.

    • The other cards in the android's hand are "Different Dimension Dragon", "D.D. Crazy Beast", and "D.D. Scout Plane".

    • Sartorious's Tarots

      The Reaper of Souls: Upright, this tarot represents destruction. Inverted, it represents rebirth. However, since it landed in a diagonal position, Sartorious is confused by its meaning. It could mean neither... or both.

    • This is the first time we see a flashback of when Jaden was young. (Response: Actually, this is the second time. The first time was during episode 5).

    • Title Pun: A Greater Purpose

    • First time Jaden summons a high level monster by sacrificing the normal amount of monsters needed rather than using the effect of a spell, trap or monster card

    • As of this episode, Jaden has used every non-fusion Elemental Hero at least once.

    • Elemental Hero Debut: Elemental Hero Neos

    • Jaden gets a Neospacian deck

    • Seto Kaiba is seen in this episode.


    • Elemental Hero Neos: Dark Magician

      Jaden's signature monster is now a 7-star normal monster with an attack of 2500, Elemental Hero Neos. This makes a similarity Yugi's signature monster, Dark Magician, in the previous series.

    • Aquos: (to Jaden) The fate of the universe now rests with you.

      This sounds like a variant of Yugi's annoyingly repetitive mantra from the original series' Season 2 and 3: "The fate of the world depends on it."

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