Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 4 Episode 1

A Looming Threat! The Mysterious Visitor!

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 17, 2007 on The CW

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  • whear

    how do i watch it

  • question???

    how do i watch this episode of
  • Keeps you thinking whats gonna happen next!!!!

    I wonder whose the new character about and how he/she will help the Jadens gang out if it's a teacher or and student. Sucks the exchange students have to leave but I have a feeling that well see them soon maybe in the middle of the season. But the summary didn't say what happened to Bastion, Zane and Aster. Bastion could have go back and work more with Eininstin or go back to school. Aster might go back to pros and Zane.....i have no idea after all he has been throw. Did Hasseberry stay in Ra or move to the blue dorm with the others? Jaden in the other hand reviced a cell phone from a unknown person who send messages to him?? i gotta i predict thats gonna be the biggest question of the season. Who send Jaden the phone? and why? Is it good or bad? Well guess we have no choice but to wait! To make it more easy here what I know so far about th main characters of the series Jaden-red dorm Chazz-blue dorm Syrus-blue dorm Alexis-blue dorm Atticus-blue dorm Hasselberry-probably still staying with Jaden but in Yellow dorm Blair-blue dorm Bastion-yellow dorm but still unknown for season 4 Aster-pro but is he still going to school? Zane-normal now but is he really back? Jesse-back in North Jim-back at South Adian-back at East Axel-back at West
  • Nice!

    This is a great episode,well it's summary is.I hope Yusuke uses a Sky Devil Lord deck,but maybe a goodie.He could use Yusuke Heroes.Anyways,This problem seems like it's realy major becuase a Duel Academy not able to duel..And Yugioh Gx should have a movie about the villian disturbing the academy more,so Jaden duels him/her and Johan is turned back to his Human form.And Syrus uses Zane's deck and Zane's gost comes back to help Jaden.Kagemaru,Yubel and Sartorius also come back to duel evil Zombies.I think Jaden will be beaten and get his soul taken by the villian so Syrus (Using Zane's deck) can win it back.And Syrus can't duel a villian using his deck,he'll lose.No offence Syrus Fans.
  • this so cool

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