Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 40

A Lying Legend

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 28, 2006 on The CW
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Abidos the Third, the spirit of an undefeated Pharaoh, is the 5th member of the Shadow Riders who arrives on Duel Academy Island to claim a Spirit Key. To do that, he'll have to get through Jaden first. Who will win?

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  • ;

    this is the 5th shdow rider we are talking serious here or am i. u see he is an undefeated pharoh of the past, yet it still means trouble for the gang like always. but there is still something wrong here. he may be defeated but thgat does not mean he is good. and no i am not saying his oppents were not easy. this so called king was a horibale duelist. his oppents would always have to throw away the duels. just because he rueled them. his deck is so easy. jaden is still messing up a bit who will win?moreless
  • *coughbadepisodecough*

    A Lying Legend, one of the weirdest episodes ever, is an excuse. Abidos the Third, is a ancient Egyptian Pharoh (sounds familliar, does it not?) Anyways, this episode and the guy who dueled Jaden really pissed me off! It was a disgrace to the plot-filled and great episodes! Anyways, this epiisode was... Meh)
  • Duel Acadmey doesn't know how to be normal... Cause it's only on Duel Academy Island where you can be attacked by Mummy Zombies AND be abducted by Pharaohs at the SAME TIME!moreless

    The episode was rather silly and funny to me. The whole thing was more on the "What would Yugi Do?" side. Like the pep talk, I'm sure Yugi did soemthing like that in the first series... but this is still one of my favorites. The duel starts off kind of slow, with what could barely be called a normal school day,

    Jaden being funny and Chazz being mean, you know, normal. Then they get detention, and later on we see the two, plus poor Syrus, walking home. Then, out of no where, mummy zombies come up from the ground and attack the trio, plus Alexis and Zane who were angsting by the lighthouse about Atticus.

    Then some more stuff happens... and Jaden and Abidos duel, Jaden wins (of course). And he asks Jaden to join him when he goes back to his time (which looks more like a wedding proposal). Jaden refuses and Abidos goes back to his time, a better person now that he knows the truth about all his duels. Or that's what we're left to think.

    The episode ends with Jaden remarking something about being a "Ledgen slayer" and Banner, standing apon a cliff with Pharaoh saying,

    "Soon you will face your true test." Dramatic, no?moreless
  • Jaden duels another Shadow Rider

    It's Jaden's turn... again! To duel another Shadow Rider! This time, this dude's an Ancient Pharaoh, Abidos the III! He sure can duel well, but Jaden, Sy, Chazz, and everyone else make fun of him for having lame cards, weak cards, not so good special abilities, but Abidos thinks he's great. So, Jaden kicks his butt and defeats him for another item from a Shadow Rider.
  • Jaden Versus Abidos the thhird was somewhat an okay episode although the duel if were played in real life would seem impossible and some of the scenes were out of character but still it is humorous...moreless

    This episode wansn't the best episode, when relating to the duel. The good part was that the quotes were humorous and some of the scenes were real good looking. The weird part that oculd have used some clarification was the part when Abidos appeared in his (what was it, a ship). How could someone have appeared out of nowhere form a ship? And mummies grew out of the ground? Well, other than that, the scenery was kind of cool. The duel, though, was kind of short and if you took two humans, gave one Abidos' deck and gave one Jadens' deck, I doubt they'd be able to get the 3 Sacrophaguses and the 4 "HERO" cards out in just a few turns.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Syrus says the duel disk Chazz threw to Jaden looks just like his. Don't all the duel disks at Duel Academy look the same?

    • Magic Jammer requires that a person discards 1 card in order for the effect to work, Abidos didn't. (If you look closely, you'll see that he did. Along with Tribute to the Doomed, that's how he got two Pharonic Protectors and two Pharonic Guardians in his Graveyard.)

    • If Abidos is pharoah then what happened to Yugi (A.K.A. Atem) being pharoah? (Edit: Egypt had far more than just one pharaoh in its history. Abidos was a pharaoh, not "the" pharaoh.)

    • Answer to the one about Chazz saying "Why does Jaden get all the cool stuff?": Chazz never said that he doesn't get anything, he just said that Jaden gets the cool things.

    • There are several changes to this episode, the main one being where Abidos goes to i the end. In the English version, he merely goes back to his time, though they leave it vague.

      In the japanese version, it is expressally said that Abidos is going to heaven. When Jaden refused to go with him, he tells Abidos to wait 100 years, and when Jaden gets to heaven, they can duel. This leads to Jaden asking his friends to come with him to heaven, and Chazz getting mad that he would have to spend eternity with Jaden. Of course, it is pointed out that Chazz has another option....

    • During a scene where Jaden has Elemental Hero Clayman in his hand, the card is colored orange as if it were an effect card, when it is just a normal monster, and should've been colored yellow.

    • At the end of the episode, Chazz states, "Why don't I get any of the cool stuff?" He appearantly forgot that he won an eyepatch in a duel in the previous episode, The Dark Scorpions.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (After losing to Jaden and later decides to give Jaden an offer which everyone was shocked to hear it)
      Abidos: You're too good for this place. Come back to my kingdom and I promise you power and fame.
      Jaden: Err...nice offer.
      Syrus: (shocked) Jaden, wait! You can't leave!
      Chazz: Sweet! So I will get his room!

    • Abidos: But I'm Abidos, the greatest duelist ever!
      Jaden:: The greatest? Emm...I'm not so sure about that. To tell you the truth, you haven't been dueling that great! I mean for someone whose undefeated, I was hoping for...I don't know...some super sweet monsters and wicked rare cards. But so far I'm been kinda underwhelm.
      Syrus: Yeah! His cards are hardly better than a starter deck! For a legend, this guy is kind of a let down.
      Chazz: Looks like Jaden is going to win this one easy! There goes my shot for a new room!

    • (After Abidos reduced to 1800LP)
      Abidos: You...can't attack me...
      Jaden: I can't? Hate to break it to you but yeah, that's how you play the game. Read the rule book!

    • Syrus: I think I spend more time in detention then in class. My mom's gonna kill me.
      Jaden: Hey, blame "Sarcasm." *Looks at Chazz*
      Chazz: Rrr! *Preparing to strangle Jaden.*

    • Chazz: (after Jaden boasts about he could beat Abidos) Sure, and then you'd probably take down Yugi and Kaiba, too.
      Jaden: You think so? Wow, thanks. I had no idea you believed in me so much, Chazz.
      Chazz: (preparing to strangle him) It's sarcasm! Got that?!
      Jaden: Sure, but if you want to change your name, Chazz, you can do a lot better than sarcasm.

    • Jaden: Jaden, the Legend Slayer- I like the sound of that.
      Banner: Good, Jaden, because soon you will have a chance to really earn it. Soon... you will face your true test.

    • Jaden: I'm starting to get quite a collection, but where's the Shadow Rider with a skateboard?

    • Alexis: Leave it to Jaden to pep talk a Shadow Rider.

  • NOTES (6)


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