Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 3 Episode 28

A New World Order

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 23, 2008 on The CW
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In order to find Johan, Jaden and the others return to the different dimension world again, but the world they return to differs from before. Jaden, in a rush to save Johan, takes action on his own, wandering off into an underground labyrinth. O'Brien and Bastion notice that Jaden is missing and head inside the labyrinth. Taniya appears before Jaden and the others as they regroup underground and they make their escape from this labyrinth together. They encounter Birdman, who protects this underground labyrinth, Jaden duels with it. But, duels in this world have actually been duels with life-or-death at stake.moreless

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  • OMG, This Is Amazing.

    This is Amazing, I wonder what Jaden and is others is going to react when they see some stowaways, like Zane, Aster, that "Beep" lady, and Crowler.
  • jaden and friends arrive in the new world.

    Jaden and friends have just arrived in an alternate dimension and begin to search for clues. jaden goes off by himself to find jeese and fallas into a tunnel where he meets tania and is found by axeland abstin. she tells them about how her group had been trapped in this dimension and how they were being opressed by the winged beasts. so the 4 set out to the ligth tower to cut the lights in order to alunch a surprise ambush on the winged beat. Jaden finds birdman and challanges him to a duel. jaden must win or he'll be sent to the stars. birdman has the upperhand and has jaden quicklyy back into a corner and quickly reduces jaden's points to one hundred. jaden is able to win using winged kuriboh lv 10. the group is later totaly reunited and heads off top the next realm. bastion decides to stay back with tania despite the taunts of tryanno and syrus about his love for her. overall a prett good episode but no blair (aww man).moreless

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