Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 41

A Reason to Win

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Mar 01, 2006 on The CW
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Alexis is still keeping on taking care of her older brother whose memory hasn't returned. In order to gain her older brother's memory back, Alexis then falls into the duel against the Shadow Duelist. The Shadow Duelist is now no longer a fake duelist as he was before. He has become a real shadow duelist. Titan plays Demon Matador type monsters and Dark Arena to dominate Alexis and draw her into darkness. Alexis' Cyber Blader can't attack shadow targets, so it is finally destroyed by Matador.moreless

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    So sorry i have not have posted imany reviews lately. i gget this loading error thing allmost every time i try to post a review. so i gave up on it for a while. but now i am extremely bored i am not at school because i am sick but i thought his would be fun to do. ok lets start this actual review. atticus is kidnapped for the 100th time wahoo. so of course he needs to be rescued this time alexis must do it. she must duel titan. but he has changed since the last time she saw them.moreless
  • Titan Returns!

    Titan, is now officialy one of the Shadow Riders! For reasons unknown. Anyways, it's an interesting episode and shows how much Atticus cares for Alexis. Overall, this was a duel and shows how much alexis and Atticus care for each other. This episode was one hell of a ride, and there should be more of these in the future!
  • Alexis duels Titan in order to get her brother (Atticus) memory back. But shortly in the duel, Titan plays Dark Arena so Alexis cant choose her attack targets. It seems like she'll lose the duel. Will her reason to win be strong enough?moreless

    Alexis sits on the side of unconscionce Atticus. Alexis wishes that her brother would still be with her, body and mind. Then she remembers when he told her power isnt everything, it's the reasons why you duel.

    Suddenly she hears a voice saying if Alexis wants her brother's memory back she has to beat him in a duel,(the voice)and the place they'll meet is the abandoned dorm.

    Alexis's eyes go blank and gets transported to the abandoned dorm. Atticus suddenly awakes looking afraid saying who was that, what's going on?

    Jaden is still sleeping, Winged Kuriboh wakes him. Syrus and Jaden watch as Chumly answers whoever is banging on the door. When Chumly opens the door he flinches back in terror at the sight of Chazz. Jaden ask what's with him and Chazz replies no sleep becuase of the news he just heard.

    Together they meet up with Zane and Crowler. Zane says there's no trace of Alexis, it was like she just dissapeared. Crowler says it's not like Alexis to just wander off and suggests that maybe her brother knows of her whereabouts. When they open the door of Atticus room they exclaim in shock. Atticus was laying on the floor, they ran up to him Zane supports his head and questions him on what happened here. Atticus struggles to form the words but says it was Titan. Jaden looks puzzled and asks who Titan is. Crowler looks araid and thinks Titan was the shadow duelist she hired to scare off Jaden, and he never paid him! Atticus doesnt say anything more.

    Meanwhile Alexis goes back to her senses and wanders into the duel arena. She sees Titan and says that if she wins he has to restore Atticus's memory.

    Titan laughs and says that if she loses he gets her soul and spirit key. They start the duel.

    (Im not good at commentating duels so Im just putting the main points)

    Jaden and the rest arrive to witness the duel.

    Titan summons Minnador fiend (1600) (?) and puts a facedown trap. Alexis summons cyber tutu, destroys Titan's trap and attacks directly. Titan takes 1000 damage. Titan attacks Tutu, but Alexis plays Douple Cafe(?) to take the damage and Titan gets a direct attack from Tutu. Titan plays a ritual, sacrifices summoned skull to summon the Manador fiend (0). He then plays the field spell Dark Arena. Now Alexis cant pick her attack targets. Alexis isnt worried, she fuses Etoil Cyper, and Blade Skater to summon Cyber Blader (2100). Now she says that it doesnt matter now as Cyber Blader's attack doubles do to her special effect. Cyber Blader attacks Manador fiend (0) but it destroyed. Alexis looks confused. Her monster's attack points were much stronger. Titan explains that Manador fiend cant be destroyed in battle.

    (Darn I forgot the fine points.. Skip to the end.. Sorry)

    Alexis gets rid of Dark Arena and attacks Manador fiend winning the duel.

    Atticus gets his memory back and explains that he was lured to the Abandoned Dorm then got attacked by these shadow fiends, ended up in the shadow realm and was brainwashed until he turned into Nightshroud. He says it was Professer Banner that told him to go the the Abandoned Dorm.

    Jaden looks shocked and wonders if Banner is in on it.moreless
  • Titan returns

    Titan comes back, bigger, badder, worser, eviller, darker, powerfuller, uglier, supermachoer, and yes, I know, I have a bad, yet expanding vocabulary. Well, Titan comes back, and Alexis must duel him. Titan, who has return since he kidnapped Alexis and lost terribly to Jaden, has come back wither bigger, badder, worser, eviller, darker, powerfuller, uglier, supermachoer Monsters that sure have awesome special abilities. Well... too bad, Titan! You lost to a girl.moreless
  • Alexis wants to get her brother's memory back, so Titian ends up dueling Alexis for her brother's memory, but if she losses, her soul and spirit key are gone. She wants everything to be the way it was. Hoping what her brother taught her can help her win tmoreless

    This episode was that most beatiful one and what I mean by that is, Alexis fighting for her brother by risking everything she has. This is a episode to remember for all the reasons why some others duel.

    Alexis duels with passion. She respects her monsters and they the same.

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