Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 14

A Spirit Summoned

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 28, 2005 on The CW
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A Spirit Summoned
It is believed Jinzo appears in human form once every year. Wanting to return, he plans to sacrifice a person. To save the person Jaden duels human Jinzo, who drains his lifepoints quickly, and is planning to summon none other then his own Jinzo card.

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  • Stupid Filler

    This episode has no plot. Its as boring as hell. Jaden duels a filler villain because currently gx has no plot. Jinzo is pretty good at dueling. Anyways as usually Jaden wins with like 100 life points left and Jinzo vanishes. The thing I don't like about this episode is that it tries to be scary with Jinzo being evil and all and he has a demonic voice but its just kind of lame. Jinzo is freaky and a good card but this episode was really bad. I like Jinzos stragity though. Hes a good duelist too bad this is the only time he duels.moreless
  • It is the attack of the Jinzo! Ahhhh!

    Wow, Jinzo finally returns, I hope he will soon return because his deck is awesome! And that doll of demise/ Ectoplasmer combo is sweet to! (Especially with swords of concealing light)I wonder what Torey and his friend duel with, hmm. Oh well, i would guess this is a filler episode as well, due to nothing changing. In the beginning, it was snowing. So that means it is Winter Break. What the heck, Jaden said everyone went home. Doesn't Jaden have a family, so why didn't he go? Man, it must be cool being snowed in at a school dorm room.moreless
  • h

    the rumor of a spirit club made a monster called jinzo. after it was made one by one the members were disappearing at night time they can't sleep so they wander into a duel with jinzo. torrey is the last member left. the usual slifer gang vowes to help. at night they must find him it is pretty much to late. when they find jinzo torrey was already defeated and diappeared. jaden must duel jinzo to rescue the club members. jinzo runs a spirit takedown trap deck. a few of his cards besides him are ectoplasmar and malice doll of dimise!moreless
  • Another crappy episode.

    I hated this episode cuz' it was crappy. Who wants to See Jaden duel Jinzo? That match would be So lame and Boring. Anyways, Jaden won. The Duel Academy arc was A little boring, But The Seven Assasins arc or (The Seven Snadow Riders arc in the dub) Was way more interesting.
  • Cool. Jinzo is one evil freak.

    This episode was like "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" to me, because it had a little spooky edge to it. It's about time someone bossed those Obelisks around, and Jinzo was hunting 'em down! And the duel with Jaden was wild, but playing Amplifier was too risky. All it takes is one little play to destroy a Spell card, especially when the monster is destroyed with it... but Jaden used Solemn Judgement to win the duel.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the original Japanese episode, in the scene in the beginning, they were toasting rice cakes, not marshmallows. Rice cakes are a popular snack in Japan, but whenever they appear in anime, they are always changed to something different in American dubs (usually donuts).

    • In the real game, Emmissary of the Afterlife's effect allows each player to search for a Normal Monster of Level 3 or less when it is destroyed in battle. Thus, in reality, Jaden could not have used the effect to search for Burstinatrix, because she's Level 4.

      EDIT: Burstinatrix is Level 3.

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    • Seto Kaiba also dueled against a cyber Jinzo spirit in the Virtual Nightmare arc of the original series.

      Edit: It wasn't really a spirit during that time. It was just a virtual image that one of Kaiba's Big 5 used to duel. It was also supposed to be that Big 5's deck master.

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