Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 35

Blinded by the Light (1)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Jan 13, 2007 on The CW

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  • Chazz vs Jaden! Can Chazz defeat Jaden because he has stronger cards now

    Chazz confronts a pro duelist. He, who has become a member of Association of Light, applies "White Knights Swordsman" and obtains the victory with by such preponderant strength. Chazz confronts against Jaden, who was watching the duel, and demands the duel with him. Jaden is aware of the fact that there is no "Ojama Trio" in Chazz's deck. Thus, he decides to search from Chazz's important card- "Ojama Trio", and thinks of using it by himself to bring back Chazz.Obiously he challenges Chazz to a match.Jaden gets a rough start but, he can still come back.
  • Chazz, part of the society of light, is doing wel in the genex tournament. After beating a high ranked pro-duelist, Chazz challenges Jaden into a duel. Jaden tries to find the ojama's to help him turn Chazz back to normal.

    This is actually a crucial episode for Chazz and the development of the plot regarding the society of light. I loved the old Chazz, but the deck he uses now is pretty cool too. Still all the Ojama combo\'s and his lv 10 Armored dragon where way cooler. This 2 part duel will mark the return of the old Chazz, still it will take a lot of effort from Jaden to get this done. a little summary
    Chazz, with the help of his white knight deck, is beating on duelist after another. I mean just look at his medals. The episode starts with a duel between Chazz and some pro duelist. The pro has a lot of medals, Chazz just has more. In the meantime Syrus is hiding in a garbage bin from all other duelists, afraid of being beaten. He and Jaden hear that Chazz is dueling a pro duelist. At the scene of the duel Aster tells them that this pro is really good. Even Aster had problems dueling him. But Chazz is doing pretty well against the pro, beating him easily. Then Chazz walks up to jaden and challenges him to a duel the next day, to prove who\'s the better duelist. It\'s almost been a year since they dueled and Chazz wants to show him he\'s the better duelist now. Jaden regrets the fact that Chazz isn\'t himself and that he uses cards that aren\'t his friends. Where are his ojama\'s? He finds out Chazz dumped them because they were weak.Jaden goes out looking for the ojama\'s to help him convert Chazz to normal, but he has no luck finding them. Chazz in the meantime is having doubts about the society. He can\'t remember joining and wonders why he misses the ojama\'s. When Jaden is working on his deck late at night professor banners spirit appears and shows him the location of the ojama cards. they are in the old well, where Chazz found them the first time. Jaden puts the ojama\'s in his deck to help eachother get the old Chazz back. The next day jaden shows up for the duel, carrying Chazz\'s black coat. Chazz tells him to put it away, but in his mind he wants to put it on. Then they go into duel. Chazz duels with his white knight deck while jaden uses elemtal heroes combined with his ojama\'s. We learn that Chazz has gotten his cards from sartorious. Jaden has to sacrifice almost all of his lp\'s to get all 3 ojama\'s to the field and then uses ojama delta hurricane to destroy all Chazz\'s monsters. But then Chazz summons White Knight Lordto the field, with 2300 attack points. Chazz says that Jaden is trying to discrace him by using his ojama\'s against him Jaden, looking scared, now thinks he might have underestimated how much Chazz has been brainwashed... to be continued
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