Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 2 Episode 2

Champion or Chazz-been

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Aug 22, 2006 on The CW
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Chancellor Crowler approaches Chazz and tells him that Chazz can enter back into Obelisk Blue if he can defeat a new student called Reginald van Howell, or Reggie. Chazz accepts these conditions and the next day he and Reggie duel. Once, he was on the top class, but now he is in the Red dorm. Reggie can break through Chazz playing Ojama monsters. Although Chazz can do the first attack well by XYZ combo, it is striked by Gilford the Lightning and other monsters in soldier family deck. However, he isn't perturbed, looking through the competition during the past year. Then he uses Mega Ojama King.moreless

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  • The Chazz Returns

    Chazz finally gets to duel again. I really like duels with Chazz and this one is one of my favorites. I hated how they keep Chazz in Slifer Red after he won the duel, but hey what can you do! The duel was pretty got by I find Reggie to be really annoying. I'm also surprised how many people actually cheered for Chazz, with the way he acts you wouldn't think that very many people would cheer for him (except Jadena nd the rest of them). Overall, a very good episode, it features a great duel and Chazz really steps it up, guess he realyl wants to get back into Obelisk.moreless
  • Gokaido vs Manjyome.

    Gokaido vs Manjyome. Alright, this episode wasn't as bad as the previous one. So, this episode can get Manjyome in his Obelisk blue Glory. The action packed episode is great in every way. I would describe more, but this is all I could come up with. Oh, look, 48 words!
  • Sweet

    Chazz and a new kid dueling was awesome. The duel being over Chazz getting a promotion all the way up to Obelisk Blue. The new kid runs a warrior deck (Warriors Triumph). I like seeing duelist using the structure decks. I was surprised in the change that Chazz went through from the beginning of the series, Chazz actually defends the Slifer Reds from a snobby Obelisk Blue (who is similar to the old Chazz). Then the ending is great seeing how Chazz's action and words turned against him. Then all of the Slifers crowding around him, cheering him on and Chazz getting angry from them doing that, simply funny.moreless
  • Chazz could either be back in the dorm or stay in the red dorm.

    Yeah originally it was going to be Aster dueling.But since he did not show up.It was now going to be Chazz Vs some guy in the obelisk blue.Now that Chazz is in the Slifer dorm.He has an chance to return to the obelisk blue.It seemed that this duelist was tough.But Chazz,know how it feels to be the big shot.Of course he gave the pep talked that it doesn't matter what dorm your in and all that stuff.Yeah and he made the students from the slifer dorm real happy.Even though,Chazz didn't liked it much.Syrus overhears the plan about the Slifer Dorm being torned down.Yeah this episode was cool.I liked this episode.moreless
Mike Pollock

Mike Pollock

Vice-Chancellor Bonaparte

Recurring Role

Sean Schemmel

Sean Schemmel

Ojama yellow

Recurring Role

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Ojama Green

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The card used, Gilford The Legend can only be recieved in real life from a Yu-Gi-Oh! Warrior's Triumph Structure Deck or a Card Shop.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Chazz: You know, Reggie, I used to be just like you. An egotistical snob who looked down on everyone. But now I've changed. Now I'm a snob who just looks down on some people. Anyway, there's a lesson in there somewhere, I'm just not sure where.

    • Crowler: You should have more faith in me, Bonaparte. There's a reason they promoted me to Chancellor...
      Bonaparte: Yeah, everyone else turned the job down!

    • Chazz: (after winning the duel) It's looks like slumming it with the Slifers hasn't hurt my game. Maybe now you'll see that the color of your coat doesn't mean squat. Cause an Obelisk Blue, who's supposed to be the best of the best, just got schooled by a Slifer Red. Face it, kid. Whether we're wearing blue, yellow, red, or polka-dots, you'll always be the same loser, and I'll always be The Chazz! (the crowd starts chanting "Chazz it up!") The Chazz has spoken!

    • Jaden: Do the math: he gets 3 more attacks, and Chazz only has 2 monsters... seriously, someone do the math for me.

    • Chazz: Never underestimate the power of The Chazz!

    • Bonaparte: Okay, you know the drill: no direct attacks below the belt, but trash talk is encouraged!
      Reginald: Then allow me to kick off the insults! (to Chazz) You're a nasty, stuck-up snob! And no one here likes you!
      Chazz: I'm waiting for the insult. Maybe you haven't picked up on this yet, little Reggie, but I do things my way, and I didn't come here to win any popularity contests!

    • Chazz: And I didn't come here to win any popularity contests.
      Jaden: Tell us something we don't know!
      Syrus: Yeah, Chazz. I didn't take those noogies and purple nurples as a sign of friendship.

    • Jaden: We're going to be late for the first official duel of the year!
      Syrus: How come I never see you running this fast when you're late for a class?
      Alexis: Cause he saves his energy for sprinting out of class.

    • Syrus: (about Gilford the Legend) That sword needs its own zip code!

    • Jaden: Chazz is bugging out.
      Syrus: A 22-foot-long flaming sword will do that to a guy!

    • Chazz: ...I didn't come here to win a popularity contest!
      Jaden: Tell us something we don't know.
      Syrus Yeah, I didn't take all those noogies and purple-nurples as a sign of friendship!

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