Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 15

Courting Alexis

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 14, 2005 on The CW

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  • I hate filler duels.

    Not much as changed since the terrible last episode. Jaden is forced to duel his lame tennis coach because he likes Alexis and he seems him as a threat. The duel was really retarted i mean someone using a tennis deck? A tennis deck! what on earth. Anyways Jadens tennis coach is a jerk. Also the name of this episode is retarded. This is probably the worst filler episode ever. Thank Godness we never see him again. If i ever saw this guy again i would stop watching this show. Anyways the worst filler episode ever and i want my last half hour of my life back.
  • Wow

    Man, now this is getting good, Alexis and Jaden are starting to like each other. Now that tennis guy, was kind of lame. Why the heck would Pegasus make tennis base cards? Does EVERYONE win card making contests? Anyway, it was a quick and good duel. Man, Alexis should have told Jaden what fiancé means. Jaden doesn't know what it mean?!! He is an idiot! But that is why we love him, clueless but talented. I even loved the part were Crowler gets him in the face with the ball. That was funny! It was a good episode, and it clues in that Jaden and Alexis like each other.
  • tennis!

    Jaden is punished for hitting crowler with a tennis ball during gym class even though it really wasn't him. he is forced to paly tennis with harrington the captain of the tennis team. harrington sees jaden talking to alexis and becomes mad and challenges jaden to a duel for alexis's hand in marrage. during this mindy says that its is so cool to see two cute boys dueling for alexis's heart. mindy and jasmine also try to convince alexis to date harrington because he's cute and rich. jaden has trouble in this duel aganist harrington's tennis deck. he is finnaly able to win using feather wind on avian. during this episode jaden asks what tennis has to with dueling and mindy says everything. a great episode! i love mindy!
  • j

    a basic sequel to the original love story . of alexis and jaden. jaden stands up for her when a tennis player faces him. the winner gets to be alexis's fiance. to bad that word is to big for jadden to understand. not surprsingly alexis doesn't chear for any paticular person. she lays some comments here and there. probsly because she doesn't make it look like she wants to date them in front of her friends. especially jaden. but she probaly does anyway. anyways the oppnent uses tennis cards for his dack. oh yippe what a surprise. who will win!

    This episode IS one of my favourite episodes. I'm into humour and this episode was quite funny, not really hilarious funny that you see in sitcoms, but funny as in normal funny for a kids tv show funny. I especially enjoyed the end part where harrington says "Alexis, I'll win your heart!. Although Mindy did slip me her number..."
    This episode is really something special, I enjoyed this alot, and I am very picky about what I enjoy so you must understand that it's a pretty sweet episode. How many guys are gonna end up fighting for Alexis eh? XD
  • Its so cute!!!

    Its extremely cute when jaden is dueling a guy to c who will be alexis fiance but he doesn't know what a fiance is and even though he wins he doesn't get to be her fiance!! thats really sad they should have got together it would have been so exciting and more romantic!!!!!!!!!
  • Jaden's not the only one.

    Jaden's not the only one who doesn't know what fiancee means. Yeah, I don't know either. Anyways, this is A tennis episode. It was actualy one of the many episodes in the Duel Academy arc episodes I actually liked. If not, the only one I liked. This was an interesting episode, So 9.1 outta Ten.
  • Damn Jaden you don't know what your missing when you said you don't know what fiance means?

    This was probably my second favorite episdoe for the first season. Why you may ask, the reason why is because that this episode is this funniest (ok second funniest). What would be really is if Jaden knew what fiance meant and had to talk to Alexis, man that would be halarious. If Syrus had told Jaden that he might have to marry Alexis someday, is mouth fall down past his neck and his eyes would be wider than the moon. I just thought of something, what would happen if Chazz found out that Jaden won a duel to become Alexis's fiance. Idon't want to know what will happened.
  • Alexis is being crushed on by fellow Obelisk Blue, Harrington. Harrington saves her and hits it into Crowler. Alexis goes to talk to Jaden during his punishment for hitting the ball and Harrington challenges him to a match to become her fiancé.

    This episode has a very unique sort of Zen that portrays Alexis as the ‘Obelisk Pixie’ and a prize to be won which she hates. It also shows how Jaden never stands down to a duel even if he doesn’t understand what he is playing for. This episode to me also shows to the viewers how disrespectful some guys are to pretty girls and it corrects the behavior and shows them how a good guy should act. Harrington bad, Jaden good. The match goes down very close and although Jaden’s worst sport is Tennis against a Tennis deck, Jaden pulls it off and becomes Alexis’ fiancé not knowing what a fiancé is. This shows the viewers how clueless Jaden can be, and gullible.
  • Tennis meets Yu-Gi-Oh...

    So let me get this straight, they play tennis at Duel Academy? I'm with Jaden, what does tennis have to do with dueling?

    Anyways, Jaden is about to hit Alexis, and Coach Harrington rebounds it... at Crowler, but the Slifer-Slacker is blamed. And his punishment? Tennis!! Harrington is mad of how Jaden talks to Alexis, so he offers to duel him. I would've taken that loser out without having to use my cards.

    Anyhow, Harrington doesn't play the object of the game, instead he uses lame Spell Cards to make Jaden lose life points faster. But Jaden overcomes that and beats that Obelisk loser, with a good Avian-centered card.
  • Jaden VS Harrington

    In tennis class, Jaden hit Dr. Crowler by his ball, he got a tough practice and had punishment by Harrington , the tennis club captain. Harrington challenges Jaden to a duel to see who would be Alexis' fiance but he is as good as Zane can he win? Jaden wins and he do not know what fiance means ande ask Alexis adn she said it means frined for now big guy.
  • Tennis, dueling style!

    This episode was great!

    Adding Tennis into dueling is really awesome! The duel even occurred on a Tennis Court!

    The Funny part about this episode is that Jaden and Obelisk Blue Student duels to become Alexis’ fiance.

    I was thinking that the Obelisk Blue Student would have a Atlectic deck but no, He had a Tennis deck. Really cool strategys with the deck as well. I didn't know that there were so many good Tennis cards out there.

    I loved all the puns that the Obelisk Blue Student put into his Tennis deck.

    When it all came down to dueling Jaden the Obelisk Blue Student didn’t have a chance. It was all futuristic: Game, Set and Match.
  • Basically, Jaden gets in trouble in tennis class for hitting Crowler in the face. His punishment is tennis lessons by the captain, Harrington, who is an Obelisk Blue. They end up dueling to see who gets to be Alexis' finance. Jaden wins but doesnt know wh

    In the beginning, Jaden and Sy are playing tennis against Jasmine and Mindy (Alexis' other friend) and Jaden accidentally smacks the ball at Alexis on a different court. Another person dives in the way and hits the ball, it smacks Dr. Crowler in the eye and he gets mad.

    After the theme song we find Jaden appologizing to Crowler and the fact that he hates tennis slips out. Since Crowler hates Jaden, he says that his punishment is tennis lessons from the schools captain.

    We find Jaden playing tennis with Harrington, the captain, who is also the guy who actually hit Crowler.

    Syrus, Mindy and Jasmine are watching also. Alexis runs in and up to Jaden. She says she found out where Chazz is. (Which wasn't revealed) Harrington gets very territorial over Alexis because he has a major crush on her.

    He challenges Jaden to a duel, the winner becomes Alexis' finance. Jaden accepts and the duel begins.

    Harrington starts by playing the spell Service Ace. It deals 1500 points of damage to Jaden if he guesses a card from Harrington's hand wrong. Jaden says trap but its Mega Thunderball, a monster. Jaden takes damage (J: 2500 H:4000) Harrington ends by playing a card face down.

    Jaden plays E-Hero Avian (atk 1000) and attacks, Harrington activates Receive Ace, which deals 1500 points of damage in exchange for 3 of Harrington's cards (It also negates the attack.)
    (J: 1000 H: 4000) Jaden "throws down a face down" and ends his turn.

    Harrington plays Smash Ace, which will deal damage to Jaden if Harrington draws a monster, he drays Mystical Shine Ball, a monster, but Jaden activates Feather Wind, which negates the attack.

    Jaden plays polymerization and summons E- Hero Rampart Blaster (Atk 2000) and attacks with both his cards (H and J at 1000)

    Harrington plays Deuce, where life points don't matter, the first person to deal damage too the opponent twice wins... and each player can only attack with 1 monster per battle phase. He then plays Big Server (Atk 300) Big server can attack life points directly, it does. Harrington uses Big Server's effect, both players can take a card from their decks. Harrington takes Service Ace and plays it. Jaden guesses right though, so he's safe. Harrington plays Big Racquet, an equip spell that has a one hit effect that lets the battle damage a monster takes be reduced to 0.

    Jaden plays De- Fusion on RB so he has 3 monsters. He then plays Feather Shot, which lets Avian attack as many times as the number of monsters Jaden has. It attacks 3 times for the win.

    Jaden becomes Alexis' finance... but doesn't know what fiance means! Alexis says it means "friends, at least for now big guy"

    The episode ends with Harrington screaming on a cliff out of sadness.

    I liked the episode even though there were a TON of annoying sports things, like "Pick up the pace, or you won't win the race"

    I just want to add that Harrington's cards were really weak. Big Server: Atk 300 Mystical Shine ball: atk 500, Mega Thunderball: atk 750.