Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 15

Courting Alexis

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 14, 2005 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • In the Japanese version of this episode, Mega Thunderball in the Tennis Duelist's hand has no star level

    • In the original Japanese version, when Judai (Jaden) asks Asuka (Alexis) what a fiance is, she calls him an idiot. She treats him better in the dubbed version.

  • Quotes

    • Miss Fontaine: All right, class. Get your game on! Tennis game, that is!
      (she laughs)

    • Jaden: (Walks over to Alexis) So Alexis, I guess you're my fiance now.
      Syrus: He's going through with it?!
      Jaden: So what's fiance mean anyway?
      (Syrus, Jazz, and Mindy anime fall)
      Alexis: It means friend, at least for now big boy.
      (Jaden looks confused)
      Harrington: (standing a cliff, crying) ALEXIS, I'LL WIN YOUR HEART. Although Mindy did slip me her number...

    • Harrington: (Flaming...literally) I'm warning you, stay away from my Obelisk pixie.
      Syrus: Obelisk Pixie?! Wonder what that would look like... (Imagines Obelisk the Tormentor with pixie wings fluttering over flowers) On second thought...no I don't.

    • (Jaden and Harrington are still laughing)
      Syrus: (groaning) This is pathetic....

    • Dr. Crowler:Jaden's the one who first hit the ball I saw it with my own two eyes. (Brief Scilence) Well one eye actually.
      Jaden:(Fake cough)Cyclops.

    • Harrington: There's no "I" in "team"! That's the first rule of tennis!
      Jaden: Even when you're playing singles?
      Harrington: Moving on...

    • Harrington: (after saving Alexis from the renegade tennis ball) Are you okay? Do you need me to carry you to the nurse?
      Alexis: No, I'm fine, thanks. (Harrington spaces out, falling in love with her) Uh, do you need me to carry you to the nurse?

    • (After hearing that Harrington challenge Jaden to a duel which the winner will become Alexis' fiancee.)
      Alexis: Whoa! Fiancee?! Slow down!
      Mindy: (blushed) I just love weddings!
      Jasmine: Yeah but I'm not sure about the arrange ones.

    • Harrigton: Come on, Jaden. No pain, no gain. You got to hustle that muscle. You need to sweat to become a threat. If you won't pick up a pace, you won't win the race.
      Jaden: Okay, Harrington. You can lay off the sports cleashades.

    • Jaden: So, you were saying, Lex?
      Harrington: Lex?! What is that? Some kind pet name? What's it mean? What's it short for?!
      Jaden: Um, "Alexis."

    • (After Harrington uses a spell card called Smash Ace and draws a Monster card)
      Jaden: Lady Luck ! She hates me.
      Harrington: At least she loves me. Of course, most girls do.

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