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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 30

Doomsday Duel (2)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Jan 31, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Doomsday Duel (2)
Jaden's shadow duel with Nightshroud, the first of the Shadow Riders, continues and things don't look good. As Nightshroud summons his powerful Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Jaden must draw on the power from his deck to fight back. But will his monsters and magic cards be enough to defeat this frightful opponent?moreless

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  • The First Shadow Rider Defeated

    Jaden and Night shroud continue there duel. Night shrouds dragon deck is Awesome. He shows the power of Red Eyes Darkness Dragon. Anyways Jaden wins and saves Atticus Alexis brother. Atticus reminds me of Duke Devlin from the original series. Anyways the first shadow rider has been defeated so now there are only six more to go. I wonder what happened to him in the shadow realm. Anyways we now have even more rip off characters from the original. I got to say Yugioh Gx really needs to come up with something original and if i were them i would come up with it fast.moreless
  • t

    the duel between nightshroud and jaden is continued. his deck proves to be tougher then jaden could have possibly imagined. jaden of course still fairs well againest it. jaden even gets some new cards. plus an all new super cool all new hero fusion! bladedge and wildheart combined. the surprise is when the duel finally ends. jaden wins. the mask comes off of the shadow rider. it is aleixs's brother. the one she has been looking so hard for! atticus. the bad news is jaden asnd him are whipped. they are all out of brath. but now alexis is very happy!moreless
  • So Jaden and Nightshroud are still dueling AND Jaden is getting his but kicked until he fuses two monsters together the form E-hero Wildedge. He plays skyscraper, attacks and wins the duel. outside the volcano everyone is running to Jaden and the others.moreless

    This episode is so so kool. i like the end bit with Chazz and everyone. i mean chazz is suppossed to hate Jaden but now he is all worried if Jaden is ok and won the duel. Zane finds Atticus along with Alexis who Jaden has a crush on along with Chazz having a crush on her too.
  • Jaden's duel with Nightshroud continues. Can Jaden hold on to win and save his friends? And is Nightshroud really who he appears to be?

    Jaden's duel continues. Jaden plays Pot of Greed. He gets 2 cards. Then he plays De-fusion, getting back Bursinatrix and Clayman. Then he fuses Clayman and Sparkman for Thunder Giant. Then he plays Mirage of Nightmare, and gets 4 cards. He strikes back at Nightshroud with Thunder Giant. He attacks Red-Eyes, destroying both monsters. He then attacks directly with Bursinatrix.

    Nightshroud's turn. Jaden uses Emergency Provisions to detroy Mirage, like always, to gain another 1000 life points, avoiding Mirage's cost.

    Nightshroud doesn't care. He summons Mirage Dragon and attacks Bursinatrix. Jaden falls down from the pain of the shadow game.

    Syrus and Chumley are still trapped in their ever-weakening bubble. Syrus tells Chumley (and possibly Jaden too) that he loves him. Chumley tells Jaden to hurry up, because Sy's getting mushy.

    Jaden summons Elememtal Hero Tempest, a fusion of Sparkman, Avian, and Bubbleman. He destroys Mirage Dragon.

    Nightshroud summons Red Eyes Black Chick and sacrifices it for Red-Eyes Black Dragon, which he then sacrifices for Red Eyes Darkness Dragon. He attacks Tempest with REDD, but Jaden activates Negate Attack.

    Jaden plays Wroughtweiler in defense mode, switches Tempest to defense, and ends his turn.

    Nightshroud summons Spear Dragon and attacks Wroughtweiler. Jaden takes an Elemental Hero and a polymerization from his graveyard and adds them to his hand. But then he loses life points because of Spear Dragon's special ability. REDD then attacks Tempest. He falls down again from the pain of the shadow game. Alexis tries to step in and duel Nightshroud instead, but Jaden gets back up and says he'll finish the duel. Nightshroud recognizes Alexis, but from where, we do not know... yet.

    Jaden plays Elemental Hero Wildheart and a card that makes a copy of REDD, leaving both the copy and the original with the monster's original attack points. However, since they both get the same effect, each has 3300 attack points. Jaden then fuses Elemental Hero Wildheart with Elemental Hero Blade Edge from his hand to form Elemental Hero Wildedge. Then he actiavetes Skyscraper. Nightshroud has 600 life points, Wildedge has 3600 attack points, and can attack all of Nightshroud's monsters. Jaden attacks and Nightshoud loses.

    But the Shadow game has taken it's toll; Jaden passes out. Alexis runs over to him, but flames shoot up all around them, and then they all disappear and reappear on the side of the volcano.

    Syrus, Chumley, and Alexis go over to Jaden, who doesn't wake up. Syrus is worried, but Alexis says he's fine (and seems to check his pulse) But then she notices the card by Jaden's hand. It's the card that sealed the loser's soul. Rather than a picture of Nightshroud, the card shows his mask and some chains. She goes over to Nightshroud, whose mask is now gone. He looks at her, says her name, and passes out. She gasps and goes over to him.

    Zane, Bastion, and Chazz have arrived at the scene. They see Jaden and ask Chumley and Syrus about the duel. Zane gets angry when he hears that Jaden won, but was still injured. He goes over to Nightshroud, possibly intending to duel him? Well, he was going to confront him in some way, anyway. But Alexis is there. She's crying, holding... Nightshroud? "He's back..." She says "I don't know how, but he's back..."

    "Who?" Zane asks.

    "Look at his face. It's my brother!" she replies.

    "Atticus!" Zane exclaims.

    Yes, it is Atticus. When he lost the Shadow Game, it took the darkness that was Nightshroud, and left his good side.

    The sun rises and Zane wonders, if this is what happens to the winner of a Shadow Game, what happens to a loser? He ralizes just how serious the situation they are all in with the Shadow Riders.

    I thought it was a very good episode, echoing "The Darkness Returns" from the original yugioh, when Joey duels Marik. The way Wildheart was attacked (in part 1, I think) was almost identical to when Gilfried was destroyed in Darkness Returns. Not to mention the shadow game, and the passing out at the end of the duel. (Of course, it doesn't appear Jaden was in any danger of dying like Jonouchi)

    The only thing I didn't like (besisdes Chumley's stupid food lines) when Syrus said "I love you." In the original yugioh, in episode 78, Friends 'till the End pt. 4, Yugi tells Jonouchi he loves him, as he is about to sacrifice his own life for Jonouchi's. But 4kids edited that out. To cut that crucial line, and use this one AS COMIC RELIEF!? But it was still a very good episode overall, hence the 9.9 rating.moreless
  • Part 2 of the battle between Jaden & Nightshroud.

    Because of class, I missed out on the first set of Shadow Rider episodes, but when I started playing catch up, I got into the action.

    This duel was totally heating up, in the duel aspect and the the volcano aspect. What was the real killer [in a good way] was that for the first time ever, Jaden wasn't brushing the trouble of the duel off by saying he was having fun with it. This is a milestone, the first time Jaden doesn't have fun towards the end of a duel.

    In fact, the duel is too much for him and he passes out when he's down to 600 life points (I think). Then Alexis tells Nightshrowd that she wants to duel him, but the fact that he seems to know her suggest something else... I found that pretty cool.

    Especially the end where Jaden was able to finish the duel before passing out again. Plus Nightshrowd turned out to be Alexis's long lost brother, Atticus.

    Overall, this was one of most exciting episodes yet. Hard to believe I almost didn't watch this series.moreless
Jason Griffith

Jason Griffith

Atticus Rhodes / Nightshroud

Guest Star

Eddie Paulson

Eddie Paulson

Chumley Huffington

Recurring Role

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