Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 37

Duel Distractions (2)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 09, 2006 on The CW

Episode Recap

As the night rolled on, Bastion was heard screaming inside the coliseum. The Key Keeper's stayed outside waiting for Bastion to come out. From what they heard, he and Tanya had been dueling all night and every time they did, Bastion lost. When he finally came out, he said Tanya dumped him because he wasn't a worthy enough duelist for her love.

The next day, Bastion was still depressed over losing Tanya. Jaden tried to cheer him by challenging him to a duel, but Bastion refused because he didn't want to duel without Tanya. Zane explained that Tanya was a Shadow Rider, and she'll have to be defeated if their going to save the world. Jaden decided it was time to challenge Tanya to a rematch and snap Bastion out of it. Meanwhile, Tanya was angry because there wasn't a single duelist who was worth enough to take her hand in marriage on the island. The Key Keeper's showed up at the coliseum that night, and Jaden challenged Tanya to a duel. She explained that the stakes were the same. If Jaden loses, he loses his single status and his Spirit Key. When she told Jaden to pick one of her decks, he chose the deck of Courage.

Jaden: summoned Avian (1000/1000) in defense mode

Tanya: summoned Amazoness Paladin (1700), who gets 100 attack points for every card with Amazon in its name (1800). She then used the magic card, Amazoness Charm, which switched Avian to attack mode and gave him 200 extra attack points (1200). Tanya also played the field spell, Amazoness Arena. It gives both of them 600 life points (4600) and each time their monsters do battle, their souls fight each other. To show how it worked, Paladin destroyed Avian (Jaden: 4000 LP) and then both Tanya and Jaden's souls fought each other, but each time they used it, they sacrificed 100 life points and each hit they make does 100 damage. (Jaden: 3800 LP, Tanya: 4400 LP)

Jaden: played Polymerization to fuse Sparkman and Clayman to summon Thunder Giant (2400), whose special ability destroyed Paladin and then did a direct attack on Tanya.

Tanya (2000 LP): placed one card face down and summoned Amazoness Swordswoman (1500). She also played the magic card, Amazoness Call, which separated Thunder Giant back to Clayman (800) and Sparkman (1600). Swordswoman destroyed Clayman, and then Arena was activated, forcing both of them to do battle with their souls (Jaden: 2900 LP, Tanya: 1800 LP).

Jaden: summoned Burstinatrix (1200) and attacked Swordswoman with Sparkman, but Tanya used her trap, Amazoness Archers, which decreased his monster's attack points 600 (1000). Swordswoman destroyed Sparkman, and Jaden used Arena to fight with Tanya. He also used Burstinatrix (600) to attack, she was destroyed, and then Jaden fought again with Arena. He placed two cards face down and played the magic card, Warrior Returning Alive, to return Clayman to his hand (Jaden: 1100 LP, Tanya: 1400 LP).

Tanya: summoned Amazoness Tiger (1100), who gets 400 attack points for every Amazon on the field (1900). Swordswoman attacked directly, but Jaden used his trap card, A Hero Emerges. It made Tanya choose a card in his hand, and if it was a monster, he gets to summon it to the field, but he only had one, so he summoned Clayman in defense mode (2000). The attack was blocked, but Swordswoman's ability made Jaden take the damage instead. Afterwards, they used Arena to attack each other and then Tiger attacked Clayman, but Jaden used his trap, Clay Charge. It destroyed both monsters and Tanya took 800 damage, plus, they used Arena again to attack each other (Jaden: 300 LP, Tanya: 200 LP).

Jaden: summoned Wildheart (1500) and used him to destroy Swordswoman. This activated Arena, Tanya used the last of her life points to use it, and Jaden won the duel.

Jaden offered a rematch in the future, but Tanya realized that she's not a worthy enough duelist to face someone strong like Jaden. She had turned into a tiger and ran off with her other pet tiger. The Key Keeper's were just glad she was gone and that Bastion was turned back to normal.

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