Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 37

Duel Distractions (2)

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 09, 2006 on The CW

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  • bhbb

    ok this will be my second time trying to post this. so now the third shadow rider beat bastion. nnow she wants a piece of jaden. thhere battle is very hard core. making each player push the other to there limits. this episode is still very funny but still has a lot of punches and kicks. from a field spell she plays. jaden's monsters are doing ok but not at the top of there game. will jaden become prisonor to her. of course not he wins and resues bastion. so now that is three down but aslo three keys out.
  • Pretty bad.

    Here are some reasons why I hated this goddamn episode 6.8 out of 10.0:
    Boring Plot as usual.
    I did not like the duel AT ALL. >__<
    Tanya is a Man-Woman, and Misawa has gone Emo because he's lost his one true "Love". This annoyed me a lot, and one reason I hated this episode.
  • Well, glad Taniya'll be gone

    Go Jaden. Beat Taniya. Ever since Taniya's appearance, she's been nothing but a nuicanse to me. She's so annoying. But thanks to Jaden, Taniya will be gone forever, but now, Bastion still won't be over her. Jaden sure knows how to use his cards, since thanks to him, he helped save our lives, and even his own life!
  • Taniya Vs. Jaden: The conclusion of the 2-parter.

    The episode begins with screams from Bastion coming from the duel arena. Bastion soon stumbled out, with a sort of blank look on his face. Basically Taniya had told him that she wanted to duel other duelists. Bastion was now extremely depressed, and said that without Taniya, he would give up dueling. Jaden tells him that he should go ask Taniya for a rematch, and that he would come with him. It was proof of Jaden's friendship with Bastion, and it was an interesting element. Bastion wakes him up so that they could go to rematch in the middle of the night, and everybody ened up being there. Well... the rematch ends up not happening, and Jaden and Taniya end up dueling instead. Really, I expected this match, considering that really, he was the guy who dueled the Shadow Riders and won. This duel proved to be an interesting one, with a field spell that had their two souls battle by paying life points. In my opinion, it was an interesting idea and I thank them for coming up with it. At any rate, Jaden wins and the duel seemed to spark Bastion back to his normal self, which I am glad happened. I didn't want this weird Bastion for any longer. Anyway, Taniya is revealed to be a tiger. The ending was quite interesting and I am glad that I saw the episode. It definately earned a 10/10 rating due to the hilarious jokes that the crowd popped out, and the duel was one of the best yet.
  • Taniya vs. Jaden

    The night has passed, and the next morning is coming. Jaden, Alexis, Syrus, Chumley, and Daitokuji teacher have been waiting outside the colosseum because Misawa hasn't been released yet for the whole night. They are sitting near a fire and discussing about what happened to Misawa. Alexis feels very worried him. Chazz says that Taniya would like to let him become her bridegroom, so she should not take his life. Daitokuji teacher is still scared of this scary lady. Then, Jaden gets up and says that he would like to take a look again. Chumley and Syrus also get up to follow him. At this moment, people hear some door sound of coming from the colosseum. People are amazed as looking at the entrance of the colosseum. They see Misawa walking out slowly. Jaden runs into him at once while Misawa is falling on his knees. People look at him and see that Misawa looks very blank.
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