Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

The CW (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

    • Farewell Jaden! A Tearful Graduation Ceremony!

      Jaden finally succeeds in saving the world from the Darkness, and now Graduation time has come for Jaden, Syrus and the others. However, Winged Kuriboh has something to show Jaden.

    • The Last Hope! Jaden Yuki!
      The Last Hope! Jaden Yuki!
      Season 4 - Episode 22

      Jaden takes on the Darkness full force and fuses with Neos and Yubel in order to finally rid the world of Darkness' influence.

    • Challenge from Psycho Shocker
      Challenge from Psycho Shocker
      Season 4 - Episode 7

      A mysterious person who beat Sheppard in a duel wants to beat his successor, which happens to be Zane.

    • The Price of Decision! Axel, Darkness in the Fire!

      Axel discovers that the disturbance was a man named Mr. T. The two of them begin a duel, but Mr. T. begins to make Axel see things.

    • The End of Destiny! Magma Neos VS Dark Ruler!

      Sartorius has Jaden on edge, but he manages to come back. He then tries to convince Sartorius to stop the duel and help him save Sarina.

    • Saiou Returns! Activate the Decisive Power of Absolute Destiny!

      Jaden arrives in Domino to look for Axel, but numerous Mr. T's begin to surround him. However, out of the blue Sartorius shows up to help Jaden. When they are alone, Sartorius then challenges Jaden to a duel.

    • The Fear Factor
      Season 1 - Episode 134
      Jaden and the gang get sucked into a strange vortex where a duelist who bears a striking resemblance to Kaiba forces Jaden to face his worst fears or be overcome by them!
    • A Snake in the Grass: Part III
      Season 3 - Episode 315
      It's now or never as Jaden tries to defeat Viper and his snakes before they swallow up Jaden's life points for good.
    • The Graduation Duel Starts! Neos VS Horus the Black Flame Dragon

      It is time for the Graduation Duel and Jaden's opponent is finally chosen: a second year Obelisk Blue. In just one turn the student summons a level 8 monster, putting Jaden on edge. Meanwhile Axel runs into some trouble in Domino.

    • Jaden vs Alexis: Face-Down Card of Hidden Emotion

      As the finals of the pairs tournament arrive, Jaden and Alexis are up against Hassleberry and Blair. However, Alexis and Jaden don't seem to be on the same page in their strategies.

    • Battle Royal! Jaden VS Jesse VS Fujiwara!

      Jaden and Jesse team up to face off against Fugiwara.

    • The Truth Behind Nightshroud! Jaden vs. Atticus!

      Axel has saved Atticus from Yusuke. Axel has accepted a new mission and returns to Duel Academy. Then, Jaden duels with Atticus to solve the mystery behind Nightshroud. Atticus, drawing on the power of Nightshroud, summons Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon.

    • Armed Dragon VS Dragoon D End
      Armed Dragon VS Dragoon D End
      Season 4 - Episode 10

      Chazz's mistake causes Aster to retire from the Pro League, and he finally gets his taste of the spotlight.

    • Duel Academy Crisis! The Crystal Beasts Blocking the Way!

      Jaden tries to return to Duel Academy, but Mr T. blocks his way. Seeing no other way out, the two begin to duel. Jaden then finds out that Mr T. uses a Crystal beast deck, which only Jesse should be using!

    • Shoot for it! Chazz, the Path to a Pro Duelist!

      Chazz wants to be a pro duelist without his brothers influence. However, no one is accepting him. Crowler tells him he has a teacher for Chazz, who just happens to be Aster.

    • Activate, Clear World! Ferocious Negative Effect!

      The identity of the Darkness is finally revealed. Angered by recent events, Atticus decides to duel it.

    • Darkness Invasion! Stolen Memories!

      Mr T. has taken control of students bodies and is using them to trap students in a world of darkness, causing everyone to forget about them.

    • Rainbow Neos! Protector of Bonds VS Clear Vicious Knight!

      As the three way duel continues, Fugiwara tries to use the darkness within Jesse's heart to destroy the bond between him and Jaden.

    • Gratitude Duel! Chronos VS The Original Dropout Boy!

      Jaden and the others have finished their graduation album. When Crowler previews it, it causes him to act strange and force the students to do weird things. Jaden challenges him to a duel.

    • Fusing Souls! Neos VS Five Headed Dragon

      Yusuke's true identity is revealed as the card spirit, Honest. Jaden uses the power of Yubel within his soul to hold Honest's attacks back. He asks Honest about the worldwide disaster happening at the moment, and Honest begins to talk. Truman and Mr. T, emissaries of Darkness who have been waiting and seeing how things played out, come launching an attack in attempts to kill Jaden and the others! Then, Honest summons Five Headed Dragon!

    • Homecoming Duel (2)
      Homecoming Duel (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      The duel between Jaden and Aster is continued.
    • Field of Screams (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 32
      Determined not to let Camula through any further, Zane takes her on in the next duel. Hoping to revenge Crowler's defeat, Zane attacks strong from the start and seems to have every base covered. But things are not always what they seem in a Shadow Game, and Camula still has one or two tricks up her sleeve.moreless
    • Rah, Rah Ra!
      Season 2 - Episode 33
      Francis has appeared in front of Jaden. Pegasus and Chumley come from I2 Corporation urgently because the guy is an employee of I2 and a dangerous guy who uses a copy card of the greatest card "Winged Dragon of Ra".
    • Farewell Duel Academy! The Path Jaden Chooses!

      Judai also makes the grave decision and submits his "Notification of Withdrawl" to Chancellor Sheppard. Jaden meets some people who are Sheppard's indication not to accept his Notification of Withdrawl. They are Kagemaru and Sartorius. Sartorius has come to tell Jaden that Kagemaru has sensed a crisis that might happen somewhere down the road. Then, a man in a suit appears before the three.

    • Graduation Match (2)
      Graduation Match (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 52
      The duel between Jaden and Zane continues. Jaden is stopped with 100 life points by the super attack of the strengthened Cyber End Dragon. Jaden becomes hungry and after eating starts to play for real. Gathering 4 Hero types-Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind, he can wipe out Zane's field by a trap card. However, Zane can summon strengthened Cyber End Dragon again. He also plays Limiter Removal to pull its attack to 16000. The scale of the fight that two people proudly apply Polymerization becomes extreme.moreless
    • Sibling Rivalry
      Season 1 - Episode 35
      Chazz was complaining about his short bedroom when Jaden told him that Chancellor Sheppard wants to see him. Sheppard explained that someone wants to bulldoze the academy unless someone beats them in a duel. That someone is Chazz's older brothers, Slade and Jagger, who want him to duel Slade using only monsters with 500 or less attacks points (this is their payback to Chazz for not using the cards they gave him during the School Duel). Banner told him of a well filled with these kind of cards, so he went with Jaden to make a new deck with these cards, despite their weakness. At the duel, Chazz used all three of the Ojama brothers cards and combined their attacks to wipe out Slade's monsters and win the duel, saving Duel Academy.moreless
    • Conquering the Past (3)
      Season 3 - Episode 44
      Jesse and Zane begin their duel and Zane barrages Jesse with multiple attacks from his Cyber Dragons. When Jesse summons Rainbow Dark Dragon, the ultimate Dragon Showdown begins!
    • Tough Love
      Season 2 - Episode 43
      Syrus challenges his broher to a duel, hopefully to bring him back to normal. Zane accepts the challenge and the duel between the brothers begins. Syrus remembers what his brother had taught him about respecting the opponent. However, Zane forgets all he once knew,and taught to his brother, and attacks Syrus using his unique Cyber Tail Deck.moreless
    • Conquering the Past (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 43
      Realizing that Jaden can not summon fusion monsters, Baou challenges him to a duel, and quickly backs him into a corner by using a card to make his Level 4 and lower monsters unable to attack.
    • The Phoenix Has Landed (1)
      The Phoenix Has Landed (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 48
      Aster faces Sartorious to verify the words of his father that the Wave of Light clings to and enslaves Sartorious. Aster goes to the Society of Light's Private Duel Field, and demands answers from Sartorious. Sartorious, who took in the Wave of Light to the point it created another personality, has demanded Aster to return the key of the Laser Satellite to him. Aster's mind is made up, and begins his duel with Sartorious. Sartorious, who believes he's completely seen what Destiny has to offer, brings out the cards of the "Arcana".moreless
    • Head in the Clouds (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Chazz summons VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon and showers Adrian in a surging attack. However, Adrian takes on that attack still bearing a relaxed smile. He, at last, begins his strike back. By opening his two reverse cards, the effects of Rain Storm and Natural Disaster inflict damage upon Chazz. Chazz battles back, but Adrian's combo attack drives Chazz further into the predicament.moreless
    • Hanging With Axel (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Axel tries to make Jaden show all of his potential by holding Syrus as a captive. He faces off against Jaden with, who will battle for real just as speculated, battling back with his Fire Deck. Against Jaden's direct attack, Axel activates the Permanent Trap "Fire Wall"and negates the direct attack. In turn, Jaden initiates Contact Fusion between Neos and Flare Scarab to summon Flare Neos to strike back.moreless
    • The Ultimate Face-Off (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 46
      The duel between Jesse and Adrian continues. With time running out, Jaden heads towards Yubel’s castle.
    • Return of the Supreme King (3)
      Season 3 - Episode 51
      With Rainbow Neos on the field, Yubel has no choice but to upgrade to her second form. Yubel shows Jaden a vision of the past and Jaden realizes what he must do to help an old friend.
    • A New Breed of Hero (1)
      A New Breed of Hero (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Which side is using the true Hero? The conclusion is needed. Thus, the duel between Jaden and Aster has finally started. Jaden initiates the attack by Flame Wingman. Suddenly, Aster summons Phoenix Enforcer by the same fusion. Both of them are hitting each other at the same time. Also, the fight becomes the high-class Elemental Hero fusion battle between Shining Flare Wingman and Shining Phoenix Enforcer. Anyway, Aster hasn't approved Jaden having the talent as a Hero.moreless
    • Shall We Duel? Invitation to a Pair Duel!

      Hassleberry organizes a Dueling Party where everyone needs a partner. While Alexis is worrying about what her next career path will be, she winds up being Jaden's partner.

    • Field of Screams (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 31
      Recovering from his duel against NightShroud, Jaden is too weak to take on the next approaching member of the Shadow Riders. Worried that he is too weak to win in a duel, Crowler tries to flee but ends up face to face with Vampire Camula, the second of the stars. As his Medieval deck does up against Camula's Vampire hoarde, only one duelist will be left standing.moreless
    • A Snake in the Grass (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      Jaden continues his duel against Professor Viper with Viper’s deadly snake deck seemingly getting the advantage. To make matters worse, as Jaden’s monsters continue to get weaker by the power of Viper’s snakes, Viper summons the King of Poisonous Snakes – Venominom. Jesse begins to notice that it seems like Viper has another meaning as to why he is dueling. Viper then reveals that he is using the Bio-Bands to collect duel energy to reveal the mysterious eye monster. When he collects enough energy, the arm will be resurrected and will bring Viper’s son Pierce back to life. As the duel continues, can Jaden manage to beat Viper?moreless
    • The Ultimate Face-Off (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 45
      Jesse is exhausted from his duel with Zane and vanished to Yubel’s castle. Adrian is there, and to prove that he is the true king, challenges Jesse to a duel.
    • The Power Within (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 47
      With Jesse the winner of the duel, Yubel possesses him. Jaden, knowing there is only one way to save Jesse, challenges Jesse/Yubel to a duel.
    • Future Changes
      Season 2 - Episode 52
      Jaden summons Glow Neos and destroys the Light Boundary. With the tables turned in his favor, Jaden launches a direct attack on the evil Sartorious. In a jam, the controlled evil Sartorious sacrifices [The Material Lord], [The Spiritual Lord], and [The Heaven's Lord] to summon [Arcana Force Extra The Light Ruler], his ultimate card, to deliver a crushing blow. But Jaden Contact Fusions Ground Mole with Neos to summon "Ground Neos" to regain the counter offensive...moreless
    • A Snake in the Grass (3)
      A Snake in the Grass (3)
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      As the duel between Jaden and Professor Viper continues, Adrian finally manages to escape from the clutches of the mysterious eye. Viper begins to put doubts in Jaden’s head in order to make him lose. Jaden finally manages to destroy Venominon, but in its place Viper summons the Deity of Poisonous Snakes – Venominaga! Viper reveals that Jaden will lose in three turns. Jaden must get over his doubts is he wants to beat Viper, otherwise the evil eye and Viper’s son will be resurrected!moreless
    • What Lies Beneath (3)
      Season 3 - Episode 39
      Axel finally arrives at the Supreme King's castle and challenges Jaden. However, the Supreme King reveals his true form.
    • The Darkness Within
      Season 2 - Episode 37
      Zane returns to Duel Academy for the Genex Tournament and is asked for a duel by his old friend Atticus. Trying to use the shadows to save Zane, Atticus loses control over the shadows and Nightshroud returns for the duel.
    • I've Seen the Light
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      A mysterious guy, Sartorious, appears in front of Chazz and duels with him. Sartorious places his cards on the table face down, shuffles Chazz's deck, and says that the destiny of Chazz will be forseen through a card pulled out. That's how he duels like a Tarot. The Hangman's effect is shown according to its normal or reversed position. This becomes the confrontation between Saiou who can absolutely make the destiny and Chazz who opens his own destiny personally.moreless
    • Unleash the Dragon (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 26
      Jesse has retrieved Rainbow Dragon, and together him and Jeden team up to finally defeat Marcel. However, Marcel quickly gains the advantage and summons all three of the Sacred Beasts at once! After some careful defense, Jesse manages to bring all the Crystal Beasts to the field, and manages to finally summon Rainbow Dragon! Although Rainbow Dragon can not destroy the beasts due to their abilities, Jaden manages to summon Chaos Neos and uses it to negate their special effects and destroy Uria. Marcel then revives Uria, only to get rid of all three of the Sacred Beasts and summon Chaos Phantasm Armityle, a fusion of the three beasts. Blair finally decides to try and get through to Marcel, and it may work a little better then she thought, when the Mysterious creature that is possessing him decides to reveal herself.moreless
    • The Hands of Justice (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 50
      Sartorious, controlled by the Wave of Light, has defeated Aster in their fight. Sartorious then demands Jaden's key to the Laser Satellite in exchange for Aster. Jaden's put in a pretty difficult situation. There is where Neos shows up to interject just as the key is about to go to Sartorious. Furious, Sartorious duels Jaden to put an end to things. Just like in his battle with Aster, Sartorious reads the future and becomes the dominant power in the duel. Despite this, Jaden summons his monsters through his specialty - Fusion.moreless
    • A Reason to Win
      Season 1 - Episode 41
      Alexis is still keeping on taking care of her older brother whose memory hasn't returned. In order to gain her older brother's memory back, Alexis then falls into the duel against the Shadow Duelist. The Shadow Duelist is now no longer a fake duelist as he was before. He has become a real shadow duelist. Titan plays Demon Matador type monsters and Dark Arena to dominate Alexis and draw her into darkness. Alexis' Cyber Blader can't attack shadow targets, so it is finally destroyed by Matador.moreless
    • Amnael's Endgame (1)
      Amnael's Endgame (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 45
      Six of the seven spirit gates have now been opened. Jaden goes into an abandoned dorm to find Banner's mummy corpse. There it appears to be the last of the seven stars: Amnael. Thus, the duel between Jaden and Amnael begins. Amnael's deck is based on alchemy type. Although Jaden attacks by various Elemental Hero monsters, they are negated by the permanent trap card: Elemental Absorber. Also, due to the Alchemy Chaos Distil, next monster can appear, and direct attack is made.moreless
    • The Power Within (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 48
      Jaden and the Yubel possessed Jesse continue to duel. Jaden finds out that Jesse’s soul is sealed within Rainbow Dragon.
    • School Duel (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      Chazz continues to overpower Jaden thanks to his Armed Dragon, however his opponent is not finished yet. Throwing Special Hurricane into the duel, Jaden hopes to turn the tables on his old rival. But Chazz's classmates continue to drive him on and Armed Dragon returns to the field. As the two duelists continue to fight, only one school can come out victorious.moreless
    • Return of the Supreme King (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 50
      As the duel between Jaden and Yubel continues, Yubel summons both herself and Supreme King Jaden to the field.
    • Duel Monsters Spirit Day
      Season 1 - Episode 42
      The cosplay duel conference is held in the school festival. Alexis becomes Harpy Lady while Chazz is equipped by XYZ Dragon. A pretty and mysterious lady in Dark Magician Girl form becomes Jaden's opponent in the duel. Thus, the duel between Jaden and Dark Magician Girl finally starts. Jaden is in a tough situation by lovely Dark Magician Girl who plays an unexpectedly powerful deck and summons Magician Valkyria and Dark Magician Girl. Actually, this lady holding such potential capability has never existed in Duel Academy, but...moreless
    • Duel for Hire
      Season 2 - Episode 40
      While Dr. Crowler and Vice Principal Bonaparte get yelled at by Chancellor Sheppard, they take it the wrong way and believe that they got fired. This happens just as Pegasus, the president of the I2 Corporation shows up for a meeting with Chancellor Sheppard. Dr. Crowler and Vice Principal Bonaparte beg Pegasus to hire them and a duel is suggested to determine whether or not they will get the job.moreless
    • Return of the Supreme King (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 49
      Jaden uses his Super Polymerization card to fuse Neos and Rainbow Dragon together and save Jesse. In order to stop Yubel, Jesse entrusts his Crystal Beasts to Jaden.
    • The Duel Off (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      With Polymerization sealed, Baston has shut down Jaden's main tactic of fusing his Elemental Heroes together. Struggling against his powerful opponent, Jaden attempts to turn the tables with his Skyscraper Magic Card, but Baston is no easy opponent and victory won't come easy to either duelist
    • Amnael's Endgame (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 46
      As the duel between Jaden and Amnael continues Jaden is shocked to find out that he is really Professor Banner! He confesses that that this form is an android whose soul is placed into a doll. When Amnael activates the permanent trap Marcocosm, the battle field changes into solar system space theme; Primitive Sun Helios, Twin Suns, and others are used. Alexis, Chazz, and Atticus are caught into a planet while Jaden gets the series attack from the planets. Finally, Triplet Suns with 3900 attack points appears.moreless
    • Schooling the Master
      Season 2 - Episode 31
      Zane, who is seeking for the sealed powerful deck, visits the former Chancellor Sheppard, and old master of Cyber Style Duel. Then, the student-teacher duel between Zane and Sheppard begins.
    • The Hands of Justice (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 51
      Sartorius, controlled by the Wave of Light, activates the Field Spell Card [Light Boundary]. This Boundary has an adverse effect on the Card Spirits and Jaden's monsters are drove in it. Then, Sartorius summons Arcana Force [The World] and sticks it on Jaden. Meanwhile, Prince Orgene, controlled by the evil Sartorius, obtains two keys for the Laser Satellite and makes it mobile. Kenzan's already too late in his attempts to stop it, as the Laser Satellite has set it sights on Earth and fired just as planned....moreless
    • All For One!
      Season 3 - Episode 27
      The students finally return from the alternate dimension and everything seems to be back to normal. However, they soon realize that Jesse has not returned! Jaden blames himself and becomes angry, and when a new portal to an alternate dimension begins to appear at the academy, he decides to return and find Jesse. Meanwhile, Alexis, Chazz, Atticus, Syrus, Hassleberry, Axel, and Jim all discuss the recent events as well as Jaden and Jesse. Then Chancellor Sheppard comes in and tells them about Jaden's childhood, including his relationship with Yubel.moreless
    • Doomsday Duel (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 30
      Jaden's shadow duel with Nightshroud, the first of the Shadow Riders, continues and things don't look good. As Nightshroud summons his powerful Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Jaden must draw on the power from his deck to fight back. But will his monsters and magic cards be enough to defeat this frightful opponent?moreless
    • Doomsday Duel (1)
      Doomsday Duel (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 29
      The Chancellor of the Duel Academy calls Jaden and the others together to warn them of a grave situation. Seven powerful duelists are planning an attack on the Academy in the hopes of obtaining the three Sacred Beast cards that have been sealed there for generations. The only thing that stands in the way of these seven stars are seven keys required to unlock the seal. Jaden and the others must protect these keys from the stars at any cost, and the first one is already approaching the island!moreless
    • Triple Play (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      The duels between Jesse, Jim, and Axel vs. the three masked knights continue with the knights outsmarting Jesse and Jim with every move. Axel is more lucky and manages to easily outsmart his opponent and defeat him. After a bit of struggling Jim and Jesse manages to also beat their opponents and the three students are saved. Axel then takes some of the Obelisk Blue students to the power facility to stop Marcel from using it, but Marcel is no where to be found. Marcel is on the other side of the academy, and is planning something big.moreless
    • The Fear Factor
      The Fear Factor
      Season 1 - Episode 34
      Hoping to relax after his stressful duels, Jaden retreats to a hot spring to unwind. But when you're one of the protectors of the Duel Academy it's hard to get a break, especially when the mysterious Kaibaman appears wanting to duel after Jaden and his friends end up in another dimension's underground cavern during the Spirit Festival. Will Jaden be able to defeat this familiar deck strategy, or is it all too much for him to handle?moreless
    • Unleash the Dragon (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 25
      Marcel decides to finally take care of Jaden, forcing him into a duel. While Jesse and Axel head off to find Rainbow Dragon's capsule, Jaden and the others make their way to Marcel. However, Marcel has the Duel Ghouls advancing towards them, and one by his friends step up to hold them off while Jaden gets to Marcel. Eventually Jaden and Blair make it to the duel arena. The duel starts and Marcel quickly tricks Jaden and gets the advantage. However, Jesse finally finds the Rainbow Dragon and decides to join Jaden and have a tag team duel against Marcel.moreless
    • Taken By Storm (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 24
      The tag duel between Syrus/Tyranno and Thunder/Frost is continued.
    • Jaden Revived!? A Brand New Journey!
      With Yubel defeated, everyone finally returns to Duel Academy. With Jaden seemingly gone, everyone is highly emotionally.
    • Homecoming Duel (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      Jaden has finally returned after leaving for a long time. He battles against Aster, betting by the abolition of Slifer Red dorm.
    • Sad But Truesdale
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      The news about the promotion to yellow dorm has come to Syrus. Crowler has prepared the condition that he has to duel and defeat the girl called Missy of Blue dorm. Thus, Syrus becomes so frightened that Jaden and his friends have to encourage him. Syrus is playing Bigroid deck while Missy is fighting by an insect deck. Missy multiplies the number of ants on Syrus's field in oder to increase the attack points of Insect Princess up to 2900. On the other side, Sho is fighting without Power Bond, fusing three Bigroid to summon Drillroidmoreless
    • The Forbidden Ritual (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 40
      Axel manages to free Jaden from the Supreme King, however he soon falls sick. Meanwhile, Crowler, Aster, Zane, and Echo are transported into a new place.
    • Graduation Match (1)
      Graduation Match (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 51
      The top of the school, Zane designates Jaden to become his opponent in the model duel for the graduation commemoration. Thus, the duel between Jaden and Zane begins. Jaden seems more careful then usual and everyone notices this. Even Zane knows it and he is disappointed by Jaden as he was hoping for a different Flavour from him. However the match continues with Jaden playing the same way and Zane still trying to explain why Jaden is losing. After everytime Zane lost Cyber End Dragon he kept on managing to bring it back over and over again. so it keeps going like this until the Episode ends.moreless
    • The King of the Copycats (1)
      The King of the Copycats (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Yugi's deck is put on display. A student from Ra steals it and uses it to duel; against Jaden. The student uses the deck just as well as Yugi, so it's like Jaden's dueling against the game king himself!
    • School Duel (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 25
      Having found his true strength at the North School Academy, Chazz returns to the Duel Academy for a battle between the schools. Going up against his old rival Jaden, Chazz is determined to show the world that his new deck is stronger than anything the Academy can throw at him.
    • Jewel of A Duel (1)
      Jewel of A Duel (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      The new semester for Duel Academy has started. The academy invites school champions: Adrian Gecko, Axel Brodie, Jim Cook, Professor Viper, and a mystery man as exchange students. Meanwhile, Jaden meets a boy who sees spirits on the top of the school. That boy is the mystery man, Jesse Anderson. Jesse is a duelist who controls an odd series of monsters called the Jewel Beasts. Professor Viper decides to start the year off with a duel between Jesse and Jaden. However, Viper is mysteriously missing from the duel.moreless
    • Heart of Ice (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 41
      Sartorious has two personalities against each other. One wants to conquer the world and make everybody "see the light". The other is the good side and is trying to stop the other side from achieving his goals. The good personality hands an important key each to Jaden and Aster. The evil side wants that key, so he sends Alexis to duel Jaden. Alexis' deck has become powerful with the influence of the light. Will Jaden be able to save Alexis?moreless
    • Rise of the Sacred Beasts (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 48
      The Duel Academy Superintendent, Kagemaru, steals the 7 Spirit Keys and unlocks the Sacred Beast Cards! Thus, the duel between Jaden and Kagemaru begins. Kagemaru then summons the first sacred beast, Uria, Lord of Searing Flames. Its attack points are equal to the number of trap cards in the graveyard multiplied by 1000, repulsing the traps of the opponent. Furthermore, Jaden is in a tough situation when he has to face against the second summoned sacred beast, Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder. Obtaining the spirits of Duel Monsters through the beasts, Kagemaru becomes younger.

    • The Dark Scorpions
      Season 1 - Episode 39
      The seven star keys of Jaden and the others are stolen. A group of 5 people, Dark Scorpion Grave Robber Group, lurks into the school. Chazz who can reveal this incident finally starts a duel against the Dark Scorpions led by Don Zaloog. Although he attacks by leveled up Armed Dragon, it is sealed by 5 people of the Dark Scorpions. By the combination attack of the 5 people in a turn, his LP reduces by 2000 points. If he gets one more hit, he will be defeated. Then, he bets everything on Ojama Trio.moreless
    • Heart of Ice (2)
      Heart of Ice (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 42
      Alexis' Deck, which was powered up by Sartorious, gradually drives Jaden into a corner. Jaden is fighting to return Alexis to her original self. However, Alexis, who isn't listening to Jaden, finally summons her strongest monster: White Knight Dragon. Jaden is pushed into a difficult situation, until he draws the card Chazz and Atticus entrusted him to return Alexis to her former self.moreless
    • Win Mr. Stein's Duel (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Stein turns Elemental Hero Burstinatrix and Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird into his allies with the effect of Scab Scar Knight's effect, and launches an attack against Jaden. Meanwhile, Jaden summons Elemental Hero Mariner and launches a direct attack on Stein. Viper, watching the battle on a monitor, informs Jaden of the trap laid in this duel. The trap being that Alexis has been taken hostage and when Stein takes on an attack, the room Alexis is locked up in fills with water. Jaden, unable to attack, is assaulted relentlessly by Stein.moreless
    • The Duel Off (1)
      The Duel Off (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      A friendly duel is to occur between students from Jaden's academy and from North school. Zane recommends Jaden who Crowler hates of course and chooses Baston. They agree to have the two duel to decide who should represent the academy. They fight as friends and rivals alike. The situation turns against Jaden when Baston prevents him from using Polymerization . Meanwhile, an old man confronts Alexis at the dorm about the story of students disappearing at the dorm.moreless
    • Champion or Chazz-been
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Chancellor Crowler approaches Chazz and tells him that Chazz can enter back into Obelisk Blue if he can defeat a new student called Reginald van Howell, or Reggie. Chazz accepts these conditions and the next day he and Reggie duel. Once, he was on the top class, but now he is in the Red dorm. Reggie can break through Chazz playing Ojama monsters. Although Chazz can do the first attack well by XYZ combo, it is striked by Gilford the Lightning and other monsters in soldier family deck. However, he isn't perturbed, looking through the competition during the past year. Then he uses Mega Ojama King.moreless
    • Magna Chum Laude
      Season 1 - Episode 50
      Chumley with his good drawing skills wins the Industrail Illusions design contest. However if he doesn't win in the duel test with Dr. Crowler he can't become a card designer as his wishes. Thus the duel between Chumley and Dr. Crowler begins. Chumley has no mistake in his play but he become discouraged and overwhelmed by Ancient Gear Golem and other Ancient gear- type cards that Dr. Crowler has match them evenly reminding himself of the determination in Austraia trip one year ago. He aims to revise the magic card Ayer's Rock Sunrise.moreless
    • Ultimate Destiny
      Season 2 - Episode 46
      Aster learns that D is the one who stole the Ultimate Destiny Card from his father. He challenges D to a duel attached by a key entrusted from Sartorious. Aster begins the match with his D-Hero's, but the world champion proves a tough opponent even for Aster. D then activates the Ultimate D Card, pushing Aster into a tough spot. will Aster be able to beat D and finally find out what happened to his dad?moreless
    • It's All Relative
      Season 2 - Episode 44
      Sartorious, who has to recapture an important key, sends Dr. Eisenstein to confront Jaden. He is a genius medical doctor who creates a deck to counter Jaden's perfectly. The duel begins with the doctor activating Relativity Field and summoning a monster that can negate Jaden's skillful fusions, enabling him to quickly gain the advantage in the duel.moreless
    • The Dark Light
      Season 2 - Episode 45
      The real purpose of the GX tournament is revealed: Chancellor Sheppard and Pegasus searching for the person who posseses the Ultimate Destiny Hero card. As it turns out, Aster is also searching for this card. Meanwhile, Aster's legal gaurdian "The D" is about to avenge his title as world champion. However, "The D" has a secret important to Aster.moreless
    • Conquering the Past (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 42
      With Aster being beaten by Adrian, Jaden begins to lose his spirit. He goes in search of Adrian, when he runs into Zane. Zane challenges Jaden to a duel and he accepts.
    • The Forbidden Ritual (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 41
      Aster and Adrian begin their duel and Adrian is dead set on summoning Exodia. Aster tries to stop him from gathering the five cards, but Adrian seems to have another, even more powerful monster up his sleeves.
    • For the Sake of Syrus
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Syrus doesn't believe that he can win in the tag duel so he tries to leave the island. Jaden then decides to duel Syrus's older brother, Zane, in order to give him a confidence boost. Jaden is able to keep his own at first but in the end Zane is just too powerful and beats Jaden.moreless
    • Back to Duel
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Jaden is promoted to the second year. A gentle new student approaches into a duel with Jaden. The deck of the new student isn't powerful because it is created suddenly without preparation by the immediate purchase of 8 packs-40 cards-at a stand. By Large Angel Zaret, Jaden's life points are lowered to 1200. Syrus and the others have realized that the new student is actually a prominent duelist, Aster Phoenix.moreless
    • Mirror, Mirror (1)
      Mirror, Mirror (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 26
      Sarina, Sartorious' sister, guides Jaden, Aster, Grandpa, and Bastion to Kaiba Land. Aster and Jaden go inside the Virtual World to see Syrus and Tyranno as a Vehicroid and a dinosaur. Then Sarina tells them that the only way that they can get out and save Syrus and Hasslebery is if they defeat her in a duel. The duel is also being held to see who is the chosen one to stand by Sartorious' side.moreless
    • Trapper Keeper (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      With all the energy extracted from Jaden and Professor Stein's duel, Viper thinks he only needs one more duel to occur before his plan is complete. He sends Jesse's old enemy Trapper to duel Jesse. To lure Jesse into a duel, he captures Jesse's Sapphire Pegasus. Now Jesse must duel to save his Crystal Beats before Trapper gets his hands on all of them!moreless
    • Duel Distractions (2)
      Duel Distractions (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 37
      After Bastion lost, he was locked up in the coliseum with Tanya, dueling her day and night, and each time he loses. Jaden decided to step in and save him. When the whole gang went in, they found Bastion heartbroken. Tanya dumped him because Bastion isn't that strong of a duelist. Jaden agreed to a duel with Tanya, where she used a magic card that forced her and Jaden's souls to fight each other every time a monster attacks. Jaden's determination kept him from letting Tanya's love comments get the best of him and he beat Tanya with only 100 life points to spare.moreless
    • Hearts Are Wild
      Season 1 - Episode 43
      A teenager named Pierre who calls himself 'The Gambler' accomplishes the gambling world and come to Duel Academy to settle with Alexis Rhodes. Alexis has known this boy before, so she falls into a duel against him. Pierre's strategy depends on his gamble deck that leads the duel by tossing coins to get tail or head. By Second Chance, a coin is tossed twice and keeps head and tail. However, Alexis can see his weak point from their childhood period.moreless
    • A Hassleberry Hounding
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Tyranno Hassleberry, the top first grade of yellow challenges Jaden for a duel. Tyranno was the original school gang leader, beating Jaden to prove the fact that the academy has charisma. He loves Dinosaurs, so he uses Dinosaur deck. By the field magic Jurassic World, Dinosaur and Beast families can be powered up, and even the trap is repulsed. Furthermore, by Ultra Evolution Pill Jyooshin Kayaku, Jaden is threatened by the evolution of Archaeopteryx to Black Tyranno with 2900 attack points.moreless
    • A Looming Threat! The Mysterious Visitor!

      After a month, Jaden has finally returned to Duel Academy, but stays inside his room. Jesse, Axel, Jim, and Adrian have all returned to their schools, and Syrus, Chazz, and Blair are all in Obelisk Blue. Then something mysterious happens to the Duel System so Chazz, Alexis, and a new student go to investigate.

    • A Greater Porpoise
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      A disappointed Jaden wanders around outer space. It's weird, but with a friendly dolphin-shaped space alien's guidance, Jaden is reunited with an illustrated card he drew in his childhood, which Kaiba Corp. launched into space. But, that card became perfect by evolving through the power of space's intention. Jaden duels a hostile alien life form. At the end of the universe, the energy form obtains the power of Neo Space, and Jaden starts to understand a new deck concept that gives his monsters a power up.moreless
    • Jewel of A Duel (2)
      Jewel of A Duel (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Jaden and Jesse continue their duel, and everytime Jaden believes he has finally pulled ahead, Jesse pulls another trick out of his hat. Even with powerful fusions, Jaden can't seem to get past Jesse's Crystal Beast monsters. Even worse, Jesse plans to release an creature with awesome power. Also, Professor Viper returns to the duel, but what does he have in store?moreless
    • A Lying Legend
      Season 1 - Episode 40
      Abidos the Third, the spirit of an undefeated Pharaoh, is the 5th member of the Shadow Riders who arrives on Duel Academy Island to claim a Spirit Key. To do that, he'll have to get through Jaden first. Who will win?
    • Camaraderie Contest
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      While Jaden is still away, Syrus and Tyranno have a quarrel over who should get the tile of Jaden's sworn brother. Thus the duel between Syrus and Tyranno which bet by the strong through towards their Big Brother begins.
    • The True Graduation Duel! Jaden VS The Legendary Duelist!

      Winged Kuriboh has lead to Jaden to the King of Games, and his original owner, Yugi Moto himself! Yugi challenges Jaden to one final duel.

    • A Sight Unseen (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 35
      Jim and Axel discover that the identity of the Supreme King is none other than Jaden himself! After revealing the secret of his bandaged eye, Jim challenges Jaden.
    • A Dimensional Duel
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      In order for the portal between the real world and the alternate dimension to work, there must be a burst of power so it will open. Jesse and Zane then begin their duel so that everyone will be saved. As the duel starts Zane seems to have the advantage, but Jesse's Crystal Beasts are still a force to be reckon with. Meanwhile, Jaden tries to escapes from the Duel Ghouls so that he can make it to his friends, while Marcel plots his next move against Jaden. Back in the real world, Pegasus finally completes the Rainbow Dragon card, and the only thing left to do is open the portal, but will Jesse and Zane be able to produce enough energy to open it?moreless
    • The Phoenix Has Landed (2)
      The Phoenix Has Landed (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 49
      Aster's Duel with Sartorious continues. Sartorious makes the 21st Arcana Force "The World" explode. Aster receives huge sums of damage, but believes inside Sartorious, despite being controlled by the Wave of Light, the "Real /True Sartorious" still exists. Against Sartorious's unwavering assault, Aster begins to give up. But something happens to allow Aster to begin his counter offensive strike. However, Aster succeeds at making "The Good Hearted Sartorious" appear finally.moreless
    • Primal Instinct
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      After their duel, both Jaden and Axel are feeling a little weak, but they are still energetic at the same time. While talking outside, Shirley bites Tyranno. Jim Cook reveals that due to the vibrations in the air, Shirley is reverted to her primal instincts and Jaden is less energetic then usually. This is also affecting the dinosaur DNA within Tyranno, making him act like an animal. Jim challenges Tyranno to a duel in order to restore his normal behavior.moreless
    • The New Chazz
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      Struggling to cope with his defeats at the Duel Academy, Chazz has been traveling the seas trying to find his true calling. Arriving at the North Academy, he is forced to rebuild his deck from scratch and take on the students to prove his worth. But will the power of his new deck be enough to defeat the head of this Academy known as the Czar, or will he be defeated once again?moreless
    • No Pain, No Game
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      After Zane is defeated by Aster in Pro League, his glory seems to be gone. He is then invited by an untrustworthy sponsor to join the underground duel. It is the duel to show the elements with desparate effort in front of savage audiences. Then the duel between Zane and Inukai begins.moreless
    • Source of Strength
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      In oder to verify Nabukabu Power, Sartorious predicts by his Tarot, comes to Duel Academy, and approaches into the duel against Tyranno Hassleberry.
    • School Ghoul Duels
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      Jaden and the others lose their connection with Miss Fontaine and must now figure out a way to get into the nurse’s office and save both Miss Fontaine and Blair before the duel ghouls get to her. Jaden, Jim, Jesse, Axel, and Adrian all head off to sneak into the nurse’s office, but Adrian, Jim, and Axel all eventually have to break away in order to lead the duel ghouls away from Jaden and Jesse. The two of them finally make it to the nurse’s office, but they are too late. The duel ghouls have already gotten to Miss Fontaine and have turned her into a ghoul! With no choice, Jaden must duel Miss Fontaine. But will he be able to end the duel in time to save Blair.moreless
    • Mirror, Mirror (2)
      Mirror, Mirror (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 27
      The unusual tag duel between Jaden and Aster VS Sarina is continued.
    • Generation neXt
      Season 2 - Episode 32
      Chancellor Shepphard declares the opening of the GX Tournament. It's an important tournament that world Pro duelists and the students will participate in on Duel Academy Island. Sartorious then approaches to duel against a European champion, Prince Ojin.
    • A Snake in the Grass (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      Jaden and Jesse are finally reunited with everyone else and not a moment too soon. Adrian arrives in Viper's room and demands that Viper hand over the card he possesses. After a short battle, the Mysterious Eye pins Adrian against a wall and begins to taunt him about his past. Meanwhile, Adrain's plan begins to put the base on lockdown, forcing Jaden and the others to try and reach safety. After running through out the building, they run into Viper. Viper takes them into the sky on a platform. Jaden realizes that he must duel Viper, and so the duel begins.moreless
    • The Inherited Cyber Dark Dragon
      The Inherited Cyber Dark Dragon
      Season 4 - Episode 8

      Syrus decides that he must duel Izume in Zane's place, but his practice with Zane's deck doesn't go well.

    • Tag Team Trial (2)
      Tag Team Trial (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      The Paradox Brothers continue to widdle down Jaden and Syrus' lifepoints by going after Syrus. No matter what Jaden plays they always outmatch him with the Gate Guardian. Syrus then fights back after seeing his brother and wanting to prove himself to be a good duelist. Jaden and Syrus manages to beat Gate Guardian. But now they have an even bigger threat to deal with...moreless
    • The Key Factor
      Season 2 - Episode 47
      Jaden learns of the secret key from Linda, Prince Ojin's secretary. The key can activate the Laser Satellite. In order to retrieve it from Jaden, Sartorious orders Prince Ojin to duel Jaden. The prince is able to attack Jaden using three seperate Satellite Cannons. Jaden is able to call forth the Flame Wingman but is pushed into a tight situation.moreless
    • What Lies Beneath (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 38
      Axel sees through Skull Bishop and challenges him to a match. However, the Skull Bishop quickly gets him down to 100 Life points.
    • Dueling With the Dark Army
      Season 3 - Episode 30
      As Jaden continues to look for Jesse, he ends up infiltrating the base of the Dark World Army commander, the knight Zure! Zure holds nothing back and goes all out against Jaden. Jaden starts to believe that he won't be able to win, however Zure and his army have captured all of his friends, and now Jaden must duel to save them.moreless
    • A Duel In Love
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Crowler tries to get Jaden kicked out by forging a love note from Alexis and sticking it in Jaden's locker; however, accidentally puts it in Syrus's locker, who takes the invite and walks in on the girls at the spa. Alexis soon learns what happened, and learns that the letter was for Jaden. Calling him down, Alexis agrees that she won't tell on Syrus if Jaden can beat her in a duel.moreless
    • The King of the Copycats (2)
      The King of the Copycats (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      Jaden's Life Points are down to 1300, while Dimitri's Life Points are untouched, and he has all three Magician cards on the field. In such a hopeless situation, Jaden begins to lose the confidence he held for so long. His defeat may be inevitable now.
    • Don't Fear the Reaper
      Season 2 - Episode 39
      The rumor about a duelist who participates in Genex and beats an opponent by one turn kill is spread out. The true identity of that person who makes a deal with The Grim Reaper's card is Lucien Grimly obtaining draw power. Jaden has to duel against Lucien whose soul has already been sold to The Grim Reaper.moreless
    • The Shadow Duelist (2)
      The Shadow Duelist (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      The duel between Jaden and Titan continues, Jaden is losing badly to Titan's demon monsters. As their apparent shadow game continues, Jaden discovers the shadow game is fake when he hears Winged Kuriboh speak to him. Titan runs away, Jaden chasing after him, when they run into a real shadow game!moreless
    • The Seventh Shadow Rider
      Season 1 - Episode 44
      Professor Banner disappears, so people become worried whether he is defeated by the Shadow Riders. Jaden and his friends are looking for Professor Banner, entering the black forest. On the other side, Alexis is looking after Atticus who disappears, she ends up with the duel against the mysterious duelist of the Shadow Riders and is finally defeated by such differently preponderant power. Also, as Chazz is looking for Professor Banner, he approaches into a duel against the mysterious duelist and is eventually defeated. Is Professor Banner safe?moreless
    • Hanging with Axel (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Professor Viper introduces survival duels to Duel Academy. Each student is equipped with a special wristband that will monitor their dueling performances. If the duelist performs badly, they are demoted, and then expelled! After seeing how much energy Jaden used in his duel with Jesse, Viper commands Axel to duel Jaden. To lure Jaden, Axel captures Syrus and ties him to a rope hanging over the ocean.moreless
    • Taken By Storm (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      Duel Academy has the school trip to Domino City. It's the sanctuary duel place of Yugi Muto, Seto Kaiba, and others. Jaden and his friends visit Yugi's house and meet Grandpa. While walking into the town, Grandpa is kidnapped. Two assassins of The Society of Light, Thunder and Frost, chase after them and approach them into a tag duel.moreless
    • Not Playing With A Full Deck
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      The top rank pro duelist X is sent by the white association, approaching into the duel against Jaden.
    • A New World Order
      Season 3 - Episode 28
      In order to find Johan, Jaden and the others return to the different dimension world again, but the world they return to differs from before. Jaden, in a rush to save Johan, takes action on his own, wandering off into an underground labyrinth. O'Brien and Bastion notice that Jaden is missing and head inside the labyrinth. Taniya appears before Jaden and the others as they regroup underground and they make their escape from this labyrinth together. They encounter Birdman, who protects this underground labyrinth, Jaden duels with it. But, duels in this world have actually been duels with life-or-death at stake.moreless
    • Formula For Success
      Formula For Success
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Crowler is sick of Chazz's failure's and makes him duel Bastion. If Chazz loses then the two will switch dorms. Chazz throws Bastion's deck into the water. Bastion uses a different deck and manages to beat Chazz. Chazz then decided to leave the academy since they have given him no respect.moreless
    • A Sight Unseen (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 36
      Jaden and Jim continue their duel. Jim then discovers that the real Jaden is within the Supreme King, and he has to save him.
    • The Maiden In Love
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      A new student joins Slifer Red and is assigned to Jaden's dormitory. Although friendly enough, the student is surprisingly shy when it comes to undressing in front of the others. As Jaden tries to find out what is troubling his roommate he makes a startling discovery about their true identity.
    • Field of Screams (3)
      Season 1 - Episode 33
      Camulla has already beaten Crowler and Zane. Jaden wants to be the next opponent for her to face. However Jaden ends up at a huge disadvantage, he only had 300 life points left and he was facing Camulla's Vampire Genesis. Will Jaden be able to escape this duel with his Spirit Key and his soul?moreless
    • Rise of the Sacred Beasts (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 49
      The duel between Jaden and Kagemaru continues. Jaden has to face against two sacred beasts with 5000 and 4000 attack points. Moreover, the third sacred beast, Raviel, Lord of Phantasms, is finally summoned. Kagemaru's main purpose is to gain eternal life from Duel Monsters. Jaden's Life Points then reduces to 600. However, using the card Professor Banner left for him, he can better the fusion and de-fusion of Shining Flare Wingman. Applying to Elemental Hero Electrum, he aims to strike reversely.moreless
    • Making the Grade
      Making the Grade
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      After helping a woman on the road, Jaden arrives to find that woman is selling cards for the players but all but one pack was purchased mysteriously by Crowler, who gives them to Chazz to beat Jaden in the field test. The woman gives Jaden the remaining pack and Jaden duels against Chazz and if he wins, he advances to Ra Yellow, the future elite. However Chazz, with his newly acquired VWXYZ monster out, looks to have Jaden beaten.moreless
    • Grave Risk (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 27
      On a field trip to some ancient ruins with Professor Banner, Jaden finds himself drawn into the past-like dimension when the ruins were still a magnificent structure and Winged Kuriboh is real. Forced to duel the Gravekeeper's Chief, Jaden discovers that this is a Shadow Game in which he will feel the pain of his monsters. To make matters worse, both graveyards have been shut down by Necrovalley. Will Jaden be able to draw defeat against this mysterious opponent?moreless
    • Blinded by the Light (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 36
      Chazz continues his assault on Jaden using his "White Knight's Lord".
    • Curry Worries
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      The Ra Yellow Head, Professor Sartyr, tries to bring Sargent Hassleberry, who usually enters Slifer Red dorm, back to Ra Yellow dorm by using curry. Thus, the duel between Hassleberry and Sartyr begins. Will Hassleberry's platoon of dinosaurs win this war? Or will Sartyr have the sweet taste of victory with his curry-themed deck?moreless
    • Duel Distractions (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 36
      In the morning near a cliff on the island, Bastion getting up very early is exercising and looking into the sea. He is thinking about the 7 stars. After Camilla, nobody has shown up yet. However, he believes that the next assassin must be coming soon. 2 out of 8 keys, Crowler's and Zane's keys, have already been taken, so the 7 star gate is now partially open. No matter what, Bastion will protect his own key and won't submit it to anybody. He says while taking his key out. After that, he opens his cloth and shows his 6 attribute decks (Light, Dark, Aqua, Fire, Wind, Earth). He takes out a deck and checks through each card until he stops at a cute monster card, White Magcian Pikeru [White Magician Pikeru ~ Shiroma Doushi Pikeru - 2/1200/0: During your Standby Phase, gain 400 Life Points times the number of Monsters on your Field]. Bastion is wondering since he can't remember when he puts this card in his deck. He looks embarrassed, moves his face around, and finally thinks that he might do some mistake by placing it in the deck.moreless
    • Magnetic Personality
      Season 2 - Episode 30
      When all of the Ra Yellow students are entering the Society of Light, Bastion is upset that he isn't already part of the group. He says that since the Society of Light is for the best he should be already be a member. Bastion is so upset about the fact that he isn't a member that he goes to the White Dorm to challenge Sartorious. Instead of Bastion dueling Sartorious, Chazz is told to take his place and duel Bastion.moreless
    • Pop Goes the Duel
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      After Jaden is defeated by Aster, his cards become invisible in white paper. On the other side, because of Dr. Crowler, Atticus approaches into a duel against his younger sister, Alexis. Atticus invites Alexis to join him in the sibling debut in the entertainment world. Atticus activates the field magic Ultimate Stage Clothes that can increase the attack points of a monster by 3000. However, the cloths are too large. That makes the movement become awkward. Thus, when he strikes, the attack of his monster isn't as powerful as it has the original attack points. Alexis is opposing him by the ritual monster, Cyber Angel series.moreless
    • The Darkness Is Revealed
      Season 3 - Episode 34
      Axel and Jim search for Jaden, who has gone missing. They learn about the Supreme King's hunt for duelists and head to a nearby town to look for Jaden.
    • Happily Never After
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      In order to decide the destination of the study trip, Jaden approaches into the duel against Sartorious' representative Rose.
    • Turning The Page (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 32
      Jaden is backed into a corner in the duel. If he attacks, his friends vanish. Jaden is confused on how to fight, but with Bronn not holding back, he must think quickly. Then when Bronn insults him, he goes all out on offense, but will it be his undoing? Meanwhile after seeing how Jaden only cares for Jesse, Syrus runs off and Axel and Jim head after him.moreless
    • Pro-Dueling
      Season 2 - Episode 38
      Crowler and Vice-Principal Bonaparte are concerned about the reputation of the Academy due to lots students being beaten by pro duelists, so they decide to unleash their secret weapons to hopefully earn back the Academy's reputation.
    • Trapper Keeper (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      As Jesse's duel with Trapper continues, Trapper now has two of the Crystal Beasts and is aiming at them all! Things only get more complicated when Jesse must choose between saving his Sapphire Pegasus or keeping a promise to an old friend.
    • The Little Belowski
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      Crowler is so upset at the fact that Jaden was the school's representative that he goes and releases an old student called Belowski to come and challenge Jaden, so that Jaden would be trapped by Belowski's ability to trap you in a trance like state.
    • What Lies Beneath (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 37
      Aster and Zane search for Jaden. Axel heads towards the Supreme King's castle, however, due to his fear, he leaves his Duel Disk behind.
    • Friend or Fiend
      Season 3 - Episode 29
      Jaden and the others go through the door and find themselves in the ruins of a village. They see a comet overhead, which puts Jim in pain for a minute. After it passes, they notice a boy running. They follow him and notice he is being chased by a fiend. Jaden stands up to protect the boy, and the fiend introduces himself as Scarr. Jaden decides to duel him to save the boy. Scarr quickly backs Jaden into a corner when he makes it seem that Jaden can not summon any monsters. However, using some quick thinking Jaden summons Neos and defeats Scarr. Then a knight named Sir Freed comes by to get the boy, whose name is Kyle, and tells Jaden that the Dark World Army approaches and they should flee the village. They follow Sir Freed to his village's hideout where they reveal that the army is lead by a warrior named Zure and he is sending everybody to his prison camp, including Kyle's father. Meanwhile Zure's army hunts down a man who has escaped the camp and is looking for the one that beat Scarr.moreless
    • The Next King of Games
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Jaden Yuki is on his way for his entrance exam to see if he can get into the prestigious Duel Academy. However, he is running very late and bumping into someone does not help either. However, the person he bumps into is none other then Yugi Moto! Yugi sees something in Jaden and give him the Winged Kuriboh card. In the end Jaden does make it to the duel site, but since he was almost late, he must now take on Dr. Crowler, one of the top teachers at the academy.moreless
    • Grave Risk (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 28
      Unable to sacrifice any monsters thanks to Necrovalley, Jaden is forced to use unconventional methods to power up his monsters. However Gravekeeper's Chief still has the upper hand, and things aren't looking good for Jaden. Can he break through and win the duel which could cost him his life?
    • The Demon
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Jaden and Bastion are still Duel Academy students, so they have to practice a lot. Bastion uses his WaterDragon again, but Water Dragon can not defeat Jaden's ShiningFlareWingman. Before dueling against Zane, Aster talks to his manager about the future and his victory. Jaden is extremely surprised, when he sees Avian's appearance on Aster's field. During next turn, Aster fuses Avian with Burstinatrix, but instead of FlameWingman, Aster creates PhoenixEnforcer which impresses Jaden and Syrus. But the best thing in PhoenixGuy is that he can not be destroyed in battle. And thanks to that special ability, Aster defeats Zane, by fusing PhoenixEnforcer with Sparkman to summon ShiningPhoenixEnforcer and using DestructionOfDestiny to send 4 more ElementalHeroes to the graveyard and raise ShiningPhoenixGuy's attack to 4900.moreless
    • Head in the Clouds (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Viper notices Adrian, searching around his vicinity. And then, he forces Adrian to duel before the next night or else. Adrian tries to overload Viper's system by having tons of students duel at the same time. Meanwhile, Chazz is bothered by Adrian and does some research on his profile. As a result he suggests on dueling Adrian while knowing that he's the eldest son of the Gecko Group. In use of his Cloud Deck, Adrian commences in attacks against Chazz.moreless
    • Night of the Living Duelist
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      As Jaden and the others make their way back to Duel Academy, Alexis, Hassleberry, and Syrus guard the outside of the academy while Bastion tries to figure out a way to return to their world. In the Chancellor’s office, Crowler is having a nervous breakdown trying to figure out what to do with Bonaparte is worried about finding Marcel. Meanwhile, the Devil Arm begins his plan by defeating two Obelisk Blue students in a duel and puts them in a zombie like state. One of them then challenges Chazz to a duel, who is guarding the food supply. After beating him in a duel, he gets back up, ready to duel again, along with many more duel ghouls. Jaden and the others finally return to the academy where the duel ghouls begin to surround them before Hassleberry and Alexis show up to save them. They tell them what is going on, but they are running out of time as the ghouls begin to close in on them, and Miss Fontaine!moreless
    • The Shadow Duelist (1)
      The Shadow Duelist (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Deciding to stay in Slifer Red, Jaden and the others head to the old Obelisk Blue dormitory also known as the Abandoned Dorm, that is claimed to be haunted where they meet Alexis, who says her brother disappeared there. Meanwhile Crowler has hired a duelist called the Shadow Duelist to take out Jaden. With Alexis separated from the others, he captures her easily. Now Jaden must duel to save not only himself, but Alexis as well.moreless
    • Tag Team Trial (1)
      Tag Team Trial (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      The day has come: The big Tag Team Duel With Jaden and Syrus. Unfortunately for them, Crowler assigned them to duel the best tag team duelist out there: the one and only Paradox Brothers! They kept summoning Level 7 monsters and picking on Syrus in order to win. Can Syrus Believe in himself and Help Jaden win, or Will Jaden and Syrus Be expelled from the academy?moreless
    • Get Yarr Game On!
      Season 1 - Episode 38
      A guy, Anacis who holds a large treasure on the island, has arrived at Duel Academy. He will do the shadow duel by betting with the three legendary demon cards. Under the seabed, he misunderstands the shadow duel and the water duel. Jaden who enjoys the sea duel goes on this fight. Thus, the duel between Jaden and Anacis begins. By the field magic The Legendary City of Atlantis, Anacis' water-type monsters gain advantages. Jaden is overwhelmed by such powerful water-type monsters, Sea Dragon Daidalos and Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness.moreless
    • A Spirit Summoned
      A Spirit Summoned
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      It is believed Jinzo appears in human form once every year. Wanting to return, he plans to sacrifice a person. To save the person Jaden duels human Jinzo, who drains his lifepoints quickly, and is planning to summon none other then his own Jinzo card.
    • J-Dawg and T-Bone
      Season 2 - Episode 25
      Seeing Sartorious's sister Saleena, T-Bone becomes frantic to beat Jaden. Without knowing Jaden's face before, he joins a camp Slifer Red. Jaden and T-Bone don't know each other, but they finally become good friends. When they are going to duel, they realized their actual hatred against each other.
    • Dormitory Demolition
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Vice Principle Bonaparte has an argument against Temp. Principle Crowler about the abolishment of Slifer Red. Thus, the teachers duel begins.
    • Blinded by the Light (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 35
      Chazz confronts a pro duelist. He, who has become a member of Association of Light, applies "White Knights Swordsman" and obtains the victory with by such preponderant strength. Chazz confronts against Jaden, who was watching the duel, and demands the duel with him. Jaden is aware of the fact that there is no "Ojama Trio" in Chazz's deck. Thus, he decides to search from Chazz's important card- "Ojama Trio", and thinks of using it by himself to bring back Chazz.moreless
    • Return of the Sacred Beasts
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      Marcel reveals that he is planning to release the Sacred Beasts cards and use them in his plans. As he opens the cavern and heads down to their location, Jaden gives chase. While chasing Marcel, he is stopped by Chazz, who is still a duel ghoul. Chazz starts attacking him, forcing Jaden to duel him in order to catch up with Marcel. Meanwhile, Dr. Eisenstein has managed to contact everyone using the power storage facility. He reveals that in order for them to escape from the alternate dimension, they must get a hold of the Rainbow Dragon card.moreless
    • Obelisk White?
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Chazz beats one Obelisk Blue Student one after another, and preforms the unknown action of dying the entire Blue Dorm White. It is said that it is the "Association with the Light" which Sartorious commands that should be what a school dedicates themselves to. He Duels Alexis.
    • Welcome to Duel Academy
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Even though he beat Dr. Crowler, Jaden is still in the Slifer Red section, for drop out students who have no worthwhile future. While everyone else, including his best friend Syrus hates it, Jaden seems to like his environment. When Jaden tries to duel Syrus for practice at night, a boy named Chazz, one of the top players in Obelisk Blue(which is the elite) tells him it's for elite players only, Jaden duels him. Watching the duel is a girl named Alexis also from Obelisk blue, who is interested in Jaden's skills.moreless
    • Courting Alexis
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      In tennis class, Jaden hit a ball which was about to hit Alexis, but was blocked and sent flying into the face of Dr. Crowler by a mysterious figure. Crowler gives Jaden a tough practice and allows Harrington , the tennis club captain to punish Jaden. Harrington challenges Jaden to a duel to see who would be Alexis' fiance but he is as good as Zane can he win?moreless
    • Duel and Unusual Punishment
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Sheppard and Crowler are trying to decide what to do about Jaden and Syrus' trespassing in the Abandoned Dorm. Instead of expelling them right away, they will fight a tag duel, if they win they stay, if they lose, they get expelled. Deciding to practice, Jaden and Syrus duel. Syrus uses a vehicle deck against Jaden's hero deck. Syrus loses badly, and Jaden sees Syrus could've played a card called Power Bond to help but the card is sealed by something in Syrus's past.moreless
    • Win Mr. Stein's Duel (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Due to large number of injuries due to Survival Duels, Jaden and the others go to Viper's research lab to confront him. Inside they split into two groups. Jaden is confronted by Mr. Stein, who he must defeat if he wants to find Viper.
    • Inter-Dimension Detention
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Following Jaden and Professor Viper's duel, Duel Academy and all its students have been transported to another world! After getting down from the helicopter pad, A Harpie Lady appears and attacks Crowler and Bonaparte! Jesse takes care of them before heading inside the school. Jaden and the others gather all the students into the gym and try to decide what to do. Adrian returns and says he saw someone crossing the desert. They head outside and find Bastion being attacked by Harpie Lady. Jesse begins to fight her again, but then she becomes Harpie Lady Sisters and starts to beat down Sapphire Pegasus. Meanwhile Adrian has taken the Devil Arm into the library for some reason. The arm then escapes and sets its sites on Marcel.moreless
    • A New Breed of Hero (2)
      A New Breed of Hero (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      The duel between Jaden and Aster is continued. Using the field magic card The clock Tower of the Secluded Prison, the passage time of destiny is cut off strangely. Furthermore, D-Hero Destiny Hero? series monsters are summoned one after another. This leads Destiny. compared to the Elemental Hero monsters, to control the time freely. Many monsters of Jaden are destroyed while his several turns are thrown away. When he is going to revive, he suffers from the damage of the enemy's combo. Finally, The D-Hero confined in the Clock Tower appears.moreless
    • Breaking of the Sacred Seal!
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      Chancellor Sheppard and Pegasus head to the site of the Rainbow Dragon' tablet in order to retrieve it to help the students return from the alternate dimension. However, Echo is already there, and she plans to blow up the tablet so that no one can return from that world. When asked why she is doing this to Adrian, she reveals that Adrian can not be happen in this world because of his brother. In the alternate dimension, Adrian and Marcel begin their duel for the Sacred Beasts. However, the beasts threaten to emerge on their own, forcing the duel off. Meanwhile, Bastion and Eisenstein reveal that in order for their plan to work, and cross dimensional duel must be held. Jesse will be the alternate dimension's duelist, but his opponent may not be what he expected.moreless
    • What a Doll!
      Season 2 - Episode 28
      Dorothy is struggling to clean up Duel Academy before the rest of the school comes back and she notices that a doll has gone missing. The doll appears in a human form as a girl named Alice. Hassleberry falls in love with Alice and she carries him off to the forest. Jaden goes to the forest at night to investigate and then Alice challenges Jaden to a duel.moreless
    • The State of Syrus
      Season 3 - Episode 33
      Alexis, Atticus, and Tyranno have now vanished and even Syrus doubts that Jaden will win. Then, Syrus is attacked.
    • Sub-Desert Duel
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      Now that the Mysterious Eye monster has taken over Marcel, it now has even more power then before. Adrian becomes upset with this thinking that it has betrayed him. With supplies, including medicine and food running low at the academy, they must figure out someway to replenish their supplies so they can heal Blair. Bastion tells them of a submarine out in the desert that could have supplies on it. Jaden, Jesse, Axel, Jim, and Adrian (who is also spying on them for the Mysterious Eye) head across to the desert to the submarine. On the way they are challenge by a Rock Spirit sent by the Mysterious Eye. Jesse duels and defeats it and they head into the submarine. After finding supplies, Rock Spirit returns and sends his monsters into the sub to destroy Jaden and the others.moreless
    • Turning The Page (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 31
      Jaden, still searching for Jesse, heads to the next base of the Dark World Army, where he comes face to face with the leader, Mad King Bronn! Bronn agrees to reveal Jesse's location if Jaden can beat him. Jaden agrees, but things turn bad when Bronn reveals that he has captured Chazz, Alexis, Hassleberry, and Atticus. As the duel continues Bronn's evil scheme begins to unfold as when Jaden attacks him Chazz disappears and is absorbed into Bronn's book. Now Jaden must somehow fight without sending Alexis, Atticus, and Hassleberry to the stars.moreless
    • Chazz-anova
      Season 1 - Episode 47
      When Chazz develops a crush on Alexis he and Atticus steal the spirit keys in order for Chazz to duel Alexis. If Alexis loses then she becomes Chazz's girlfriend!
    • DuelFellas
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      The Society of Light sends Chazz and Alexis to call Lorenzo to duel Jaden. Alexis tells Jaden that he should meet her in a duel dome/museum. Everyone thinks it is a date, but instead of a date, the member of the Society of Light, Lorenzo challenges Jaden to a duel.
    • The Art of the Duel
      Season 2 - Episode 34
      Jaden is bored, having no opponent for this day of the Genex Tournament. Suddenly, a pro duelist, Orlando, appears in front of Jaden and challenges him to a duel.
    • The Duel Giant
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      The word's out... There's a monster-sized person going around fighting all the Obelisk blue students. Rumor is, he only appears at Midnight, and he uses the forbidden ante rule... If the Obelisk looses, he must give up his or her best card. Crowler, as you may imagine, is not happy about this. He recruits Jaden to dispose of the Duel Giant, offering a year free of homework. he's actually thinking it would be a good way to kick Jaden out. Who is The Duel Giant? And can Jaden beat him?moreless
    • Nature of the Draw
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      A tarzan esque duelist who grew up in the forest appears, with a deck that focuses on drawing. Interested as he usually is in strong players, Jaden challenges him to a duel.
    • Let's Make a Duel
      Season 2 - Episode 29
      Bob, the quiz king who becomes attracted to Alexis, comes across Jaden having a quarrel against Alexis is forced into a duel with Jaden.
    • Third Time's A Charm
      Third Time's A Charm
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      It's the day before the start of the new semester and Chazz paints the schoolhouse made white by the Society of Light blue again. Meanwhile, Jaden thinks back to Neos, that fought with Sartorious in their battle, and all the battles he's had up until now. The time he lost to Aster and experienced the phenomenon of all his cards turned blank white, the time he met with the Neo Spacians and got their cards, the time he and Aster had their decisive rematch, and the time he and Aster joined in a tag team and fought against Sarina.moreless
    • Going Bananas
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Jaden, who is getting lost in the forest, becomes hungry and fades, reminding himself of his duels in the past.
    • The Combo of Terror! Nihility and Infinity!

      Fugiwara is finally defeated, but darkness still encases the world. The real darkness then confronts Jaden.

    • Triple Play (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      As more and more students fall victim to the duel ghouls, everyone is doing their part in the attempt to protect themselves, including make barricades and making defense team. Meanwhile, Blair finally gets the medicine and makes a great recovery, however she blames herself for what is happening. Although Jaden and the others are trying to keep everybody optimistic and in check, the food supply is quickly running low, causing tension among the students. After hearing about the food storage facility, two Obelisk Blue students and a Ra Yellow Student go looking for it. However, they quickly encounter the duel ghouls and run for it. The wind up in the library where they run into the possessed Marcel, eating a good meal. They try to take it, but he prevents it. After letting them eat, he forces them to merge with duel spirits. Marcel then goes over the intercom and announces that he is the ruler of this world. He says that he will allow them to have access to the food storage facility if he can have access to the power generators. Since no one agrees to the terms, Marcel forces them to duel his new warriors, which were made from the three students and some duel spirits. Since Jaden uses a lot on energy in his last duel, Jesse, Jim, and Axel decide to take on the three warriors.moreless
    • Monkey See, Monkey Duel
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      A weird monkey figure named Wheeler kidnaps Jasmine and holds her hostage. To understand Wheeler , Jaden duels him. Wheeler uses monkey monsters, but then when he destroys all his monsters, he says this is his prediction for his whole kind....
    • Family Business
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Chumley's dad has had enough with Chumley's low grades in School. He goes to the academy to duel Chumley. If Chumley wins, he can stay with Jaden and Syrus. However, if Chumley's dad wins, Chumley has to drop out and go into the family business.
    • Source of Strength
      Season 2 - Episode 221
      In his ongoing search for powerful duelists, Sartorius sets his sights on Hassleberry. But little does Sartorius know that this dino duelist has a startling secret!
    • A New Breed of Hero - Part I
      Season 2 - Episode 206
      Top-ranking pro Aster Phoenix comes to Duel Academy to challenge Jaden to a duel.
    • Camaraderie Contest
      Season 2 - Episode 212
      After fighting for weeks over who is Jaden's true best friend, Syrus and Hassleberry decide to settle it with a duel!
    • Homecoming Duel: Part II
      Season 2 - Episode 216
      Jaden has a lot to learn about his new deck, as Aster's Destiny Heroes continue to devastate him!
    • Dormitory Demolition
      Season 2 - Episode 217
      The heads of the school go head-to-head as Crowler faces Bonaparte to protect the Slifer Red dorm from destruction!
    • Duel Distractions - Part 1
      Season 1 - Episode 136
      The third Shadow Rider arrives and uses all her feminine wiles and charms to distract Bastion and win the duel.
    • Raring To Go
      Season 1 - Episode 104
      On test day at Duel Academy, Dr. Crowler steals a new card shipment so that he can stack the deck against Jaden and embarrass him in front of the entire school!
    • Mirror, Mirror Part II
      Season 2 - Episode 227
      The double duel continues as Aster and Jaden battle Sarina in a duel to determine who "the chosen duelist!" is!
    • The Graduation Match - Part I
      Season 1 - Episode 151
      Zane picks Jaden as his opponent at the prestigious Graduation Match, giving Jaden the chance to avenge his earlier loss.
    • The Graduation Match - Part II
      Season 1 - Episode 152
      Zane and Jaden battle it out in the last duel of the school year, settling once and for all who truly is the Academy's best duelist.
    • The King of Copycats, Part 3
      The King of Copycats, Part 3
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      Jaden challenges her to a duel to find out exactly why she's there and what she wants.
    • Night of the Living Duelist
      Season 3 - Episode 318
      As an army of Duel Ghouls slowly takes over Duel Academy, can Jaden and his friends figure out a way to duel these ghouls or will they all get schooled in the process?
    • A Jewel of a Duel: Part II
      Season 3 - Episode 303
      Jaden's duel against Jesse continues, as we learn the origins of Jesse's mysterious "Crystal Beast" cards.
    • Heart of Ice: Part II
      Season 2 - Episode 242
      Jaden continues his fight to wake Alexis up from her brainwashed state.
    • The Darkness Within
      Season 2 - Episode 237
      Atticus's alter ego Night Shroud returns to face Zane in a Shadow Game!
    • Ultimate Destiny
      Season 2 - Episode 246
      Aster faces-off against The D and discovers that his stepfather's been hiding some inner-demons!
    • A Reason To Win
      Season 1 - Episode 141
      Titan, the Shadow Duelist persuades Alexis to duel him to by promising to return her brother's memory is she winsâ?¦but if she loses, she'll be the one in need of rescue!
    • Nature of the Draw
      Season 1 - Episode 117
      When someone is stealing from the Card Shack, Jaden and the crew go on a stakeout to catch the culprit, but when the thief turns out to be a former student who's been living in the jungle, a truly wild duel ensues.
    • The Duel Off - Part 2
      Season 1 - Episode 122
      Jaden and Bastion continue their duel to see who will win the honor of representing Duel Academy at the School Duel, but in the end, it's Jaden who triumphs.
    • The Shadow Duelist pt 2
      Season 1 - Episode 106
      Jaden continues his duel with the mysterious Shadow Duelist, fighting now not just for Alexis' soul, but for his own, as well!
    • The King of Copycats Part 1
      Season 1 - Episode 118
      A copycat duelist steals Yugi Muto's deck and mannerisms and Jaden must duel him to win it back.
    • The King of Copycats - Part 2
      Season 1 - Episode 119
      Jaden continues his duel against the copycat duelist, trying his best to defeat the legendary and powerful deck that was one used by the King of Games.
    • A Spirit Summoned
      A Spirit Summoned
      Season 1 - Episode 114
      After some students accidentally summon a Duel Monster for real, it's up to Jaden to duel him and win their souls back.
    • A Duel In Love
      Season 1 - Episode 103
      When Syrus stumbles into the girls' dorm he puts himself and Jaden in danger of being expelled forcing Jaden to win a duel to win their freedom.
    • The Shadow Duelist pt 1
      Season 1 - Episode 105
      When Jaden and the crew wander into an abandoned dorm they encounter a mysterious duelist who claims he's taken Alexis to the Shadow Realm, and unless Jaden duels him, he's going to keep her there.
    • Duel Distractions - Part 2
      Season 1 - Episode 137
      Jaden must duel Tania to snap Bastion out of a lovestruck stupor and keep the Shadow Riders from winning another Spirit Key!
    • Amnael's Endgame - Part I
      Season 1 - Episode 145
      Jaden must face Amnael, the seventh Shadow Rider, in a match that will decide not only his fate but the fate of all his friends!
    • Tag Team Trial - Part 2
      Season 1 - Episode 111
      In the expulsion match against the Paradox Brothers, Syrus must overcome his issues with older brother Zane in order win the match.
    • The Duel Off - Part 1
      Season 1 - Episode 121
      To decide who will be Duel Academy's representative at the high stakes School Duel with North Academy, Jaden and Bastion must battle it out.
    • Monkey See, Monkey Duel
      Season 1 - Episode 113
      When Chazz suddenly goes missing, Jaden and the crew go looking for him, but instead of finding Chazz, they find a dueling monkey who takes one of Alexis' friend hostage!
    • Field of Screams - Part 1
      Season 1 - Episode 131
      A vampiress named Camula is the second Shadow Rider to arrive at Duel Academy but she's not there to suck blood, she's there to suck up souls!
    • Amnael's Endgame - Part II
      Season 1 - Episode 146
      Upon learning that the seventh Shadow Rider is really Professor Banner, Jaden must rise to a whole new level of dueling expertise to win the high stakes match.
    • Formula For Success
      Formula For Success
      Season 1 - Episode 112
      Dr. Crowler taps dueling whiz kid Bastion Misawa to be his new protege, but first he must beat Obelisk Blue's Chazz Princeton to prove he's got what it takes.
    • Grave Risk - Part 1
      Season 1 - Episode 127
      When Jaden and the gang get trapped in an ancient world it's up to Jaden to win a duel or be buried alive with the rest of his friends!
    • Duel and Unusual Punishment
      Season 1 - Episode 107
      Having been caught for trespassing into the abandoned dorm Jaden and Syrus are sentenced to a tag team duel where if they lose, they get expelled, so to prepare for the big match they decide to duel each other!
    • Doomsday Day - Part 1
      Season 1 - Episode 129
      When the Shadow Riders descend upon Duel Academy to unleash the three Sacred Beast Cards Jaden's up first to defend the school.
    • Tag Team Trial - Part 1
      Season 1 - Episode 110
      The tag-match to determine Jaden and Syrus' fate at Duel Academy begins, but not just against any tag-team, against the legendary Paradox Brothers!
    • Sad but Truesdale
      Season 2 - Episode 204
      Syrus squares off against Missy, the insect duelist, for a chance to advance to Ra Yellow!