Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Season 1 Episode 9

Family Business

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 21, 2005 on The CW
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Chumley's dad has had enough with Chumley's low grades in School. He goes to the academy to duel Chumley. If Chumley wins, he can stay with Jaden and Syrus. However, if Chumley's dad wins, Chumley has to drop out and go into the family business.

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  • Ow my eyes!

    This episode was retarted. What kind of card is flipping the table. The name sounds really retarted. Also getting drunk off hot sauce. A hot sauce deck? I think i died and went to hell when i saw this peice of crap. I mean Chumley summons Master of Oz! Master of Oz yet he still loses the duel. I mean i find it really hard to believe that he lost when he summoned a monster that powerful. I didn't think even chumley could have screwed it up but he did. I guess it proves that having high level monsters means you winmoreless
  • WORST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why air this? nothing ever really happened!!! And hot sauce?!?!! That is even dumber that beer! Come on, this was just terrible, i doubt that never ever ever ever in the history of forever that the hot sauce series will ever be released. If it does, I will kill my self. Why did they even air this episode, why not ban it like to do to Pokemon episodes that are unappropriated for young minor viewers? As for the dad, all he thinks about is beer, just like chumly is crazy about grilled cheeses. Like father like son. Never play this again!!!moreless
  • h

    chumly must face his dad if he wnts to stay on the island. his dad is concered he is failing all of his classes. the right thing for a father to do. they explain chumly is a graet student but that is not good enough for him. chumly uses a kola / des animal deck while his father uses a hot salsa deck. the duel looks even but chumly's dad'a signature card flipping the table is in the way. chumly loses the duel. his dad lets him stay on the island because he has good dueling skills after all. Cool!moreless
  • Hot Sauce?

    Anyways, this duel show's Chumley's dad dueling his own Son and Pride, Chumley himself. If Chmley Wins, he gets to stay on the Island. If Chumley loses, Chumley has to leave Duel Academy, Start working in the "Hot Sauce" buisness, and Most importantly, Leave Jaden and Syrus and all of his friends at Duel Academy! But, Chumley loses, But luckily Get's to stay on the Island. The episode ends with A note Chum's dad left him. This show's how much Chumley loves his Dad, and Chumley's dad loves his Son. In othe words, Chumley gets to stay on Duel Academy Island for 41 more episodes, and Makes a Season 2 debut in Episode 85! Chumley's not one of my favorites, But he's got a good heart.moreless
  • Hayato vs. his father: Hayato duels his father in order to stay at Duel Academia.

    Hayato Medea's father comes to Duel Academia in order to take Hayato back, since Hayato shows no promise of continuing his experience at Duel Academia. Hayato's father agrees to duel Hayato for the chance to stay at the school. Using an alcohol-based deck (hot-sauce deck in the dubbed), Hayato's father defeats Hayato's Austrailian deck and tells him to be ready to go soon. After Hayato is ready to leave, Daitokuji-sensei announces that Hayato's father has left the island - pleased that Hayato has improved so much and made such good friends.

    Horrible dubbing - how did beer become hot sauce? The dub episode made me physically ill trying to watch. Easily one of the worst dubbed episode of GX. Even the Japanese episode was boring. My least favorite episode of GX.moreless
Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

Mr. Huffington

Recurring Role

Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson

Professor Banner

Recurring Role

David Wills

David Wills

Chancellor Sheppard

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